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Richard Haydon
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April 28, 2014
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Academic (retired) and bridge-player (semi-retired, "butcher" on OKB) Now living in London. 

United Kingdom

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Acol Bridge Club, BC12 (Paris)
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Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
The EBU L&E Committee has indeed got very worried about artificial strong openings on distributional hands, particularly when people are playing what in the UK is called "Benjamin". I play a little in France now where the standard system (2 "strong indeterminate", 2 GF) is similar to ...
Journo Tells a Sad Tale
At the risk of drifting off topic, I have to defend the Daily Mail against the charge of plagiarism: most of their stories are invented in-house, rather than copied (or based on real-world events).
Sven Pride's bidding problem: AKQJT A9 AKQ64 Q
It's easy: in a situation like this, opener chooses 6NT only with two top cards in his suit ...
The Nine drops
Because if West is known, or judged, never to play the 9 from these South can safely continue with the 3 in this position, finessing if West follows small.
Louis Dekker's bidding problem: 9 AQ54 AJ542 A64
Is it possible that partner thinks are trumps?
Reading your opponent
I am sure you are not wrong Giovanni. This is a cleverly constructed and very funny article. The insights into declarer's thought processes recall Victor Mollo's immortal line "The Rabbit now played for the 9 to be good".
Jack Spear's bidding problem: A32 AJT432 K2 32
In the old days 5NT confirmed all key cards (+trump Q or extra length) and invited partner to bid 7 with extra tricks or to cue below 6 if in doubt. With the given system (and I am not sure if everyone plays it nowadays :-)) it looks as ...
Alertable? Intentionally misleading?
“Semi forcing:- either 6-11 without 3 card support, or 0-5 and 3+ card support.” This would be fine as an alert and it seems that something like that was alerted at the table. But on the given hand, it appears that there is a more serious issue: opener's pass ...
15 Card each Bridge
The book by Freddie Guest (a pseudonym?) was called "Fifteen the Advanced Game of Contract Bridge" and is still available second-hand from Oxfam. It is probably not easy to find the packs of 60 cards. A long time ago I spoke to people who had tried it and their verdict ...
ATB - Going for a number
As one who used to play them, I can confirm that this is a strong jump overcall. Take away S KJ and it's intermediate. I agree that the hand is a good advertisement for "SJO vul".
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