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Neither 3 nor 4 would occur to me. While the Q has improved the N. holding, it still has those same 5 ugly rounded-suit losers. It has not improved for offense, except that we are now likely not to be off the first 2 tricks. I ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK532 QJT Q95 A9
Tempting to bid 2 here (see Bob H.), but this remains a balanced hand with defensive values. We could easily lose 2 's and a ruff, going off when they might have gone off instead. I also concur that, given our methods, partner is either weak or has ...
Shoot me for going down in 4 spades, not for plagiarism.
While the Bennett incident was historical, the 4 contract that allegedly led to the fateful shooting was pure fiction. It never happened! In 2009, Gary Pomerantz published The Devil's Tickets, which detailed the genesis of the 4 deal. The matter is further elucidated in Augie Boehm's ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: A85 AJ54 Q62 AK2
Good imp policy is to take what is available in a jammed auction, rather than bid on in the hope of earning more on offense. Sure, we could easily have a slam our way. How do we find it with any confidence? And, since the opponents are bidding primarily on ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: --- Q86 8642 AKJ742
I will accept the role of the sole 5 bidder, conditions stipulated notwithstanding. I concur with Craig and Leonard, for the reasons they cited. 5 has several ways to win (paves the path to slam, keeps us short of a poor slam if partner cannot cooperate, helps partner ...
The Death of Teams
While I sympathize with Peg and her worthy teammates, much the same could be said of strong pair games as well. The last time I competed in a Flt. A regional pairs in NYC, the event attracted only 17 tables. Such events no longer exist at all, as everything is ...
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: K74 KQ98 K75 983
While one deal proves nothing special overall, intervenor's holding was XX AJ10X QXXX AQX, a normal takeout double. With no bad breaks, the offensive limit of these hands was 7 tricks in NT and 8 in . Could it be that balanced holdings are worth ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: T96 AT KT54 QT64
While this is a matter of style and partnership agreement, I am not enamored of that 2 opening. The primary suit is too porous, the controls are mostly in short suits where they will not necessarily build additional tricks, and the utilization of Kokish (which he named Birthright ...
Matchups in the USBC Round of 8
Max -- I was greatly impressed by the maturity and consistency of your game. The rare mishaps in cardplay will be overcome with experience. It was obvious that Debbie treated you as a partner, not a student, and you acquitted yourself admirably. I smiled as you made some superb competitive decisions ...
ATB: Missed Grand Slam
Thanks, Steve, for continuing the discussion. AKQXXX of and an outside ace are certainly enough for the initial effort of 3, but any further effort from North, following the "serious" try, must show an additional value, either a seventh or another king. Additionally, North took control with ...
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