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Nov. 10, 2012
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Richard Margolis's bidding problem: A964 AK7 AJ853 6
Thanks, Marshall. i posted assuming the opponents were playing a "standard" system, such as Richard Fleet posits. Strong 1NT and 5-card majors were in play.
What Went Wrong Here for North-South
I concur with the view that no one did anything egregious here, but when we pre-empt with bits-and-pieces on the side, as both players did, somehow we often turn up "unlucky." The 2 opening seems in-range, but the blast to 4. especially at imp scoring, is way off ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: T75 AJ73 A8653 9
Yes, I chose 3 like the herd here, but other than Jay, I didn't notice much comment about the teams setting. I gave pass a fleeting thought, but rejected it because it strikes me as a unilateral action and a poor choice at teams. Marshall is surely correct ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AJ76532 KQ4 K4 9
Correct, as usual. That's why this is posed as a problem. Passing out 3 doesn't strike me as the "bridge" decision; it is influenced by the matchpoint considerations, which reward plus scores. By the way, I consider single Q decent support for a suit introduced by responder ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AJ76532 KQ4 K4 9
Reluctantly, I will pass out 3 to protect the plus at pairs. The matchpoint difference between 110 and our possible 140 in is likely to be no more than about 20% of a board. Opener is expected to raise on any three or honor-doubleton, we have a ...
David Scharfbillig's bidding problem: KT97543 --- 3 JT642
With partner's announced wastage in , I have no slam ambitions. Presumably I did before, as I did not begin with 4, intending to pass 4 (see Steve above). While we could re-transfer with 4, I now prefer to become declarer in order to conceal this ...
William Zhu's bidding problem: 982 A AQJ8 AKT87
It is generally unwise to leap to slam, but unless we have the explicit agreement that 4NT is RKCB in (see for example, Dave W above), I am unwilling to risk that. 5 is a "feel good noise," but we won't accept partner's likely signoff in ...
Defining Bridge
Without over- romanticizing the past, I clearly recall the club experience 55 years ago being a strong factor in my coming to love bridge. Ellis is correct in that we need to grow from the bottom up. My partner of that era and I, a couple of high school kids ...
Settle A Bet
Well, in original Roth - Stone, a raise to 2M was indeed forcing, showing about 10 - 12 HCP and at least 3-card support. Lesser holdings had to go through 1NT, then re-evaluate according to opener's rebid.
Settle A Bet
Consistent with the current tendency to overbid, commonly known as "upgrading," the majority choose to call this collection a limit raise. Even those afflicted with Point Count Disease will recognize that we need approximately a Strong 1NT opening opposite if partner is balanced in order for game to be a ...
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