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Richard Bellerose
Richard Bellerose
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Aug. 20, 2011
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April 6
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Helped establish Quicktricks as a member-owned club after the death of its founder, Tadd Waggoner.

Formed the Center for Bridge Education with several others as an IRS-recognized charity in 2007. Started bridge clubs in several San Francisco high schools in the first year. Introduced the game to more than 200 players, some who have won national titles and played in international competition.

Developed the teaching game Handz, used in many schools and other organizations. Handz has been effective in developing interest quickly without the need for strong bridge players to teach the game. (Handz is a product of The Center for Bridge Education and all proceeds go to the charity.)Established CARDology Bridge Club, sponsored by the Center for Bridge Education.

Established CARDology Kidz to introduce bridge to children from 8 to 17 (mostly middle schoolers) using Handz as our primary method.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
High schooler bids 1S over RHO's 1N. Opponent says, "Insufficient." Student says, "No, natural."
Bridge Accomplishments
District Goodwill Award, National Charity Committee, National Goodwill Committee
Regular Bridge Partners
Rob Balas, Chris Chen, Jakob Karstens, Michael Levin, Ilan Tadmor, Steve Smolen, Samuel Kuang, Edmund Wu, William Zhu, Alan Carpenter, and on and on.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Quicktricks, Cardology, Pips
Favorite Tournaments
Pro/Am; NABC in SF; Monterey Regional
Favorite Conventions
Controls/2C, Swedish Jacoby, Precision, weak NT
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Thank you Zia!
The sad part of the story is that those who attacked Mariusz PuczyńSki have felt no need to apologize.
On teaching beginners to play
Jeff's article is spot on to what we in San Francisco have learned in over ten years of teaching school children bridge. In fact, the suggestion that dummy should participate in the play is both brilliant and obvious (or should have been, insert embarrassment emoji here). Thanks Jeff for ...
Youth Bridge and Robots
The Center for Bridge in San Francisco has several dozen kids learning bridge. We use a game that we developed especially for teaching and it has proven effective in keeping interest high and getting players up to speed. We have had some kids start as young as 6. Most are ...
Jess Chao's bidding problem: ATxx Kxxx AJxx A
Given that South was willing to let us play 2 undoubled and North felt the same about 4, 5 has be a sacrifice. I would expect partner to treat my pass as forcing because of the opponent's bidding, not because the auction insists on it. I ...
Jess Chao's bidding problem: ATxx Kxxx AJxx A
NF. How can we know East's bid without East's hand?
Insight into a Successful High School Bridge Club in the 21st Century
The San Francisco-based Center for Bridge Education (CBE), a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is in the process of publishing a game that teaches bridge without requiring a bridge teacher. It is used in several middle and high schools both in California and across the country. It is CBE's mission ...
Higher ACBL Fees for Non-Members
I wish the link still worked. I'd like to know what the additional fee is. I did not see it specifically mentioned in the skimming I did. Curious though, did the ACBL deliberately break the link?
William Zhu's bidding problem: K4 AKT876 T32 73
I probably opened the hand 1H, so I will take the blame if 3S leads us to a poor result. I'd rather pass in first seat than open this 2H.
Responsive or penalty
Good point, but I would not want to make that bid if partner might suspect and the opponents not. Had it not been discussed among my friends, I'd feel different.
Responsive or penalty
I was surprised to discover that here and elsewhere, better players than I reserved this X for penalty, though it does not strike me as a likely non-fit auction. I expect partner to pull the 1m call without 3-card tolerance. Normally, I do not rebid a minor without 6, so ...

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