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Richard Willey
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Jan. 21, 2011
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about me

My academic background is as a mathematical economist, focusing on game theory and mechanism design. I have a Masters in Economics from Indiana University and dual Masters in Management and Engineering from MIT.


For the last 20 years I have pretty much lived at the intersection of TCP/IP networking and mathematical modeling. I spent my first 10 years out of school working for various networking companies. For the last 10 years I have split my time between the MathWorks where I was the manager for MATLAB's statistics system and Akamai Technologies. I currently work with the Adversarial Resilience team at Akamai, focusing on event detection, capacity planning, and Transport Layer Security.


I don't have many real achievements in the world of bridge, though I am fairly well know on BBO (and earlier on OKB). Bridgewise, I am probably most proud of my MOSCITO notes (which I really need to finish one of these days)

United States of America

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Making 2HX vulnerable in a 3-3 fit after psyching during a "Montreal Relay" sequence and getting an aggressive raise from partner.
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13 tops but how do you get there?
1NT - 2 1N = balanced 3 - 3 3 = 3=2=3=5 shape 3N - 4 3N = 6 slam points 4N - 5 4N = Controls in C/S/D, no heart control 5 - 5 5 = no second control in Clubs 5 5 ...
13 tops but how do you get there?
yada yada yada relay sequence yada yada
A better rating system
> We are talking about a rating system for a > minority hobby not major league baseball. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right Part of the reason that stuff is as fubared as they are is a never ending series of decisions to half ass things....
A better rating system
> I agree with your above comment but please expand pretend > I put u in charge of this task. > Estimated time before ready? The first thing that I would say is that while this is a good question, neither I (nor I think anyone else) is in a good position to ...
A better rating system
I'm not sure that detailed discussion regarding technical design is the right way to go at this point in time. This is an implementation detail and the last thing that you need to worry about. It much more important to get agreement around: 1. What are the goals of ...
A better rating system
@Barry The major cost in rolling out any kind of rating system is going to be collecting and collating data. If the ACBL were to migrate to the NGS system, it would require precisely the same up front investment. I find you claims that the margin cost of using a ...
A better rating system
Randy, you are really grasping at straws here > Can you say lawsuit by players who can still play > elsewhere but are banned in ACBL. First and foremost, you are conflating the existence of a rating system with a judicial process to ban some hypothetical pair. I don't see any ...
Plea to BBO software developers
We could do this, but 1. Designing and building one off hardware is expensive 2. Shipping these tables all over the place is even more so (look what the WBF spend shipping screens around) If you want to go down this path, having people play on tablets is the way ...
A better rating system
If you are in the world of non parametric modelling, you let the Neural Network or the Dynamic Bayesian Network or whatever figure out what is what. If you are in a world of parametric modeling, you need to specify how you want to go and treat this. In either ...
A better rating system
There are all sorts of companies that provide blacklisting as a service. The company that I work for (Akamai) has several products in this space.

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