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Nov. 10, 2012
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ATB - No Double, No Game
Depending on style and agreements, I would prefer that West open 1. Why did East not start with 3 over the DBL, if intending to bid on to 5 anyway? And East's failure to DBL 5 was the final error. West 20%, East 80%.
Delayed support or cuebid?
Forcing, as we could otherwise have passed out 3. For the moment, this is still a choice-of-games auction. Why should slam be a consideration before we have established a strain? Drew's position is certainly playable, but would require discussion and agreement. As for jumping to 4!, absent ...
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Txx KJxx AQx Kxx
If the opponents were vul., it would be more attractive to defend and hope for +200. At these colors, even if we defeat 2, +100 may not be our most desirable result. I don't wish to punish partner for pre-balancing with some random 4=1=4=4 10-count ...
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: 2 AJ9 KQ8743 A84
Thanks, Aviv! You said it before I did. No second suit, still interested in slam, good controls, good in context, etc. Opener will reevaluate fit, source of tricks, wastage opposite announced shortage, etc. Good Call!
Who should have bid?
Augie played this deal in NYC with a client. They defended 1NT, and when the declarer finessed in , they went minus 120 for half a matchpoint. I agree with your decision not to DBL initially as W, but I would have used our 2 toy as E, light ...
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
In the heyday of Garozzo's distinguished career, bidding was not nearly as exact as it is today. Even the system-based Italians sometimes arrived at poor contracts. Direct seat doubles of overcalls were still for penalty, and competitive doubles were poorly defined, if at all. Thus, cardplay did play a ...
Responses to 2C
Forget HCP entirely in response to 2, as controls are what matter. You seem on the right track there, and I wouldn't deign to suggest further refinements. For 45 years I have played 2 is immediate double negative, 2 1 control, 2 2 controls, 2NT ...
Who should have bid?
A useful treatment in situations like this is for East to call 2, light takeout for majors, which is attractive here by a passed hand. 2 is unlikely to be needed as natural when opponents respond 1NT to 1 or 1, since such auctions portend holding ...
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: A63 KQJ875 A KJ3
Wrong singleton, missing 10, no transportation to partner's hoped-for tricks, porous . How many more flaws do we need before realizing that 4 is a big underdog? And if we bid it and they bid on, are we certain of defeating their 4? Tom is ...
Grade this call II
Last I checked, points don't win tricks. And did you evaluate in support of ? How happy will you be if partner advances a 'constructive' 1NT? How about defending 1X if partner elects to leave in and defend? If partner, with a stronger holding than yours, invites with ...
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