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Oct. 15, 2015
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Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
Agree. In fact it is a very complicated setting, both in theory and in practice. To begin with, going 2 or 3 down makes no difference against 6 at the other table. Thus, whenever the declarer holding Q9x is planning to play the queen he can as well postpone ...
Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
To the contrary, the assumption is that the declarer is maximising the probality of success. This is certainly the proper target when expecting 6 at the other table. On the other hand, I must admit that my first analysis wasn't complete. I didn't pay enough attention to ...
Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
In the UK 'eulogy' is a quite usual and perfectly acceptable term in a large variety of contexts. Perhaps, somewhat old fashioned for the liking of the Californian John and Johannes from Amsterdam. Schottish Michael wan't mind.
Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
Delaying the key play, even a seemingly obvious one, is always advisable. The given setting provides a perfect illustration of this truism. On the first look at the dummy you decide that a short spade king on your left is the only legitimate chance for your overambitious contract. The second ...
Homage to Michael Rosenberg
replaced by an article
Test Your Play โ€“ The Bridge World, September 2017
All true. However, the proposed line must be best even when allowing for a non-negligible probability of West finding a diamond ruff and observing that drawing trumps simply brings the contract home when trumps are 3-2.
Test Your Play โ€“ The Bridge World, September 2017
He could do it but he did not. Should he?
Test Your Play โ€“ The Bridge World, September 2017
Indeed, thanks for spotting, corrected.
% Play to Land 6N: 3-3!D or a squeeze
With both heart honors and four spades in East, and only two spades in West, diamonds 3-3 are three times as likely as four clubs in East. It is true that East, not being able to see the North hand is badly pressed to find an appropriate continuation, won't ...
How to play this suit?
At the table you can't perform an exact calculation. Nobody can. What can you do? 1. Relay on the intuition developed during your bridge years. 2. Calculate the number of success cases for each reasonable line separately. 3. Post mortem, check 2 above by taking into account the relative ...
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