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Rich Higgins
Rich Higgins
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Dec. 30, 2015
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Playing with my Dad for his final G'burg tourney
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Hot Springs Village
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Gold Life Master
Rich Higgins
2 over 1
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what does this bid mean
2NT should be 18-19 hcp
Cell Phone Penalty
I would like to see any venue given the ability to block all cellphone signals during an event - i.e. some arrangement with service providers that signals can be blocked to given GPS co-ordinates for the event duration. If someone needs to use the phone, they need to exit the ...
The rest of the story...
Where did you learn to play bridge?
The Alcatraz tour has autobridge in a display case, as it was used by inmates to practice bridge when alone in their cells. During group recreation time, the bridge players stayed outside (as long as allowed) to maximize play, even in nasty cold weather conditions.
Where did you learn to play bridge?
My grandparents taught my next oldest brother and me to play, so they could have a game when my parents were unavailable. I was taught you must pull trumps immediately. This was the extent of my knowledge for the next 30 years or so, which came in handy for the ...
Fargo & Bridge
See part of this interview about the TV show - can slide forward to look at about 1:45 - 2:32 where bridge is discussed, fairly comical comments by folks who don't know the game
I AM SO Embarrassed!
This has a familiar ring to me. As novices, my partner and I were playing with an experienced pair in a sectional Swiss. In each of the first 2 matches, we doubled opps who made the contracts. One teammate lectured us after the first match, then got angry and red-faced ...
I AM SO Embarrassed!
On about the 5th day of a regional playing every session, fatigue factor took over for a session. I had bid spades, so pard led my suit: holding AQJ94 behind dummy's KTx; my brain said I like this suit and need to give a positive attitude (standard signals at ...
Bridge Mates?
It would be good to check with ACBL, related to ACBLSCORE. I think BridgeMate is favored for future plans.
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hi Jeff, If your pard leads side suit against trump contract: Ace from AK & Qxx is in dummy, how do you signal? Thanks, Rich
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