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Rick Roeder
Rick Roeder
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June 19, 2010
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March 19
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Bridge Pro
about me
Rick Roeder is an author who has written a book on Rock & Roll history. He also has a book scheduled to come out this year, “College Football Odyssey,” based on his travels around the country the past 45 years.
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Up on Barry Crane
Bridge Accomplishments
Numerous Top 5, Top 10 National finishes
Regular Bridge Partners
Liliane Marquet, Ifti Baqai, Bob Sartorius, Lynne Feldman, Jason Feldman
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
sartorius – roeder
2 over 1 -- except competition
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Copy of dave beauchamp rick roeder
2/1 except in comp
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DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Many thanks to the Diamond team for the thrilling comeback that capped a wild "double comeback" miracle day (earlier in the day I had gone to the Blue Jays game. Down 10-4 in the bottom of the ninth, Toronto amazing won, 11-10, on a walkoff grand slam)
GLASSON Wins Senior Swiss
Congrats....well deserved !! ( I would sadly note this is the 3rd straight year we have been leading the event in the 4th session and not won...a real record of futility)
Peter Rank, RIP
I greatly admire those excellent bridge players who have significant talents in other realms. Peter was a great example of somebody with numerous talents outside the bridge sphere.
Time for a rethink
Paul, I appreciate the spirit of your comments. Believe me, I have been trying to get multi reinstated in National USA pair events for years and have been thwarted by Bob Hamman and his acolytes. I regularly tell people that the LOL's who play in Sydney bridge clubs have ...
RIP Bill Wickham
classy guy. RIP
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
Cool idea, Eric! And about as imaginative as your declarer play of the Q from AQ tight in the Reisinger! If this idea is considered too radical, I have another thought which would somewhat improve the current situation. In the European Open Pairs Chamionships, everybody plays the same 10 boards ...
What should the ruling be?
In retrospect, I am a bit troubled by the upshot of what happened. I was on the committee and felt that the table result should stand but that a PP be assessed. A very experienced director felt that a PP was inappropriate because of the relative lack of experience of ...
An ACBL Redistricting Proposal
Matthew, Nice shot, my friend! Of course, there will be some complaints and some dislocation but surely some improvements can be made. For example, in my Southern California neck of the woods, there is a glaring problem begging for a solution. For at least a decade, I have advocated that ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
To Bob Hamman: I find it totally refreshing to agree with you on a vital issue (I still do not understand your opposition to Multi 2D in USA National Pair events but that is a discussion for another day.) One comment to the naysayers: About 30-35 years ago, American bridge ...
The Most Unique Set Game
Uh, Oh, Occo Eric I do not have a day job to give up. Which gives me a conumdrum

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