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Richard Reitman
Richard Reitman
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April 2, 2014
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Twice a national champion,

I plan to play more often,

having recently retired from

a 33-yr career as an MD specializing

in Emergency Care and Orthopedics.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Senior Swiss with a first-time partner and first-time teammates.
Bridge Accomplishments
1st in the Senior Swiss in DC, 2nd in the Mixed Pairs in Louisville, 1st in the 0-5K Pairs
Favorite Conventions
(1) Drury, (2) splinters, (3) expanded use of transfers.
BBO Username
dbl me
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bill March's bidding problem: KQ96532 A5 J642 ---
Sometimes, absent discussion as to whether a bid is “officially” forcing or not, it just doesn’t matter if you know partner won’t pass. What 3D-responder would pass when voluntarily raised vul at imps? How sweet it would be to then get a major-suit bid out of responder.
David Corn's bidding problem: 8 AQ653 75 A7532
With aggressive spade bidding expected, showing the club length ASAP can save our side considerable subsequent guesswork.
Only if South talked North out of the “forcing” approach (highly unlikely). North pole-vaulted to 4S when there were multiple reasonable alternatives.
Thanks for the clarification, TW.
David Caprera's bidding problem: AQxxx xx J98 KQx
Opener, however, could have offered the same COG (with the long minor unspecified), but elected not to.
Gonzalo Goded's lead problem: J9853 T94 T2 863
... at a minimum.
Gonzalo Goded's lead problem: J9853 T94 T2 863
In light of the support shown, a spade can be considered the natural lead. Were it also the *preferred* lead, partner would pass 3NT lest the opps remove to a safer contract. Partner either has hearts smashed or has a minor suit to establish/run after a helpful start in ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: T98xxx K Kxx AJ8
Even absent discussion (not surprising), I’d have no qualms jumping to 4C, as partner would be fearful of passing at imps. Moreover, bypassing 3NT suggests “empty” length in spades.
David Caprera's bidding problem: T98xxx K Kxx AJ8
The crux of the problem may be that Craig’s BWS quote uses the term ”responder’s rebids” (not “bids”). As responder here has so far only passed, 2S would technically be considered a *bid*, not a *rebid*. (I recommend looking up “bid” and “rebid” in the TBW dictionary.) .
Let’s be clear though: *absent discussion*, if responder’s rebid of 3S would have been NF over opener’s 2NT, we aren’t entitled to *assume* that rebidding hearts would suffice to convert responder’s 3S from NF to forcing.

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