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Rich Newell
Rich Newell
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Basic Information

Member Since
May 22, 2012
Last Seen
an hour ago
Member Type
Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 3 consecutive regional open pairs events in MN for 96.36 MPs and winning the third one by 8%
Bridge Accomplishments
42nd in 2013 Silodor, 2014 District 14 Flight A NAOP, Challenge the Champs Jan 2010
Regular Bridge Partners
Toby White
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Des Moines, Unit 216
Favorite Tournaments
District 14 regionals, Iowa sectionals
Favorite Conventions
Ones that actually come up
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Missed Grand
The bots on BBO like to super-accept after 1NT and a transfer with bids that show doubletons. Perhaps this could be extended to 2NT: 2NT 3 (3 and 4 show doubletons in the suit bid, 3NT would deny, so 4 directly would show a doubleton diamond ...
ATB - 21 HCP 3NT game
Right or wrong, once I get into the range of 17hcp I generally refuse to make a 2D-type bid. At that point I think the range gets too wide and I'd rather narrow my strength with 2NT on many hands.
ATB - 21 HCP 3NT game
There are hands where 3 will be a stronger hand. He could have had AKxxx x Qxxxx Jx Are you going to bid 2NT on that?
Edward Levy's bidding problem: 5 J75 AT654 QT96
Nevermind, just realized what 3C means...
ATB - 21 HCP 3NT game
Nope, The opponents led a club and tried to help me get there but in the end the diamond suit was 3-1 and I felt lucky to take 8 tricks. I am of course assuming that you all would have done something different. I didn't leave a "This is ...
Rich Newell's bidding problem: AKx AKQxx Txxx x
Would also be interested in people's auctions after the majority 2 choice. 1 1 2 ... a) 3 4? showing extras and disdaining NT. Still in a spade contract. b) 3 3 possibly a minimum. Partner can still find out you have ...
Rich Newell's bidding problem: AKx AKQxx Txxx x
My hand was QT9xx xx AKQx AQ The auction went 1 1 3 4NT 5 5NT 6 7 Unfortunately the spades were Jxxx on my left and I went down 1. We don't normally raise on 3 without some ...
Hawaii NABC Report & ACBL Issues of the day
To get the most of the playing site, we could hold all regionals and sectionals there too.
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: --- KQJ742 AKQJ973 ---
Until now. :)
A new type of regionals
All I did was filter the ACBL list of tournaments for 2018, then sectional, and then I picked off particular states and looked for city names in ONtario and MIchigan. In 2019 sectionals include SSM 5/10-5/12 Traverse City 9/6-9/8 Petoskey 9/27-9 ...

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