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Rick Benstock
Rick Benstock
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 20, 2010
Last Seen
July 16, 2012
Member Type
Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I don't remember
Bridge Accomplishments
Not much. A couple regional wins and scratches.
Regular Bridge Partners
I wish! You know of anybody reasonably good who's looking?
Member of Bridge Club(s)
See Groucho Marx line.
Favorite Tournaments
Any Nationals.
Favorite Conventions
None. I like to play Churchill Natural but I can't find anyone to play it.
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Are Senior Events Killing the Game?
When I started playing bridge the best players occasionally partnered lesser players for nothing. There was some pay for play but nowhere near today's levels. In the U.S. bridge experts made their money at the rubber bridge clubs, which existed in every major and some minor cities. The ...
Are Senior Events Killing the Game?
I'm 65 and would far prefer to play in large field open events. Granted my mental powers and memory are diminishing but I don't care. In fact I didn't like it when they started having all those knockout events for easy masterpoints. And I definitely hate the ...
Reisinger B-A-M KO?
As merely a [i]Bronze[/i] LM, I would love to play in any form of this event. I totally agree with Brad's suggestion. I've always preferred to "play up" and the Reisinger has always been as "up" as you can get. Just lasting to the semi-final phase ...
Off-shape Takeout Doubles
Paul, I am interested in understanding the particulars of the Roman defensive methods. I wasn't aware of the restrictions, other than the two-suited jump overcalls so that a X would not be a 2-suiter. I don't remember what a cue bid was. Can you enlighten me? Or point ...
Off-shape Takeout Doubles
I wonder why Roman Club defensive bidding methods died out and were never taken up and refined by modern experts? They always doubled on upwards of 12 HCP regardless of distribution (almost). They had the mechanisms to sort it out, such as shortness responses to TO X's. I would ...
Partnership Bidding Problem 2
I am trying to contribute something and I keep getting "spam content detected"? Believe me I have no product to spam the board WITH.
False Preference
I like the Acol-ish 2NT rebid. The Brits play the hand a trick or two better than the Americans don't they, in general? :o
Partner has balanced and you?
I chose 3 spades. Assumed 3 was not forcing absent prior discussion. I might bid 3 even if 3 were forcing. I'm sure Reese would have bid 3 in a shot as a "chance giving" bid since balancing bids have to be wide range especially ...

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