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Richard Pavlicek
Richard Pavlicek
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Feb. 4, 2015
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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1. Won a Women's Pairs; 2. Changed Jim Munday into a cat on BW; 3. Can't think of any more.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Squeeze, strip squeeze or endplay
Arguably there was another: 4. Cash HA (squeezing East) then duck a spade to establish the suit.
Old USBA "Top Score" Cup Found
Forget it. Order the "Pigeon" trophy on the same page... certainly more appropriate for most bridge tournaments.
Trick 1 signal
A better rule: A from AK thru 4S except in a suit originated by partner. Reason is that leading an ace (without king) against a slam or five-bid is sound practice; and leading partner's suit is normal at any level. In this case it's debatable who "originated" hearts ...
Trick 1 signal
Whatever partner's signal it won't help much; even with the likely HQ, stripping hearts for declarer can't be right. Odds surely favor the CJ shift, which is necessary in many layouts, losing only in the rare event declarer has A98 and not DQ.
French carding agreements
The main advantage of leading second from four (when affordable) is to enable suit-preference on the next round. For example, from 8752 the 7 is led, then either the 5 or 2 conveys the even number while showing SP. If the 5 is led, this ability is lost.
Would you rebid 1NT?
As a Sea Hunt fan of old, I'm not surprised you know a lot about bridge(s).
Would you rebid 1NT?
Even nonvul, choosing to declare notrump must be inferior. If next hand passes, maybe partner will offer it with Qx.
Changing a card played after a revoke
Defender: No _clubs_, partner? Declarer: That's right... I got enough here to toast both of your asses.
A Close Decision at IMPs
I ran this through my Hand Pattern Analyzer, simplifying to West having 4-6 diamonds and 2-4 clubs, i.e., no 7+ diamonds or 5+ clubs anywhere. Line 1: Win HA run clubs, Line 2: Win CQ finesse HQ. Make percent: 54.71, 50.46 Trick average: 9.68, 9.74 ...
A Close Decision at IMPs
Surely lead the CK immediately (likely to obtain honest count but no guarantees) then decide.

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