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Feb. 14, 2014
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Putting it to You
@Gary Hann That hand has five losers! MUCH too weak to preempt ALL the way to the three level!! (Maybe just 4.5 losers because of the J10 of hearts.) However, it is a very sound overcall at the one or two level. PASS and await developments.
NABF and WBF Positions Open
I meant that comment satirically. I forgot to include the two high class hookahs* to be my constant companions during the "meetings." *Kojack pronunciation
NABF and WBF Positions Open
I haven't played bridge for a few years. If I wrangle the WBF representative job will I get comped the plane fare to the Eurozone and back and a very nice room in a top class hotel, meals, etc.? Plus a small (say, 25K) stipend for my "trouble"? I ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Terence Reese in one of his books has a two-way finesse against two "little old ladies." So he plays a different suit, which has no losers, as if he were taking a finesse, and LHO hesitates. So when the crucial suit is played, and LHO plays low "without a flicker ...
True North American Championships Coming
I looked at the date as soon as I read the sentence "The USBF will no longer send teams to compete in the Bermuda Bowl.." Then I knew it was a joke. What real bridge player would give up a chance to play in the Bermuda Bowl? Now if this ...
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
Reese and Shapiro were certainly one of the top pairs in the world in 1965 when they decided to cheat. Their motivation was simply to prove that "the rules" didn't apply to people as brilliant and as far above the hoi polloi as themselves. At least that is how ...
Will Roper's bidding problem: 876 7 AT73 AT876
Is 4 not a splinter when undiscussed in "expert standard?" We are a passed hand and we didn't preempt in 2nd chair. We aren't playing fit showing jumps. Are we giving up on slam?
Statement by WBF ( Oct 9, 2015)
Just having a "flashback" to my early days in tournament bridge...when the midnight swisses had young participants...I believe that most of my contemporaries were smoking weed before and after each round. I have no opinion on whether the cannabis was "performance enhancing" but it certainly was "enjoyment enhancing ...
Why do major players cheat?
@Nick Hardy Are you referring to the John Fowles novel by that title? I read it in high school in the early 1960s. Lol. Unless someone else stole the title?
Why do major players cheat?
They think they are playing the game but on another level. A meta-level. So you have the game of bridge with its "silly" rules (for the hoi polloi) and you have the "inner" or "higher level" game of bridge. Because the lower level game with its hunt for "patzer points ...

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