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Richard Fedrick
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Jan. 24, 2012
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I'm based in the UK, playing as much bridge as family and work permit, which isn't much. Having trodden the well-worn path from theoretical physics to Wall Street, I now (in what passes for semi-retirement) teach and consult on mathematical finance and derivatives.

United Kingdom

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The World's most complete bridge player.
Anyone who thinks that online bridge is a temporary, passing, phenomenon is deluding themselves. COVID was the trigger that precipitated the switch, but now that it has happened it is here to stay. Same with university tuition, consulting, and people flying 3000 miles to sit in a room for a ...
The World's most complete bridge player.
RB has it right. I am genuinely perplexed by how AS did what he did. The astonishing bidding decisions, OK, that's down to a phone hotline with partner. But seeing the defenders' cards (e.g. the J9x opposite AK7xxx), how does that work? In an online pairs event you ...
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
yes yes i know that, but it's the only defence if partner has Kx xxxx xxx xxxx. Which may or may not be ruled out by partner's T1 heart card. I did say 'slight'.
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Echoes my comment to MR, that there is a (slight) inference that West is 2533 (and therefore it is right to duck). With 35'32' and Axx of trumps, switching to the doubleton guarantees a legitimate beat if partner has Kx of spades, so is a plausible defence.
The Greatest Play
If the suit is trumps, then the correct term is 'bigliest good'. Obviously.
The Greatest Play
I think there's a GREAT play on defence, but the GOAT play is declarer's.
1H-1NT = 5+ spades (Kaplan Interchange)
Thanks Martin, that is indeed one obvious framework to start from. But it's got some holes, in particular lacks enough ways to raise spades. I want to bid 2S on Axx AQxxx x Jxxx, show a 'good' 2S bid holding Axx AQxxx x Axxx, and a game-forcing 3-fit raise ...
1H-1NT = 5+ spades (Kaplan Interchange)
Ah yes Richard, but in MOSSO you enjoy the (unintended?) serendipitous benefit of 1 never being 5332 if 11-17. Therefore you don't run into the Gazilli problem of 1-1NT; 2 (clubs or balanced or 16+ various)-2; ?? Now 2 can show the bal 11-14 ...
“Virtually Every Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”
Danny, you bid 1NT-2C; 2D-3H. I (in one partnership) bid 1NT-2H; 2S-3D (hearts). And I get to use the smolen sequences for something else. It’s not so bad.
Do you open the bidding?
I don’t think it’s that surprising, the high spade spots are crucial. If partner has a weak NT with Jx of spades, which hand would you rather hold if declaring 3NT?
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