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Sarah Teshome's lead problem: 986 J6 Kxxx Jxxx
The customary agreement is the shorter major, not the weaker. Yes, the J makes it somewhat less likely that we will run the suit on the go, but the 3-card length also makes it less likely that partner has 5 or more solid 's. Partner could easily ...
Kinpin Chu's bidding problem: 94 AQ982 T AQT65
Presumably the passers have never lost a double game-swing. Bobby Wolff popularized the expression "dangerous to pass." Yes, I suppose partner, short in , might have strained to get us into the auction, but it is still trivial to create layouts where both sides make. DBL is conceivable, expecting partner ...
BW Press Publishes When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It)
I have just finished reading a pre-publication copy of Adam's new book and will be submitting a favorable review to The Bridge World. Sound, practical advice for intermediate players. I especially appreciated the dictum to "bid balanced hands like balanced hands, and unbalanced hands like unbalanced hands." It took ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KQ65 KQJ9 K3 JT8
Is there a bidding box card for "3 -- unhappy?" This aceless minimum is poor for offense with such awful , but that length also diminishes our defensive capacity. Many pairs have worked out a scheme for handling 2-level interference after a transfer; I suspect that fewer have considered ...
Meaning of 2NT rebid and high reverse opposite a 2-level negative double?
Many define a negative DBL as showing 2 places to play. I would personally hesitate to offer such a DBL without 4 cards in the unbid major when partner has opened 1M, but other styles are playable as well. If partner does not hold , what then is the second ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
Jane: Thanks for your reply. I apologize for the sarcasm, which is rare when I comment. I just felt that there was such a disparity in the level of your game and that of the opponents that you might have gone more gently over the incident. Your observation about friends ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
Robb: Of course. I understand about clubs being the lifeblood of ACBL, but this thread was opened by a player who saw fit to summon a director because an inexperienced opponent supposedly did not follow correct alert procedure. Or was not certain of the meaning of the 4 call ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
Why are players of your level and experience playing in club games? What have you accomplished if you win there? Do you expect to learn anything? If you wish to practice your partnership game, there are many other opportunities.
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: AJ3 T7643 6 AK62
My distinguished namesake: on this side of the pond, responder is still in-range for a single raise. Surely that flat holding, strong intermediates notwithstanding, is not worth a "balanced limit raise," shown by 1NT (forcing), then 3. Would you have responder bid differently?
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: AJ3 T7643 6 AK62
When this situation was posed to me by a NYC expert, I passed for many of the cogent reasons cited, along with 90% of our respondents. That player also passed and was rewarded with one matchpoint, a tie-for-bottom, an 8% result. Partner held 1098 KJ9 A107 8743, the Q ...
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