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Richard Granville
Richard Granville
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Aug. 23, 2013
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Bridge Writer
about me

Until 5 years ago I was a software engineer and safety consultant, but now I'm a part-time bridge writer.  I have devised most of the declarer and defence problems on the nofearbridge websites and I also provide assistance in other areas.

Although based in the UK I've never really enjoyed playing Acol.  I'm a firm believer in 5 card majors and have played Precision, Two over One and, more recently, a variant of Fantunes.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Walton+Hersham (Surrey), Young Chelsea (London)
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Tomaz Adamic's bidding problem: AK65 A9765 5 AK2
Double. Continuing with 2 over partner's likely 2 response isn't likely to come to any harm. If I overcall 2 and this gets passed out I probably won't be happy.
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: AKQ753 K 4 T8642
Although I'm still a fan of Fantunes-style systems I also don't like the standard "intermediate" Fantunes 2 opening: it's just too random for me. Even so, I'm not convinced that your scheme is much of an improvement - responder still often has to guess whether or ...
MPs squeeze
All you can do is to cash five hearts (discarding three diamonds from hand), then AK. On the final heart you discard a fourth diamond if it's not good. Assuming no defensive error you make the contract if spades are 3-3, or if either player has long spades and ...
Bidding their transfer suit
That's exactly how I play it with most of my partners, even if it hasn't been discussed. In a match on Wednesday I held (fourth in hand at red) x AJT J9xx AKJ8x and heard the bidding 1NT (12-14) P 2 (transfer) to ...
Compound Squeeze
Perhaps declarer was rather shell-shocked by the auction. Trumps were actually 2-1, so the ruffing finesse is about 80% certain to succeed (unless West has A and suspected a void in the suit on the bidding). But the squeeze works too.
Compound Squeeze
If West guards hearts you can succeed by running the trumps and coming down to 1=4=0=1 in dummy (opposite 2=2=1=1 in hand). On the last trump if West hasn't unguarded hearts (and you realize this) then you have to discard dummy's low ...
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: 92 Q74 AJ9 AT842
If 2 (forcing to 2NT) is available then why not use it?
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T9742 KJ3 AK53 Q
This is a bit restrictive: would you really not overcall with AJTxx and an outside ace? But your general point is sound: don't make 1 level overcalls with poor suits and less than an opening bid.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 8754 AKJ873 7 K6
When I play Two-way Checkback opener is obliged to rebid 2 over 2. Does that mean that I'm really playing XYZ?
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: QT92 KT4 54 AKJ6
For me 2 shows either 4 card support and a singleton and 1 shows 5+ clubs (I open 1 with 4=1=4=4 shape). See my polls and for related questions.

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