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Richard Ferrin
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Feb. 22, 2012
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Wernher OP Final -- Royal Screw-Up
As another person who was in the infamous A/E section, I dubbed the event the "Groundhog Pairs" after playing 2 boards against the same pair three times to start the event.
Asking About Uncommon Defensive Agreements
It may be a clunky solution, but perhaps before the opening lead in a NT contract you could ask the question of the meaning of 3rd hand signal to trick 1 when 3rd hand can't beat the dummy. Can't be any coffeehousing inference if you ask before the ...
1M P 1N in a 2/1 structure
I pass with 5-3-3-2 distribution and 11-12 HCP, bid with anything else.
Level 2 bids - Preemptive Structure
2! = weak in a major, 2M = natural (6+) and intermediate (10-13)
In the Well: Eric Rodwell
Hi Eric, What do you think of the Fantunes system, compared to two over one or big club systems?
A poll regarding the Atlanta 10AM/3:30PM schedule
Add me to the list of people who strongly favor 1:00 and 7:00 (or 7:30). I go to most of the nationals, but I did not go to Atlanta because of the schedule. I have a day job and even though I am on vacation while at ...
Committee ruling - Incorrect explanation of written multi-defense
I was the North player (dummy). First, 3S is a fairly routine law-of-total-tricks bid in this situation with exactly 3 spades and 4 or more hearts. I would have bid 2 spades with fewer than 3 spades. Second, West is not some inexperienced player with 1,000 points. I know ...
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