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Robb Gordon
Robb Gordon
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June 21, 2010
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I am the ACBL National Recorder. I was on the NAC (appeals committee) from 1984 until its demise. I joined the ACBL Laws Commission in 2006. I was added to the ACBL Ethical Oversight in 2010. I am particularly proud (and mystified) about being appointed to the ACBL Goodwill committee. My hobbies include my dogs, singing, wine, and watching baseball and basketball. Former member District 17 Board and former 1st Alternate Director D17.

United States of America

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NABC Champion, WBF Mixed Teams Bronze Medal
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Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Toronto, Eilat, Gold Coast
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transfers of all kinds
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Grand Life Master
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2 over 1
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Gordon - Gordon
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I play that as a game try. But I don't agree that these auctions are analogous. In the given auction, we can be confident that there is no fit in the first suit bid. Furthermore we can't be completely confident that WE have an eight card fit!
I like to play a lot of non-penalty doubles, but it seems like saving this double for an invite in hearts (VS 3H being competitive) is cutting too fine a line and would cost some opportunities. We have an 8 (possibly 7) card fit, and the opponents have not indicated ...
Coffee housing
It’s an opinion and has no official significance. My star chamber is closed this weekend. :)
Coffee housing
No sympathy for the non-offender here. Falling asleep isn't an excuse. But the offender should be strongly punished and should be informed that the next similar incident will earn him a no-expenses-paid vacation from organized bridge.
I loved the money games in the Detroit area. You could play LOTS of hands every hour. Lots of bad contracts. I learned more there about card play technique (often the hard way) than anywhere else. I guess for young people online serves the same function (get lots of hands ...
The value of videos
Great post! Yes, the video recording was introduced to detect and/or prevent cheating, but it has often proved invaluable to Tournament Directors. The ACBL is in the process of expanding this capability and hopefully you will see it in Las Vegas. As an aside, I will mention that when ...
Brain Performance Drugs
Lewis Black has a hilarious routine on Prevagen which supposedly gets its memory-enhancing ability from jellyfish. 'Nuff said.
What does partner's double of GF 2!c opener indicate?
I like double of 2C and the 2D response as showing that suit. I play 3C/2C and 3D/2C-2D as majors and 2NT as minors, but I wouldn't make any assumption with an unfamiliar partner.
Question for the matchpoint mavens
Pass 2?! OK - Partner has Axx xxx AKJxxx x. You have good play for slam (great play if they don't lead a diamond). I would actually bid 4 Hearts over 3 Spades.

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