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Richard Whitehead
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Director Ruling
@Michael Rosenberg: I can accept that there may be some question about what was the agreement. But even if the agreement was made 10 seconds before the start of the session, it's still the agreement. Unless you can argue that East was lying and that West didn't have ...
Director Ruling
North didn't receive misinformation. He is entitled to know E-W agreements, and he was correctly informed of those agreements.
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
I have two regular partnerships. In one I play DONT just because my partner likes it. In the other I play Lionel (double = 2 or 3 suits including spades, 2 = clubs and hearts, 2 = diamonds and hearts, 2 and 2 natural), which I like very much.
Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.
I did that many years ago, holding AK,AK,A and a singleton diamond - partner was supposed to have 8. He did: AKJTxxxx. Fortunately, the stiff Q was onside.
What is the right thing to do?
I saw an auction that went 2-all pass, and declarer wrapped up 11 tricks. He was looking at a very strong hand, and due to a brain fart produced 2 instead of 2, and didn't notice until after his partner had passed. He not only didn ...
The History of History (Part 1)
On that particular hand, just based on point-count, it was pretty obvious for Reese to figure out that someone had psyched, and knowing Schapiro, it was also easy to guess who. Having come to that conclusion before his second call, the decisions to bid 2NT and pass 3 are ...
"Killing Eve"
Multi 2!D and Weak Twos
Quite so. I'm totally out of touch these days, so perhaps I shouldn't have said anything. But I remember hearing that this was popular with juniors 30-odd years ago. Apparently some of them are still at it even in their old age!
Multi 2!D and Weak Twos
I think Multi for terrible weak 2s and 2H/2S for decent ones is played with some frequency in Britain, at least by the college kids.
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
A similar situation arose in baseball. Switch-hitters are fairly common, that is, batters who can play left-handed or right-handed. Pitchers come in left-handed and right-handed styles also, and it is considered advantageous to bat left-handed against a right-hand pitcher, and vice versa. So a switch-hitter chooses how he stands depending ...

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