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Richard Stein
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March 3, 2012
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Sept. 25, 2019
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Retired professional statistician. Love bridge.

United States of America

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My wife.
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Permian Bridge Club, Inc.
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Stop the Stop Card
I feel just about like the early people to comment to this post. Perhaps cynically, I have wondered if the stop card algoritm for some players goes like this: If I want partner to wake up and notice my bid, I use the stop card. If I don't give ...
Overcalling an Opening 1NT (Basically)
Thanks for reporting your experiences. As a side issue, I one used Meckwell when 4-4 in the majors and it brought a happy result no one else found!
Overcalling an Opening 1NT (Basically)
I feel it helped one person, me. For instance, my 1NT opening bid has the potential for being a poor spring board for finding my suit contracts. The calculations I did tell me a 1NT opening bid provides perhaps an even poorer springboard for opponents to find "their" contract using ...
Overcalling an Opening 1NT (Basically)
The figures presented were based on calculating a battery of semi-laborious background figures. If they had not mostly been done previously, I don’t think one can just jot down the answers to what I wrote. Step 1 was to calculate all the partnership suit and corresponding probability distributions induced ...
Overcalling an Opening 1NT (Basically)
hmmm, I'll have to think about that one some more.
Overcalling an Opening 1NT (Basically)
Opening 1NT with a singleton: I see 1NT as announcing a bad opening hand. So holding a singleton, partner (your trusty captain) might misjudge your combined assets and misjudge strain and/or contract level a little too often. I follow Bergen (The Forcing 1NT) and always open 1NT with a ...
Overcalling an Opening 1NT (Basically)
Yes, indiscriminate is the keyword here.
Hand Evaluation (an RP Simulation)
Thanks for calling my attention to RP's work. Double dummy simulation does not bother me because I think of these results as simple baseline information where no baseline at all previously existed. What hits me here is that, for this type of West hand and the auction type given ...
Fearing the 7775 Partnership Suit Distribution
Sorry to be slow in responding. (A) I feel the 4432 hand should not be included in my original list! While, it is such a frequently dealt hand (P=22%), and when holding a 4432 hand, the 7775/8666 crops up relatively often (P=13%), I feel I needn't ...
Reverse Flannery - Some Characteristics
This isn't a calculation you jot down in the margin of the newspaper at the breakfast table. It takes a lot of perspiration and just a grain of inspiration. What we are after is the probability of responder holding 5 S's and 4 H's given partner opened ...

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