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Rob Tamlyn
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Oct. 6, 2012
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May 29
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired EE so I have no excuse not to improve. It is hard to believe that Bridge is still interesting after 50+ years after first playing seriously at RPI. It would be great to hook up with the old crowd again.

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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Henry E Rob T
2 over 1
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Lance Shull Rob Tamlyn Precision
Forcing Club; Light Openings 10+-15
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The Unlucky Expert
It is not just an overtrick. With the club K off how are you making it when E has AJ9x? The defense has knocked out a necessary entry to setup the hearts. Remember declarer needs three entries to setup the hearts. When does ducking from Kx gain when W knows ...
Forcing bids after we double their 1 NT
@Phillip, when you want to penalize 2H you pass and wait for partner's double. Of course you can play it the other way around. My double rules are in a FG situation, double is penalty pass is takeout. In a forcing situation (but not to game) OR a non-forcing ...
The Unlucky Expert
How does playing low from Kx gain? Without the club A being dislodged, declarer will usually be able to setup H's. Perhaps if E or W has J or Txx of spades preventing a second trump entry? Ducking from Kx loses when partner has AJ9x of H's and ...
The law won
Considering the second hand, My precision partnership has adopted 1NT forcing in response to 1 (It is Mr Woolsey's fault even though AFAIK he does not play this). We allow 1 on 3 cards (this is Mr Woolsey's fault) with difficult hands in the 6-9 range ...
Adam Wildavsky's bidding problem: 752 AJT9 K4 KQJ9
Lots of good things can happen if I X instead of P. 4H making 3NT making 3H/3C part scores push opps to 3 level down 1 with our 4-2 diamond fit. Opps yell at each other and chuck the match. OK Adam's opps would not do this but ...
Summer NABC Moved
Mike, dont give up on bridgewinners. They have done an excellent job except for this whopper of a mistake. Instead, complain to the ACBL for letting their bridgewinner id be used to perpetrate this hoax. Unless it really is not the ACBL Official id, in which case bridgewinners had better ...
Summer NABC Moved
I want to know if the "ACBL Official" bridgewinners account really speaks for the ACBL. This is the description of the acccount on bridgewinners: "This is an official account of the American Contract Bridge League. All posts by this account have been approved by an ACBL official". If that is ...
Summer NABC Moved
The point that infuriates me is that this "joke" was not at all funny. It just wasted my time reading. I saw the headline but not the fine print that this is an April 1 post. And it is now still wasting my time. It is not analogous to your ...
Summer NABC Moved
I wonder how the perpetrator of this joke and the site administrators would feel if this post was discussed on a respectable news site (for example CNN). This site is so good it will be able to withstand the extreme negative feelings most of us have about this joke. I ...
Undo or No undo ?
I would guess a whole bunch of bridge players are so grateful that we have BBO right now that they would react as I do to your comment.

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