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Richard Brown
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Sept. 23, 2012
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Retired Air Force pilot, electrical engineer, church leader, and Precision enthusiast.

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Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: AKx AQx KJxxx Ax
If -- as the condition of problem states -- the partnership has no agreement aside from 4NT=minors, it seems perilous to launch into an artificial call beyond 5D. Thus my very cautious 6D call.
David Liu's bidding problem: 983 J82 KQT8 K82
Seems an understrength one diamond overcall gains little, yet risks a lot.
David Boxley's bidding problem: 5 AQJ6 AKJT872 A
Doubling with a singleton spade causes me to shudder; I prefer my chances with a 1 start
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: 82 AKT642 94 K93
Doubled, down two, at this vulnerability is a very strong possibility. I'm passing, expecting to later be on lead.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQT9 AQ AT J9765
It would be helpful to know whether East's raise to 3 showed extra values (or extra shape).
Rosenkranz type redouble
Pleased to learn this is the "correct" attribution for an Ax or Kx lead-directing raise.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: A7 AQ74 654 A854
Occasionally older methods produce better results (a one heart opening would make life easier for us here).
How would you interpret 2H here?
Might be 4-6-0-3, or such, opening strength
Alerting a Stolen Bid
"yes," seems to have been Paul's intended word here.
Dennis Dewit's bidding problem: A87 KT6 8652 K53
More good than bad should come from a 1NT call. And nothing else appeals.

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