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Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson
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June 29, 2010
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20 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
Flight A player in Minnesota, who can best be characterized as "almost good".
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the GNT Flight B National Finals
Bridge Accomplishments
GNT Flight B champions 2010. Many-time regional winner of Flight B NAP's and GNT's
Regular Bridge Partners
Andy Caranicas; Sam Larson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Minnesota Grand Slam Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Gopher Regional
Favorite Conventions
Top and Bottom Cuebids; Odd-Even Discards
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Andy Caranicas - Richard Lawson
2/1 Bergen with gadgets
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A True Guard Squeeze?
I was reminded of how I executed a very similar squeeze the day before my daughter was born. I simply called it an endplay:
Richard Lawson's bidding problem: QJ98654 K7 T8 Q7
Partner has AKTx Axxxxx KQx - Instead of playing 6S we defended 5C and set it a trick Not much of a moral here except to say that preempts work.
Richard Lawson's bidding problem: 9643 --- KQT3 AQ762
I thought style was irrelevant. Since partner jumped to 3NT, they clearly have game-going values and would have bid 1D with four diamonds and four spades.
How do you play 6!C
Would you and Jean be able to get to 6C after a 1D opening? After 1D - 1H would you rebid 1NT or 2C?
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: KQ53 K T9752 QJ4
I created a followup poll that assumes you voted for 4D:
My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 3
I completely agree with what you said in any other context. A human, though, holding Q9x of trumps against 7D and seeing the dummy come down with T8xx, knows that the grand is going to fail. Opponents have clearly overbid and you're about to get a terrific matchpoint score ...
My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 3
Thanks, Jeff, for your kind words. They are much appreciated. There's a couple of college students who have joined the regular game here in Minnesota, and I convinced one of them to try exploiting the robots in the Individuals. Yes, I'm corrupting today's youth. :)
My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 1
Thank you so much, Jeff, for taking the time to proofread these and add your commentary. It's good work you do, and I appreciate it. :)
My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 1
I looked at how other people played the hand on board 5. If you lead low to the King of clubs and a low club back, the robot puts in the Eight. If you play the Nine, the robot covers. These are both 100% losing options but the robot seems ...
My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 1
Thanks Jeff!

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