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Aug. 5, 2014
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Oct. 4, 2018
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Professionally: I teach, and run club games.  'Horas non numero nisi serenas'.  


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Steaming tendencies part 2: part score vs game
Why do you need to win your money back this afternoon? Got a hot date? The question might have been "haven't picked up any points for... an hour / all afternoon / all week / since your divorce / etc." but these are all arbitrary divisions of time into chunks, and the perceived ...
Risk Over Risk Plus Reward
There's a famous solution to this by Von Neumann - toss the coin twice, ignore the result if both tosses are the same, otherwise take the result of the second toss. See
Statistical Models for Testing Illegal Communication
@Marty The calculations you attempt are mentioned on page 6, "how many matches would there be if random", (referred to by Prof. Lawler as easy calculations). You discuss an approach to present such calculations. Even this isn't completely trivial - e.g. your example has some arithmetical difficulties: "ACTUALLY pointed ...
T-Tests: World Championship Butlers
@kurt I absolutely agree that openly sharing all data in a useable format is essential to establish credibility of any analysis. @yehudit I agree with and admire your approach, which I would consider to be that of the 'good scientist', and somewhat altruistic. To see the (entirely hypothetical) scope for ...
T-Tests: World Championship Butlers
Some pros and cons of openly sharing methodology: cons: - you may wish to develop proprietary methods/software - you may wish to keep the covariates in a model concealed from suspected cheaters, to prevent them gaming your methods. pros: - Some methodological difficulties are common, easy to overlook and tricky to fix ...
BW Policy on Cheating Allegations
I was asked to give a ruling in the 2 vs 2 doubled or not situation, so have a lot of sympathy! Since it was a friendly club game, we agreed that all players comments were in good faith. The only scenario that seemed consistent with this was that the ...
Which card at trick 1?
IIRC, Sabine Auken mentioned a scheme for this general situation in her excellent "I love this game", which has lots of interesting nuggets and is well worth a read...
A Modest Proposal
Tim: The US Open (tennis) prize money might be a good source of inspiration. De facto, player's expenses are covered: first round losers 'win' $39500 Awarding prizes to all teams means you 1) cover expenses in a transparent way and ...
Your worst mistake
I agreed to play on a team with three less experienced players (not my worst mistake). South on board 1, after pass pass, I opened 2S with 0=1=6=6 shape (not my worst mistake!). After pass pass dbl I elected to redble (my worst mistake). I played it ...
Future of bridge - 2 fears
Such one time pads are unbreakable - it is not possible to decrypt the encoded message. However, it does not follow that they are undetectable - If you use precisely one of a subset of four actions every time you defend, and the frequency of those actions is uniformly distributed over the ...
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