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Richard Granville
Richard Granville
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Aug. 23, 2013
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Feb. 22
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Bridge Writer
about me

Until 5 years ago I was a software engineer and safety consultant, but now I'm a part-time bridge writer.  I have devised most of the declarer and defence problems on the nofearbridge websites and I also provide assistance in other areas.

Although based in the UK I've never really enjoyed playing Acol.  I'm a firm believer in 5 card majors and have played Precision, Two over One and, more recently, a variant of Fantunes.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Walton+Hersham (Surrey), Young Chelsea (London)
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A surfeit of chances
Discard clubs on AK, ruff 2 in hand and take a trump finesse. If it wins, ruff a club, repeat the finesse, draw the last trump if necessary and give up a diamond. If East wins trick 5 with K he'll probably return a diamond. Play a trump to ...
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
No, the event was played in England under EBU (level 4) system rules.
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
East stated that he couldn't rule out the possibility that 2 was natural.
Another question about alerting when there's no agreement
Yes - this pair's 2 overcall would need to be alerted over both a natural/short club and a strong/Precision club.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: --- AQ9762 J42 KJ85
It might be right to defend 4 if West's minor suit is clubs. I therefore show my club suit and leave the decision to partner. This is a more useful interpretation that playing 4 as a definite slam try.
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Jxx xx AQTxx J9x
Playing Gazzilli 2 wasn't natural, so I need to bid 3 to show my diamond strength and weak clubs. I assume that opener's 2 rebid set up a game force.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AT52 985 T8 K842
At the time of writing exactly half of the people voting would have jumped to 4 on the previous round. If it's not clear whether or not to bid game, how about hedging with 3 on the previous round?
10's or T's ?
One advantage of T over 10 is that you don't need to have spaces between the cards.
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: J8xxx 8x A9 KTxx
I would need at least a queen more to overcall in this poor suit. It's true that overcalls aren't specifically lead directing, but partner will tend to lead our suit in the absence of an attractive alternative.
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: Jxx xxx x AK8xxx
Even at favorable vulnerability I would be reluctant to overcall 3 with 3 cards in both majors. And the hand is at least a queen short of a 2 overcall.

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