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Rob Tamlyn
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Oct. 6, 2012
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Bridge Player

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Ruby Life Master
Henry E Rob T
2 over 1
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Karen and Rob
2 over 1
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Lance Shull Rob Tamlyn Precision
Forcing Club; Light Openings 10+-15
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Is the auction over?
I would never call the director and slow down the game for no reason. If she needed the director she should call for the director, not me. I really thought that my partner would bid not pass. I was not steering the auction anywhere. I have no idea what is ...
Is the auction over?
Huh? Someone picking up their cards is indicating a P. I just told her to do what she indicated. If she changed her "indicated pass" which she clearly should not be able to do, there would have been UI. She obviously thought 1C was a good spot to play the ...
Defensive Carding
I prefer to always show suit preference with trumps (whether going for a ruff is possible or not) in this case eliminating H's as a possible suit. So for me HiLo in trumps indicates Diamonds not Hearts. Sometimes which suit to eliminate is ambiguous but I do not see ...
Is the auction over?
How about this auction? (P-perp) 1C(precision) (X) P-me The perp picks up her original P and says "lets play 1C". Everybody else stares for several moments. I said please put a P on the table. Perp seems confused but relents and puts only one P back and then picks ...
UI logical alternatives? (Bridgewinners Poll suggests yes, surprising to me)
I agree. It seems impossible that partner is short in diamonds also. That would give the opps at least 10 diamonds.
Slam invite question
6 is my guess red vs white. It might beget 7H. Otherwise coin flip between 5 and 6.
Some Deals Are Just too Tough
Is it common to play 2S as natural and non forcing? I thought yes. I play 2 as the Q bid. In any case, invitational with the E hand is a slight overbid IMO (unless we open 11 HCP hands). It certainly works this time.
Modified Vacant Spaces
Woolsey teaches a lesson on vacant spaces. Bloom teaches a lesson on "vacant" HCP and a bit of restricted choice (West might have led a diamond royal from his actual hand; might have shown a diamond suit if he had 5). Now throw in some World Class players at the ...
How well do you understand restricted choice?
I think that so many contestants refused to switch their choice that the shows producers were relatively safe
How well do you understand restricted choice?
Case 3 and 4 are poorly stated. If we change the condition to "At least one is a boy born on a particular day of the week", I have no new information. One could presume that Monday was chosen by Mrs Jones when she described the boy she chose to ...

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