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Richard Granville
Richard Granville
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Aug. 23, 2013
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Bridge Writer
about me

Until 5 years ago I was a software engineer and safety consultant, but now I'm a part-time bridge writer.  I have devised most of the declarer and defence problems on the nofearbridge websites and I also provide assistance in other areas.

Although based in the UK I've never really enjoyed playing Acol.  I'm a firm believer in 5 card majors and have played Precision, Two over One and, more recently, a variant of Fantunes.

United Kingdom

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Walton+Hersham (Surrey), Young Chelsea (London)
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Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
Members of the Hampshire & IOW team kindly provided me with their opponents' auction to 7NT, but we agreed that it was "best sent to the dustbin of unsuccessful ventures".
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
My enquiry also elicited this response: Our auction Berks and Bucks (I had the strong hand) 2 (Benjy Acol) 3 (nat) 3 4 4NT (RKCB) 5 (1) 7 7NT I could safely bid 4NT because if partner had the Ace of Clubs he would ...
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
I've done a little digging and found out the following: "Our sequence was 2-2-2-3-4NT-5-7-7NT (P P dbl), partner who resists Exclusion forgetting that he had Josephine available. The same sequence occurred in another match." I think that it's reasonable to "resist Exclusion ...
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
Sorry - I meant to use the word "standard", to mean any system (including 2/1) where 2 is the strongest opening bid.
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
It doesn't now.
Reaching 7NT after Exclusion
I think that it's a very interesting scoring format that is also used in the Lederer Trophy, an invitation event that attracts some international teams from outside the UK. My team (Surrey) discussed tactics just before the event and we considered a specific case where you were playing a ...
Your 3rd Seat 1!S Opening Bid
I voted for 5 HCP because the suit warrants a lead-directing bid. But I might open this or stronger hands 2 instead.
Countering intervention after the Polish Club sequences 1!C-1M-2!D
Yes - this DOPI-style approach should work well, especially with our simple "456" MOSSO approach. Not sure how this fits the 445566 Odwrotka approach, or the various newer forms of Bubrotka.
Countering intervention after the Polish Club sequences 1!C-1M-2!D
I've played SWIFT or MOSSO for 4.5 years without such a delayed intervention, but it happened to me for the first time last week at my local club.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: J72 J6 AKQ54 AJ6
You're right: Can you blame West for leading a diamond? After 10 and 8 won the first two tricks I had an easy run to ten tricks. Even the best defence of a low spade lead and a diamond switch would ...

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