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Recommend a partnership style
MH writes "if we accept the premise that each approach will generate roughly equivalent 'thin making games reached' and 'games missed', then..." But this premise is manifestly false. Call 'pass with light invites, move with heavy invites' strategy A, and 'invite with light invites, bid game with heavy invites' Strategy ...
Recommend a partnership style
I'm convinced this is the wrong way round. Especially at teams, the 'heavy' invite has already bid game. So invites will be skinny, and acceptances should require a maximum. I've always had this understanding (it's explicitly specified in my notes), am I missing something?
UI and Logical Alternatives
4H would be a self-agreeing spade slam-try, in the absence of any specific other agreement. I think it *should* be a transfer (weak or very strong, with a direct 4S being a non-forcing mild slam-try), but that requires an explicit discussion.
UI and Logical Alternatives
I will come clean, in an attempt to bring this thread to an end (but the phone lines remain open for those who wish to eviscerate me after what I'm about to write). I was South, and bid 4S (if anyone cares, it's board 19 of the Monday ...
UI and Logical Alternatives
Maybe he won't, who knows (he's 3226). But if he does move there is mostly only upside (6C and 6S are both cold).
UI and Logical Alternatives
Thanks everyone for a an enlightening discussion. For what it's worth... of South's various calls 4S by S scores +480 4H will lead to either 5C or 6C by N (taking 12 or 13, depending on the lead) 4C will lead to +420 or +920 Passing 3NT will ...
UI and Logical Alternatives
All true and eminently sensible, but the problem hasn't quite gone away. 4S scores +480 (on the same lucky lie of the cards that allows 6C to make). If I understand you, you are suggesting that NS get a score of MIN(+480, probability-weighted avg of +420 and +920 ...
UI and Logical Alternatives
Well, in that scenario North (with Axxxxx clubs, thinking he's facing a club slam-try) may drive to slam. 6C is very fortuitous but cold as the cards lie, and +920 will be a complete top. So do you rule that South must bid 4C, but that North is then ...
UI and Logical Alternatives
Yes, I could have done that. On a separate issue (and I'm not having a dig, I'm genuinely interested), when did 'biased' lose its '-ed'? Or alternatively, when did 'bias' go from being a noun to an adjective? I keep seeing comments in print like "Fox/CNN are ...
advancing pass-or-correct auctions
I'm sorry they were so obvious. As a matter of interest, do you also play 2H and 2S as natural single-suiters opposite 2D = D + major?
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