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Rob Tamlyn
Rob Tamlyn
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Oct. 6, 2012
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Aug. 23
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Bridge Player

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Ruby Life Master
Henry E Rob T
2 over 1
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Karen and Rob
2 over 1
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Lance Shull Rob Tamlyn Precision
Forcing Club; Light Openings 10+-15
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Thank you Zia!
Just think, cheaters miss out on the joy we are getting from the actions of Mr. Puczynyski and Mr. Zia (and all the others). Is this story in the Aces and Knaves documentary on bridge?
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
Really? I think Mr Woodridge is making an excellent point. Certainly, the first hand is better than the first. I doubt he is claiming he deserves to drop the K if the appeal is found to have merit. But if the diamond Q had been returned, I think he would ...
Dummy Gets Tapped
Declarer might get a club ruff or be able to cash the Q of spades. South has trouble both threatening club over ruff and pitching spades. Not sure down 2 is easy.
1NT response forcing or semi-forcing?
You are alerting your partner's 1NT bid not describing how you will respond. If you pass, the opponents can ask your partner what hands you would pass. "Semi-forcing" should be replaced with "intended as forcing".
What’s the best line—-Allendale Tales #1
Should we ruff the J low if it is safe?
Trick 4 Play
Even without the 10, declarer might choose to run the 's to tighten up the defense. Look what happens to our hand.
Trick 4 Play
If declarer now cashes a third , we are strip squeezed if she* has AQxx Axx xx Qxxx. *I would rather be strip squeezed by a lady declarer.
Trick 4 Play
The suit by itself is blocked if declarer has 4. An outside entry does not change that. With 4=4=2=3 declarer likely has other options instead of yielding the lead and suffering a club switch. Of course, there are no guarantees.
Trick 4 Play
It seems unlikely that declarer would block the suit if he has 4. Therefore declarer is likely to be 4=3=2=4. Cashing 3 club tricks is likely to give Declarer 9 tricks. I do not want to remove partners A to keep declarer from cashing a third ...
ATB - Just another missed slam
With QT987-ninth and out, I would bid 5D and go down in 6 when partner guesses to bid 6. When you take away the K there is a good chance partner's stiff will turn into the K. East might double before Partner gets to redouble. Skewed hands such as ...

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