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Rich Regan
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Oct. 7, 2016
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April 21
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-140 Esoteric
On a side note... I think -250 is usually a great score.
ATB, and silence the resulters
After more thought, I am still convinced. First decision is by West. Pass is pusillanimous, Double will almost certainly get your partner to bid 3D. So 3C, while imperfect is just best. Second decision is by East. Do we pass ? Partner knows we don't have much, we have already ...
ATB, and silence the resulters
100% East. 3H is sorta simple and easy.
YBTJ Missed Slam
I agree 100%, S couldn't bid 3S, nor 4C.... Hence, we off 2 black aces.
Cashing out
Win the Ace of clubs, return a low diamond.
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Can defense prevail by overruffing heart, with Ace, and return a club ? Something I am not seeing... on the above defense, the heart 10 is a trick. I don't see going down with reasonable play. And we shouldn't make a declarer play unreasonably.
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
I would have led a spade. You have no entries to capitalize the 5 hearts.. but partner could easily have spades. I think a heart lead is wrong, despite this result....
Platinum Pairs, 11 tricks "cold" after either major suit lead
Adjusted to making 4. For 6 matchpoints (13 top). Table result was making 3, for 1 matchpoint.
Best Auction to 7?
Anything other than 4C by north is stupid and will keep you from getting to the right spot.
I think the accurate blame is both 100%. This isn't even close in my view. North... opened a weak 2S. That's what he had, nothing more, nothing less. The 3S bid by north was bidding his values twice. South used McCabe.... and then smartly passed 3S by his ...
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