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Richard Pavlicek
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Feb. 4, 2015
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1. Won a Women's Pairs; 2. Changed Jim Munday into a cat on BW
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Your opinion on partner's opening bid Gatlinburg KO.
It's a routine 4NT opening (minors) as I play. Anything else seems very friendly to the opponents.
Michaels convention
@Mike: Sorry for the exaggeration. Edit to "comatose." Seriously, the original concept by Mike Michaels was a "light takeout double" to show all unbid suits. This evolved to showing just a two-suiter, but "unbid suits" is clearly implied by Michaels.
Michaels convention
Two possibilities actually: (1) Partner is black-suited or (2) brain-dead.
Is it better to double or bid 1H?
The hefty spades, all points in the majors, and being a passed hand make Michaels (2C) a standout. Bidding where you're at gets the best results.
How different are these hands? What's your style?
Opening 1NT stands out to me with either hand (any form of scoring) because of the extremely positional Qx and Kx. Neither hand is too strong, lacking intermediates.
A Major Minor problem
Nicely bid, as usual.
A hand that plays TWO tricks better from one side
The maximum difference for a suit contract is 9 tricks, as shown by Leigh Matheson and others in this 2011 puzzle contest:
Check my math:
Some may be unaware that the answer varies with HCP range. My calculator gives 74.16 percent if partner's range is open, or 72.92 percent if partner has 0-7 HCP. Companion Hand Calculator:
Defensive Dilemma
For me, I discourage with the dinosaur four and expect partner to lead a count card in spades (with or without the queen). Nothing always works, e.g., if declarer plays the SK holding Q-x and two hearts, he makes. BTW, there are too many Munday pics in this thread.
A Vacant Spaces Calculation
While I read this great site occasionally I haven't found time to contribute but was asked to comment on this thread. Seems you have it right, as the 13-8 vacant-space proportion is not enough to warrant a finesse. The loss to Jx or Jxx offside is still more likely ...

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