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Richard Fleet
Richard Fleet
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May 8, 2016
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about me

I am retired both from full-time work and from tournament bridge.  My main bridge interest is researching the history of the tournament game in England: the first (and possibly only) instalment, covering the period up to the end of WW2, was published on the EBU website in December 2016.

My first serious bridge partner was Richard Granville and he suggested that I sign up to this site.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the South-West Lancashire knock-out teams event as a very raw schoolboy in 1971 - our opponents in the final were far stronger and more experienced players, including two who went on to win the English National Pairs.
Bridge Accomplishments
I've won a few national events and represented England on several occasions. My main accomplishment might well be either winning the main team event at the EBU summer meeting in partnership with my (now ex) wife or surviving an unbeaten partnership of 160 boards with Tony Forrester.
Regular Bridge Partners
None at present.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
None at present.
Favorite Tournaments
The Lederer Memorial, with which I was involved as organiser, player or commentator for about 30 years.
Favorite Conventions
The Kokish 2H rebid after 2C-2D. I would rather prefer to play without any conventions but some are essential and this is one. I would classify the Kempson 2C or 2D response to 1NT in the same category.
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Realistic or Too Fantastic
Does that matter given that East will almost certainly be winning the next defensive trick?
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
Per Bridge Magazine, the teams event at the Guardian Easter Tournament in 1967 was played for the Guardian Cup. Is it possible that The Guardian might be able to help?
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
That's useful, Paul.
Inviting to 3NT w/o a Four-Card Major by Using Stayman: A Current Problem and a Proposed Solution
Two issues: Fourth hand can double to show spades. Fourth hand can bid and the opener does not know whether responder has clubs or balanced (and it may not necessarily be clarified on the next round.
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
Do you know any more about him, Paul? I see that the Brighton Bowl in 1967 was won by a team including L. Alt and Hoffman (this isn't what the EBU website says but I can't help that).
Realistic or Too Fantastic
At MP scoring it might be different.
Allan Simon's bidding problem: 765 KT64 KQJ6 85
Depending upon which of the 14 cards is superfluous, I would have probably have either redoubled or bid 3NT on the second round (and might have bid 1NT over 1); 2 would not have been my choice. And I would certainly not be passing 3.
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
It's definitely Harold Franklin back left. I very much doubt whether the unknown man can be Joe Moskal. For one thing, I never saw him smile; for another, he was almost completely bald. I can't make out the make of champagne and don't see why it should ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AT QJ73 865 9876
I'd rather have more shape. But in any case I think it tactically better to bid 3: taking away the bidding space might well be important; a slight misdescription of this hand - if this is what it is - is unlikely to matter much.
Ruling in Montreal
I have heard another explanation for Meckwell's reverse suit preference.
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