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Richard Margolis
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Nov. 10, 2012
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Richard Margolis's bidding problem: AJ742 T4 A3 K863
While I certainly agree with your evaluation and drive to slam, the problems with 5 seem to outweigh its usefulness: (a) It is ambiguous as to strain, and we could hear an unwelcome 6 next; (b) It implies control of , which we lack; and (c) It is ...
David Libchaber's bidding problem: A2 KQ92 K9652 86
My problem with choosing the lesser-of-evils 3, which I did reluctantly, is that it is not forcing in most partnerships, where partner's 2 forces only to the next level in opener's suit. While the 5th is more than we guaranteed with our opening, could ...
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: AJ742 T4 A3 K863
Unfortunately, your 620 turns out to be 640, as partner held X KXXXX AQJXXXX, and it is worth 25% of the matchpoints. The claim that DBL showed our holding is only partially true, namely, that we have indicated that this is "our" deal. But when partner removes to 4NT ...
Rajan Iyer's bidding problem: --- AJ875 AQ96 AKJ6
Yes, we could call the "obvious" 5, which is a decent description, including the control. But when our sophisticated partner punts it back with 5NT, certainly possible when s/he has 2 places to play, we are floundering around looking for our best strain starting at the 6-level ...
The Language of Bridge
I just completed a very favorable review of this book for The Bridge World. It ends with the observation, "This book is destined to become a classic. I enthusiastically recommend it to all serious players."
Daniel Miles's bidding problem: KJT865 --- --- AKQJT65
When the 9 of , either with partner or short with RHO, plus a working combination of shortness and a few 's with partner gives us a good play for 5, bidding it immediately seems best. While 3 could be more technically correct, partner could not ...
Best use of 2NT here
If no form of lebensohl or good/bad is in use here, then the best use of this 2NT would be a scramble, for minors, with less strength than would have been shown by an immediate negative dbl. Responder can hope to catch a minor suit fit when opener re-opens ...
what does this bid mean
2NT shows about the upper end of a strong 1NT opening, possibly with a singleton ! 3 should be seeking a resting place with a weak 4 -6 or possibly 5 - 6. These shapes are possible because 1NT must cover a wide range of holdings, including 2-suiters inappropriate for ...
Sure, East's unexpected 3 call is bizarre, but West made no good call after 1NT. 2NT is ridiculous with no fit for and only a secondary fit for , stoppers notwithstanding. And passing out 3 simply cannot ever be right, whatever 3 meant. If it ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: x KJxx JTxx Kxxx
I concur with those who consider this decision close. Defending 4X is certainly best if we cannot make anything on the 5-level or beyond, but I don't wish to chance our result on the random distribution of the opponents' hands. A working void or a couple of working ...
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