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Jan. 21, 2011
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about me

My academic background is as a mathematical economist, focusing on game theory and mechanism design. I have a Masters in Economics from Indiana University and dual Masters in Management and Engineering from MIT.


For the last 20 years I have pretty much lived at the intersection of TCP/IP networking and mathematical modeling. I spent my first 10 years out of school working for various networking companies. For the last 10 years I have split my time between the MathWorks where I was the manager for MATLAB's statistics system and Akamai Technologies. I currently work with the Adversarial Resilience team at Akamai, focusing on event detection, capacity planning, and Transport Layer Security.


I don't have many real achievements in the world of bridge, though I am fairly well know on BBO (and earlier on OKB). Bridgewise, I am probably most proud of my MOSCITO notes (which I really need to finish one of these days)

United States of America

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Making 2HX vulnerable in a 3-3 fit after psyching during a "Montreal Relay" sequence and getting an aggressive raise from partner.
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Deos anyone have further information regarding the process of evaluating and implementing the new ACBL convention charts?
Thanks for the update (It would be nice to understand what issues are being debated. I can not help but believe that the new charts represent a dramatic improvement over what came before)
ACBL District 11 Director Report from BOD Member
Agreed. I have read a number of these and consider this to have been particularly well written.
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
Going after the old will actively alienate the young... 1. No one likes to party with their grand parents 2. 65 year old novices are a miserable match for a "mind sport"
Defining Bridge
Bridge is a game that is defined by the set of rules that govern its play. From my perspective, the most critical elements are 1. Bridge can be divided into a "card play / defense game" and a "bidding game" 2. The card play / defense game is defined by a set ...
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
What district?
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
> Not gonna happen. First, the ACBL is invested in "That > rapidly shrinking and aging group of aficionados" What I am actually suggesting is that folks who care about the long time health of the game need to write off the ACBL because its time horizon is drastically different...
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
Here's the thing... That rapidly shrinking and aging group of aficionados is gonna be dead in a few years. Its pointless to waste time and energy serving a disappearing demographic. Better to try and retrench and reconstitute the game with a different player base...
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
FWIW, heres the approach that I would take if I were asked to analyze something like this. 1. At the end of the day, the ACBL's theoretical goal is to promote the game of bridge. Therefore successful regionals are popular regionals. 2. Not all ACBL units are created equal ...
Links to ACBL NABC Video Recordings
> The only reason to do it in the official records is to protect > against someone intentionally fabricating the results of > their analysis, by partitioning after the fact instead of before. The primary reason to partition the data is that most people are clueless about this type of stuff and don ...
Links to ACBL NABC Video Recordings
The following might sound a bit paranoid, however, in the long run I think that this would be a benefit to all. Each time that the ACBL records a pair playing in a session they should divide the hands into three sets Set 1 is the training set. The training ...

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