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Richard Reitman
Richard Reitman
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April 2, 2014
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59 minutes ago
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about me

Twice a national champion, I plan to play more often, having recently retired from a 33-yr career as an MD specializing in Emergency Care and Orthopedics.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Senior Swiss with a first-time partner and first-time teammates.
Bridge Accomplishments
1st in the Senior Swiss in DC, 2nd in the Mixed Pairs in Louisville, 1st in the 0-5K Pairs
Favorite Conventions
(1) Drury, (2) splinters, (3) expanded use of transfers.
BBO Username
dbl me
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
How many spades?
David: I agree that 3D is forcing. With four spades, however, why risk a costly misunderstanding for the allure of an esthetic-but-ambiguous fit bid vs. an imperfect-but-unambiguous 4S or splinter?
How many spades?
Kit, looking at it from the other side: Had you a hand too strong to overcall 2D, would you appreciate being required to bid something *other* than 3D (over 3C) in order to show it? In the context of a *forcing* 3D bid, the sequence is consistent: the doubler is ...
How many spades?
Preceded by a X, the introduction of diamonds showed a hand too strong merely to overcall 2D. The addition to said strength of values sufficient for a free bid made 3D unconditionally forcing. Advancer being “unable” to bid 3NT, intervenor gave up on that particular game and, holding three spades ...
Long Hesitation
“Paging Mr. Burn...Mr. David Burn”
Steve Moese's bidding problem: 9 KJT97632 7 754
According to the footnotes, 4H directly over 1S shows shortness.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: 9 KJT97632 7 754
Missing 3H as a natural invitation, Steve? We sure are.
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: KTx KJT9xx xxx T
After the initial Pass, the subsequent X says “I have a penalty pass of 1H plus a few spades...if you have a spade stack, please pass”. (Otherwise, an overcaller can self-extricate with impunity just by bidding another suit...even a phantom suit.)
ATB - duplication
4S after opener’s 4D just doesn’t happen unless the 4C-bidder lacks a h control. Why would s/he suddenly “regret” his/her own slam try upon learning of partner’s cooperative SI ?
Assess the blame (15)
If the leap shows any highly-specific hand—even the weakest possible—I have no beef. It’s when it shows a minimum *range* that problems ensue.
Assess the blame (15)
Craig - Your knock on South for failing to demote “wasted diamond values” unfairly assumes that s/he could tell that 4D showed shortness as opposed to the A. Remember, North’s hand was unlimited. (On a different note...all-cap clauses are unnecessary with this crowd.)

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