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Rob Tamlyn
Rob Tamlyn
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Oct. 6, 2012
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about me

Retired EE so I have no excuse not to improve. It is hard to believe that Bridge is still interesting after 50+ years after first playing seriously at RPI. It would be great to hook up with the old crowd again.

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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Henry E Rob T
2 over 1
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Karen and Rob
2 over 1
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Lance Shull Rob Tamlyn Precision
Forcing Club; Light Openings 10+-15
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Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: 9 AKJT QT853 T94
If partner lacks a 4 card red suit, he may well leave X in especially at MP opp's vul
Suit Preference or Attitude on opening lead of partner's suit in a NT contract?
Kantar's rule IIRC is if dummy is winning the trick with the Q or less, signal count. Otherwise signal attitude.
Request opinion of a bid and ACBL reference.
In our precision system, we play 1NT forcing in response to 1D (responder wants to signoff in a minor and some other hands). In our experience losing the natural 1NT response is no great loss. We want opener to be declarer anyway. We are left with sometimes responding 1M on ...
How could we avoid losing 10 IMPs here
I think transfersohl is best and this setup shows why. N would bid 3D xfer to H's to play (or higher). Is there a downside to xfrsold other than I dont know how to spell it?
How could we avoid losing 10 IMPs here
IMO 2S overcall is normal with these cards. Other vul, it is debatable but I would not fault a 2S bid with so many things going for it. After 2S, NS on many hands will have to guess well. On other hands you want to bid game. On this hand ...
He Didn't Shift
I find that opening precision 1C aggressively (similar to 14-16 NT range) has a hidden advantage. The opponents sometimes have a game. Even though they would rather be bidding destructively, they have to be more careful with their wild bidding. This has happened to me often enough that I freely ...
Jump Reverse
I like to bid 3NT with the 3D forcing to game hand often with a singleton S.
Are these details really unimportant?
Well done! Even if you did not play it this way, noticing the power of the 4 is remarkable.
Jump Reverse
Besides being rare, you are now at the 3/4 level on a possible misfit. If you can play that high, then why not reverse?
Do you pull partner's likely 3NT?

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