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Richard Willey
Richard Willey
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Jan. 21, 2011
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about me

My academic background is as a mathematical economist, focusing on game theory and mechanism design. I have a Masters in Economics from Indiana University and dual Masters in Management and Engineering from MIT.


For the last 20 years I have pretty much lived at the intersection of TCP/IP networking and mathematical modeling. I spent my first 10 years out of school working for various networking companies. For the last 10 years I have split my time between the MathWorks where I was the manager for MATLAB's statistics system and Akamai Technologies. I currently work with the Adversarial Resilience team at Akamai, focusing on event detection, capacity planning, and Transport Layer Security.


I don't have many real achievements in the world of bridge, though I am fairly well know on BBO (and earlier on OKB). Bridgewise, I am probably most proud of my MOSCITO notes (which I really need to finish one of these days)

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 2HX vulnerable in a 3-3 fit after psyching during a "Montreal Relay" sequence and getting an aggressive raise from partner.
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Convention Chart Revisions
While I believe that new convention charts are a significant improvement over the existing ones, I think that there are still some minefields lurking there-in which have the potential to cause some real problems. The biggest is the following language from the Open and the Open+ chart Disallowed "2. An ...
Convention Chart Revisions
Thanks for including a change log!
Convention Analysis
I am describing what I would consider to be "perfect" or "near perfect" rather than something I expect anyone to bother to create: 1. I want to have a population of of robots that play an enormous number of different bidding systems and conventions. 2. I want this population to ...
Part2: Results for the survey of time preferences for NABC events - comprehensive (kind of) poll
If I am reading this correctly you have a bunch of people who are simultaneously claiming 1. They would not, under any circumstances, pay even a single dollar more to move the tournament start time 2. They are willing to make major changes to their vacation habits based on tournament ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
> "there is an approved defense for a 1♥ opening showing ♠s." > This has been there forever. Why? This artifact dates back to my own attempts to get the ACBL's C&C to approve defenses to MOSCITO type transfer openings. 1D = 4+ Hearts, might have a longer minor, 9-14 HCP ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
> but I do still remember my shock at hearing them pre-alert what > they had just been told was not allowed at the next table - that > seemed then and still seems now completely out of line. Jan, this is a classic example of a distractor. The behavior that you describe does ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
I can not help but believe that this can also be resolved via the same lawsuit...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
> Experience shows that tournaments will use rules other than the defaults Experience also shows that suing the ACBL or even starting to sue the ACBL is a powerful way to effect change...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
It wouldn't normally have occurred to me, however, things change. Here's a situation that changed my mind. 10 or so years back, a couple of Australian Juniors flew over OZ to compete in the ACBL nationals. They had done all their home work. They submitted defenses to some ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
> Players who show up and find out that there are unpublished > more-restrictive rules than the defaults will be disappointed, > but are going to be out of luck. They need to be prepared for > that and be ready not to scream at anyone. If I spend a bunch of time and ...

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