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Is this X takeout or penalty?
Thanks. Misread the problem. I do use this as t/o of and will amend the vote. Sorry for inconvenience.
Is this X takeout or penalty?
Penalty, strong holding, suggesting lead. Dinosaur. The modern treatment of t/o of is also quite reasonable, requiring discussion and agreement.
Is this 2!c bid forcing?
Similar to Peg, I use 2 here as a constructive raise with 3-card support, 2 with 4-card support but still less than, say, a 2NT call would show, and 2 as the weakest raise. Absent partnership agreement to the contrary, 2 is generally played as ...
Play at T1
As Bernie mentions above, perhaps a a lead of the Jack, asking for an unblock of the 10, would be beneficial here. Lacking the 10, third hand can give count, so that opening leader can figure out the layout in most situations.
What does (1!C) 1!D (1!H) x show?
4-card , tolerance for , not necessarily HX. Bidding directly shows 5 or more, and does not necessarily imply tolerance for .
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
Penalty. Dinosaur.
For The Record
Thanks, Avon, for your cogent response, which I expected would be forthcoming. You surely know I'm a believer! Remarkable how those Blue Team decisions always matched partner's holdings. But the national and international bridge organizations are today still fumbling around with what to do about cheating and with ...
For The Record
multi part bidding question
Opening seems ok, and 2 simply follows through on that decision. I would want better texture in the major suits to call 3, especially since partner might correct to 3 on a doubleton. Partner is nearly broke, and we are offering an unnecessary penalty by calling again ...
One-Notrump Opening v Three of a Minor Rebid v Two-Notrump Rebid
This holding is much too strong for 1NT. 1, then 3 is much closer to what we hold -- a strong 6-card suit and an ace more then a minimum opening bid. As my distinguished namesake above aptly notes, this hand-type somehow persuades some players to open in NT ...
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