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Nov. 10, 2012
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Joshua Donn's bidding problem: T87xxx KJxx --- xxx
If this holding is what an initial 2 call looks like, take it off the convention card immediately. 5=5=2=1 with some values in the majors is more reasonable, not a weak hand with a void in and a 2-card disparity in the majors. The convention ...
John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
It would not occur to me to remove this DBL, which action I consider the worst sort of masterminding. I passed over 5 to elicit an opinion from partner; I got it. We were in-range for our initial 2 call, have some defensive strength outside of , and ...
IBPA MPP Book of the Year Shortlist
I have already published favorable reviews of Avon's and Adam"s books in The Bridge World, and I am presently reading through David and Larry's book on cardplay, which is excellent. Each of these books is outstanding in its own way, especially Avon's for the extensive research ...
Confusion over "Good/Bad 2NT" and competitive double
If West had made the value bid of 3 initially, this entire discussion would be moot.
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: K7 J642 T873 J64
Thanks to my distinguished namesake for this correction. I had forgotten about this problem after more than a year, and concur that this is a direct-seat, rather than a re-opening, action. I can only surmise that my error was caused by South's having passed out the opening bid, in ...
What Does This Double Mean?
Penalty. Dinosaur.
ACBL Bulletin Review of When to Bid Notrump
I have submitted a very favorable review of Adam's new book for publication in The Bridge World. Some of my club-level students have already read it and benefited from its excellent advice. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on bidding balanced holdings as balanced, unbalanced as unbalanced. I enthusiastically recommend ...
ACBL Bulletin Review of When to Bid Notrump
You are most welcome, Adam. Please keep up your great work of helping advancing players learn to "think bridge" instead of just playing bridge.
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
Soloway - Goldman played 2 systems, based on vulnerability, in the 1980's.
Richard Bley's bidding problem: 5 AQT Q742 K9863
Odd to consider bidding again here. Partner opened in third position and showed a minimum-range opening with 6 (or possibly more) 's. Other than its stoppers in the unbid suits, what about this holding suggests bidding on? We have nothing in partner's suit, no source of tricks of ...
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