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Feb. 8, 2016
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For the mathematically inclined and directors:
I'm not sure what the legal basis would be to cancel the board and give an artificial score to only the non-offending side. Docking 25% is clearly the harsher penalty. I think it's safe to say all other boards played during a competition are a good predictor of ...
Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
Fun hand. Club lead is immediate trick 12. On the lead of a major, you cash 7 spades (pitching 2 hearts and 2 clubs from N), cross to the king of diamonds, and cash A (pitch a club from S). West must keep Q (or you'll finesse against J ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
Football has a limit of U23 (which is actively used in the Olympics), cycling has U23 juniors as well. U26 isn't that far out there.
What's your ruling ?
TD denied the right to appeal? Or was it simply impractical to handle it before the final round? Don't have all the facts is course, but am inclined to rule against EW.
Defense against 3NT
The hand makes little sense to me. The only thing that aligns with both pitching a diamond, and playing a diamond from hand, is declarer holding AKxxxx. In that case, we must guess which black suit to play now. Since declarer was sure of 9 tricks if he held K ...
Bid of PASS/3NT.
I see some comments mentioning they would always let RHO bid 3NT. Fortunately, the level of sportsmanship you intend to display here is absolutely irrelevant: you simply do not get any options here. Unintended calls may be changed without consequence. Even if there was a pause. (OK, not always, some ...
How do you rule this claim ?
On the fence here. East can set the contract by playing a small spade first (he knows west holds Qx as south cannot have 5), but that was not mentioned in the claim and therefore we cannot accept it. We therefore let him play his hearts first, and now turn ...
Ruling, not so unusual 2NT
From the viewpoint of west, east seems to want to play 3 opposite a strong NT. If the suit possibly runs in 3NT then east would've bid that, so bidding 3NT is out of the question. A penalty double seems to make sense on the other hand. Assuming ...
Psych off Flannery in 3rd Seat?
Don't see how this is a psyche. MI about the hcp range I'll go along with, but I don't see the damage for NS which resulted from said MI. Considering just this case (ignoring any possible history of MI), I see no reason for adjustments or penalties.
Order of Questions Posed During Polling by Directors
"Pollees are used to determine what is suggested by answering which actions are reasonable in the absence of the UI and perhaps giving reasons for selecting the action they did." I disagree. There is no clear link between what reasonable alternatives are and what the UI demonstrably suggests. If two ...
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