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Rick Gardner
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Jan. 14, 2013
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March 2
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about me

Bridge and Golf fanatic... also snow shoeing and hiking...

United States of America

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A question on precision 1!D opening
Assuming I don't have a fit for partners response I rebid 1NT.. but I will raise partners major with 3 as the lesser of 2 evils and we use spiral raises to ask and find out how good that major suit raise is...
Rick Gardner's bidding problem: A4 AKQ3 AK7 AKQJ
Partner's hand was Kxxxxx, xx, xxx, xx
Rick Gardner's bidding problem: A4 AKQ3 AK7 AKQJ
So no offense David but I am well aware of the nature of the game involving a partner... and I did pause and think through several lines of bidding before "bashing" 6NT down.. I still have not heard what I consider would be a line of bidding that is going ...
Rick Gardner's bidding problem: A4 AKQ3 AK7 AKQJ
OK... I will admit I opened this hand 6NT.. now here is my logic: I hold 75% of the HCP so even if I open 2C chances are my partner is going to respond 2H as a bust and there are certainly plenty of hands where 6NT is gin.. either ...
Rick Gardner's bidding problem: A4 AKQ3 AK7 AKQJ
Side question... how many people play 2D over 2C as showing as A or K and 2H a bust hand?
Surprising (non)-decision by TD in Denver
Yes someone picked up a 13 card club hand.. the opponents sacced in 7D...
How out of line do you think this is and what if anything would you do...
I think this is a 2 way situation... if you are damaged by an "unusual switch" then you should call the director... if no harm discuss later with the director..
Best Defenses against Strong One Club opening bids
We play the following: 1D, 1H, 1S natural.. 1NT = Clubs.. 2C is black suits, 2D red suits, 2H C and H, 2S D and S, 2NT mm and X MM
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 93 J982 AKJ4 T42
Just curious, if the hand is good enough for 2 or more calls why not bid diamonds first then hearts? I agree if the hand is only worth one call show the major but if not why suppress the minor?
Rick Gardner's bidding problem: Q T3 AKT842 AKQT
Agreed John on shape... it was my intent to bid on looking for 6D not envisioning needing much from partner for a making slam...

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