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Test Your Play โ€“ The Bridge World, September 2017
All true. However, the proposed line must be best even when allowing for a non-negligible probability of West finding a diamond ruff and observing that drawing trumps simply brings the contract home when trumps are 3-2.
Test Your Play โ€“ The Bridge World, September 2017
He could do it but he did not. Should he?
Test Your Play โ€“ The Bridge World, September 2017
Indeed, thanks for spotting, corrected.
% Play to Land 6N: 3-3!D or a squeeze
With both heart honors and four spades in East, and only two spades in West, diamonds 3-3 are three times as likely as four clubs in East. It is true that East, not being able to see the North hand is badly pressed to find an appropriate continuation, won't ...
How to play this suit?
At the table you can't perform an exact calculation. Nobody can. What can you do? 1. Relay on the intuition developed during your bridge years. 2. Calculate the number of success cases for each reasonable line separately. 3. Post mortem, check 2 above by taking into account the relative ...
1. Declarer's play in 4. On a spade lead, best for defense, the natural line is to go to the dummy with the K, discard two clubs on the spade honors, and advance the J, covered by the king and ace, the Q, a diamond ruffed with the ...
A good deal, no doubt Sartaj. A number of points for discussion. 1. Vulnerability and the meaning of the 1NT from West are not explicitly stated, could be of some interest, though. 2. Assuming that 1NT shows both minors, on the given North hand you don't bid 2 ...
What Can We Learn From Game Theory?
With AJxxx hidden in declarer's hand the location of 9 and 8 cannot be taken for granted. This is mainly defenders' problem. Kaplan's analysis was a pioneering effort. The case of AJ8xx was also studied, but the full game theoretical solution for both sides is still lacking.
What Can We Learn From Game Theory?
I prefer to look at bridge problems from the point of view of Decision Theory. For practical players Game Theoretical considerations are of minor importance. Thus with Tx behind declarer holding presumably AJxxxx I'll drop the ten whenever I expect him to finesse if I don't. To be ...
What Can We Learn From Game Theory?
Can declarer ask how often I drop the 10 from 10x? No, he cannot. Yellow card for an attempt to intimidate opponents. How can declarer estimate this frequency? There are various sources of information. By watching my carding, if we play regularly again each other, or from my reputation if ...
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