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Richard Haydon
Richard Haydon
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April 28, 2014
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about me

Academic (retired) and bridge-player (semi-retired, "butcher" on OKB) Now living in London. 

United Kingdom

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Acol Bridge Club, BC12 (Paris)
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Rock, Paper, Scissors
Actually the probabilities 2/3 2/3 2/3, although at first sight “best possible” , are not possible. Wikipedia “Nontransitive dice” gives an easy example with 5/9 5/9 5/9.
How well do you understand restricted choice?
There is another twist. If the second question we put to Mr Jones is “What is the sex of your older child?” and his answer is “male” then the probability that he has two boys is indeed 1/2. But it is more delicate if we say “Tell me the ...
K 4 looks normal; i cannot see anything better
Playing with Rueful
Thank you for alerting me to your earlier post — a real gem.
Every fifty years...
If we follow Barry’s line i think it is North who is squeezed (in three suits) on the third round of hearts. He doesn’t end up getting thrown in, because any discard gives déclarer a straightforward way to succeed. The spade menace is of a kind I had ...
Natural or not ?
When I was growing up one grape over one plum was an insufficient bid
Negative Free Bids and the consequences
Ambiguity after a double and opponents’ preemptive action is indeed the big weakness of these methods. I played NFB (after “space-consuming” overcalls, with invitational jump-shifts) in a couple of partnerships between 1967 and 1970. We did quite well in (non-expert!) MPs but the big downside, especially at IMPs, was after ...
Yes, of course. It was another butchered defence
Real men don’t run. Almost 50 years ago my partner fancied himself as the best player in the University and our opponents at MPs were a pair of upstart freshmen. My RHO opened a 10-12 NT and it went Pass 3NT Dbl PPP. I had to find a lead ...
Displaying hands in comments
Actually EW can’t make 1 (CCCHHHC)

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