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Richard Whitehead
Richard Whitehead
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Feb. 6, 2011
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Silver Life Master
2 over 1 GF
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2/1 GF
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Prep Before the Game
I've been in New York a long time, but I learned to play bridge in England many years ago. One thing I noticed on moving is that Americans don't know how to drink. Sure, they can pour stuff down, but they seem to treat it as an end ...
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
I do have one partner who announced "forcing" after my 1NT response (correctly, per our agreement), and then passed. Everyone at the table found it amusing (fortunately), and our agreement was changed to semi-forcing before we played the second board of the round.
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
1NT opening range may have an impact. Playing weak NT, the minimum balanced-ish 1H/1S openings where you want to pass the 1NT response are often picked up by the 1NT opening. In that case, making the forcing NT really forcing makes a lot of sense. Playing a strong NT ...
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
Both opponents showed their hands, and were in the usual sort of muttering process of comparing declarer's winners to dummy's losers and all that stuff when declarer spotted the revoke and spoke up. They certainly weren't disputing the claim, but it can easily be argued that they ...
No Penalty After A Revoke ?
This afternoon, we played a suit contract. Partner tried to draw all the trumps, but a high trump was left with the defence. She then led a side-suit, and an opponent ruffed in with the master trump. Partner then claimed, because she had the rest of the tricks now. But ...
Big Decision
It reappears on page 5.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: AT862 AJ7 A AKJ6
I voted for 3NT because I want to hear about partner's shortage. If he doesn't have one, I don't want to go higher than 4.
Weaks Twos: Short strokes?
We play this (preempt keycard) over all preempts below 3NT. For every preempt except an opening 3, the asking bid is 4. Over 3, the ask is 4.
First book written by a lady
Two shillings, back when there were twenty shillings in a pound. And pre-WWI you could buy quite a lot for two shillings.
Question for those who know the ACBL rules:
Is the Dinkin Major written up any where? Sounds interesting.

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