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Rich Regan
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Oct. 7, 2016
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Sept. 30, 2018
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Best Auction to 7?
Anything other than 4C by north is stupid and will keep you from getting to the right spot.
I think the accurate blame is both 100%. This isn't even close in my view. North... opened a weak 2S. That's what he had, nothing more, nothing less. The 3S bid by north was bidding his values twice. South used McCabe.... and then smartly passed 3S by his ...
Mixed BAM - ATB
I don't think North should xx, I don't think South should 2N. Both equally bad imo
Rich Regan's bidding problem: K9843 J J52 T875
Axx Kxx AJxx KQx Qxxx xx Jxx AKQx AJx Ax KQJx AQxx Jxxx KJx KJxx AKx I can accept being wrong, won't be the last time. My thoughts are... Looking at Kxxxx J Jxx Txxx What kind of dummy will make 4S, and not beat 4H. What kind of ...
Rich Regan's bidding problem: K9843 J J52 T875
I sense that a lot of people (or all) will bid 4S. It seems to me that the best chance of going plus is to pass. And going plus, obviously is best. You don't really think you are going to make 4S do you? Tell me why I'm ...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
Something that has not been mentioned... Gidwani, according to last years announcement, was unanimously voted into his job by the board. I wonder if his dismissal was also unanimous?
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
My opinion, and I voiced this to Bob Heller after his hire...Gidwani was way over qualified. And being over qualified is just as bad as being under qualified. Although he was making over 300k per year, and had an interesting job...He really didn't need the job, and ...
What does this 4Heart bid mean ?
You, Cornelia, have the best answer !
What does this 4Heart bid mean ?
OK, so I'm not well versed in BW format... so now I'll give you the hand and see what you think you would do. Partner opens 2N, you hold xx xxxx xxxxx xx (2452) I bid 3C stayman, hoping to pass 3D or 3H (I would do that ...
What does this 4Heart bid mean ?
Note I didn't say "good" B player... I said "average".. and I think it makes a difference. I think 4H could be natural... follow up hand to follow...
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