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Richard Reitman
Richard Reitman
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April 2, 2014
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45 seconds ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Twice a national champion,

I plan to play more often,

having recently retired from

a 33-yr career as an MD specializing

in Emergency Care and Orthopedics.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Senior Swiss with a first-time partner and first-time teammates.
Bridge Accomplishments
1st in the Senior Swiss in DC, 2nd in the Mixed Pairs in Louisville, 1st in the 0-5K Pairs
Favorite Conventions
(1) Drury, (2) splinters, (3) expanded use of transfers.
BBO Username
dbl me
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Alex Hydes's bidding problem: K4 AKQJT642 8 54
Assuming partner was on the same page as OP, s/he must have enough hearts not to fear 2 trump losers, and enough spades both to expect us to be short and not to fear 4S: 109xxx 98x AKx Ax.
Cash out or continue?
Sath, thanks for the detailed “reveal”— always of keen interest to most respondents. Here, North’s covering option in spades was key. For the benefit of those inexperienced w/ attitude leads, it is commonly possible to show “degrees” of attitude. Here, for example, I’d have led the 3 rather ...
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 5432 92 AQ 97532
Presumably LHO has 4+ clubs, but I ain’t stayin’ here.
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: --- J AT976 AJ97543
Thanks, Richard. Perhaps it’s not such a good idea to attempt to read fine print on my cell phone screen.
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: --- J AT976 AJ97543
(Hard to believe we aren’t even told whether 2C was GF.)
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: AK9 AJ973 AJ32 5
Assuming we play Leb., why not take advantage of the extra options below 3N by doubling, then bidding 3H over 2N/3C/3D, allowing pd to ask for a NT guard.
Marten La Haye's bidding problem: J A85 AJT3 KQ954
If partner has Qx(x), s/he can (will?) chance a 3NT bid; if otoh the hand suggests asking, siding may be a non-issue.
How far do you have to go in "protecting" your opponents?
Accurately stated, it’s not the “agreement”, but “what we’re doing”, that’s “undiscussed”. An agreement simply either exists or doesn’t.
2 parter
With 3 poor spades and such truthful alternatives, getting partner spade-oriented early is ill-advised. If opener has 4 fine spades, s/he need only bid them or X again after a 2NT/3D reply to the 1st X. If not, your 2S could earn you the rare privilege of “challenging ...
2 parter
As opener, I’d be worried that a 2nd X might be taken as denying the AKQ-4th of diamonds. After all, I want pd, if holding the spA, to think 6D.

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