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Rich Luttrell
Rich Luttrell
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Oct. 22, 2011
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June 10
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Rio Linda, California, home of Rednecks, Okies, and nervous sheep. I have been playing since the early 70's and have had moderate success at the local and regional levels.I play Standard American and an old modified version of the Polish Club.I have been the Editor of the District 21 Forum monthly newspaper for about 20 years.Whenever I travel, I try to play at local clubs, many all over the USA.On holiday, I have played in England, Ireland, France, Germany, and Italy.

Competitively I only play Standard American with a strong NT - 15+ to "18"

Currently my play is iffy at best - my bidding is accurate and strong

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being "allowed" to play in the Master Pairs when a Novice and bidding/making 6 Spades in the first two hands played. Also scratched.
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ACBL District 21
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Bronze Life Master
Standard American
Standard American
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November 2019
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Jackie Matthews: 1936-2016
Jackie had that admirable ability to bring brightness and cheer to every room she entered. Her thoughtfulness and cheer were not faked or forced, but a part of her wonderful personality, and freely given to all that came in contact with her. If one were to line up those that ...
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
For Bridge they are both relatively quite young; Claudio is 48, and Fulvio 52.
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
I think it should be automatic that all suspensions be honored by all NBO’s and the WBF as long as the NBO’s Zonal Organization confirms the suspension, or the suspension is brought and made by the Zonal Organization.
BW articles that run on forever
My only problem is when some of the replies go off on a tangent, leaving the original subject. I think this happens too many times, especially when replying to a comment.
An ACBL Redistricting Proposal
Instead of 25 districts striving to increase membership and participants, you would go to only 9. This would greatly diminish the number of groups that are fighting to expand the game and provide ideas. Two national events that rely on district qualifying would be greatly diminished by such a reduction ...
Open Reno Discussion Thread
A favorite place of mine is the Bavarian World, 595 Valley Rd. It's 5 blocks west down E. 6th Street from the Circus Circus. They have the premier German bakery that supplies northern California along with a great deli/gift shop and German restaurant.
Leading with the left?
Although I am right-handed, I play bridge left-handed and ALWAYS hold my cards in my right hand and tender cards with my left without exception. I learned to deal Solitaire as a child on a boat to Japan in 1953 and it was easier to hold the cards in the ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Years ago in Modesto CA, I was given a pick-up partner at a club game and we did place somewhere. In one hand she opened 1♣; I bid 1♥, and she then bid 6♣; which made. She bid what she thought would make cutting out all of the confusing middle ...
Have you ever considered collecting Convention Cards?
I saw one card for overcalls 0-10; occasionally light was marked
Have you ever considered collecting Convention Cards?
For many years I played 1♣ forcing 1 round, showing Std Am 1♣ opener or 19-20NT or 19-21 value suited. We still kept the 2♣ forcing opener for bigger hands.

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