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Richard Pavlicek
Richard Pavlicek
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Feb. 4, 2015
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1. Won a Women's Pairs; 2. Changed Jim Munday into a cat on BW; 3. Can't think of any more.
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Seven Eleven
Win the heart, then SQ seems the normal start. If it wins, duck a diamond; otherwise you have a side entry to dummy.
Save Bundy's Sanity
Wrong, Phil, that would be one-minnesota, two-minnesota... When the count reaches 60 it becomes a minnetonka, and after two minnetonkas you pull the lever on the trap door that ejects both opponents. At least that's the way bridge should be played.
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
My version of Astro when it works, else just another DisAstro. Dbl = strength (optional) 2C = hearts + other (if both majors 5+ hearts) 2D = spades + other (if both majors 5+ spades) 2H 2S 3C 3D = natural 2N = minors or majors (if majors, sound 5-5 game invite)
A Dutch Disaster - plan the play
Almost makes me want to switch to Muiderberg. Covering with the D8 is surely the best start. If a second diamond is led, ruff and lead a club.
Make the Overtrick
Charles, I think you're right, though the edge in playing diamonds first comes from a different sequence. After DK, CAK (if 3-2 or stiff 10) next win DQ. If LHO has five, you have a lock by testing spades immediately. Conversely, if you test spades first and LHO has ...
Make the Overtrick
Charles: Somewhere you must have miscalculated. I just compared the two lines with my Hand Pattern Analyzer and they're identical. For a quick estimate I assumed no singletons and no 3-3 split in spades or diamonds. Calculation table can be seen here: ...
Make the Overtrick
This isn't relevant as either way tests for that. I don't see any theoretical advantage for either line, even after knowing the club division. Whichever way you go, if the guards are split, you will have to play the HA at the end (else risk going down). Edit ...
Defend this contract
You're asking how someone who doubled 4C would defend? Good luck.
Make the Overtrick
I agree that cashing diamonds first is equally good but don't buy the squeeze chances being different. The chance of the HK being in the same hand as the diamond or spade guard depends only on known lengths, not on the ways the lengths can be comprised. Another way ...
Make the Overtrick
True, no lock if lead was short diamonds. In that case I'd still win 13 with HK onside (North show-up squeezed). Note that is South had four diamonds (with SJ) you'd have proven heart finesse at the end.

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