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Rick Benstock
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Feb. 14, 2014
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Nov. 28, 2019
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Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
3000 Masterpoints is an intermediate these days? Holy shinola.But what is an "unprepared" player?
Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
You sound like a Buddhist to me!
Spingold, Vegas on Twitch!
When I came on to look at the replay it said I had to subscribe. I am a night owl so I could not watch it live. I didn't expect you to stay up until 4 a.m to stream content that was in the past, but I was ...
Spingold, Vegas on Twitch!
To require bridge players to subscribe is wrong. This is bridge, not poker. A one week thing. Not a month of access to a poker room (which are usually free by the way to spectators on twitch as are chess streams.) But hey it's your channel. I don't ...
Congratulations to Jan Assini
Lots of love from Buffalo!
How Angry Should We Be?
How did the pros do?
Putting it to You
@Gary Hann That hand has five losers! MUCH too weak to preempt ALL the way to the three level!! (Maybe just 4.5 losers because of the J10 of hearts.) However, it is a very sound overcall at the one or two level. PASS and await developments.
NABF and WBF Positions Open
I meant that comment satirically. I forgot to include the two high class hookahs* to be my constant companions during the "meetings." *Kojack pronunciation
NABF and WBF Positions Open
I haven't played bridge for a few years. If I wrangle the WBF representative job will I get comped the plane fare to the Eurozone and back and a very nice room in a top class hotel, meals, etc.? Plus a small (say, 25K) stipend for my "trouble"? I ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Terence Reese in one of his books has a two-way finesse against two "little old ladies." So he plays a different suit, which has no losers, as if he were taking a finesse, and LHO hesitates. So when the crucial suit is played, and LHO plays low "without a flicker ...

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