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Rob Tamlyn
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Oct. 6, 2012
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53 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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Ruby Life Master
Henry E Rob T
2 over 1
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Karen and Rob
2 over 1
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Lance Shull Rob Tamlyn Precision
Forcing Club; Light Openings 10+-15
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Irrational or brilliant?
Yes, I failed to switch the 10 when I created the real deal. I fixed that and I have included my typo layout so that your comments are relevant to that layout.
Irrational or brilliant?
3 is not at all obvious with 5-5 in the minors. Declarer can now make it pitching two clubs on the hearts since I failed to move the 10 when building the actual hand. Please forgive the typo.
Irrational or brilliant?
Exactly. W should know that she can give partner a ruff. There is no resulting involved. South showed 6+ spades and 4+ hearts. North showed 2+ hearts. W looking at 6 hearts knows partner has at most 1 heart.
Best line for 6H
The K is not wasted. It is often one of 12 tricks especially when you are using the spades for 4 tricks. I agree that E overbid his hand twice.
Best line for 6H
Or H's 3-2 and diamonds 3-3 or DJ drops or spades 3-3 or spade J drops or various squeezes Or H's 4-1 and ruff a D (or maybe a C) before drawing trumps and one of the above Are you suggesting this is a bad slam? I make ...
A Very Amusing Board
Double dummy the defense was poor. Single dummy there are many ways that the clubs could be used for 9 tricks.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: A98762 KJ974 JT ---
No wastage? Take away the DQ and I would still want to be in 6H from partner's side. Finessing for the HQ should be above 50% given the opening 3C bid.
Thank you Zia!
Just think, cheaters miss out on the joy we are getting from the actions of Mr. Puczynyski and Mr. Zia (and all the others). Is this story in the Aces and Knaves documentary on bridge?
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
Really? I think Mr Woodridge is making an excellent point. Certainly, the first hand is better than the first. I doubt he is claiming he deserves to drop the K if the appeal is found to have merit. But if the diamond Q had been returned, I think he would ...
Dummy Gets Tapped
Declarer might get a club ruff or be able to cash the Q of spades. South has trouble both threatening club over ruff and pitching spades. Not sure down 2 is easy.

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