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Robb Gordon
Robb Gordon
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June 21, 2010
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about me

I am the ACBL National Recorder. I was on the NAC (appeals committee) from 1984 until its demise. I joined the ACBL Laws Commission in 2006. I was added to the ACBL Ethical Oversight in 2010. I am particularly proud (and mystified) about being appointed to the ACBL Goodwill committee. My hobbies include my dogs, singing, wine, and watching baseball and basketball. Former member District 17 Board and former 1st Alternate Director D17.

United States of America

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NABC Champion, WBF Mixed Teams Bronze Medal
Favorite Tournaments
Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Toronto, Eilat, Gold Coast
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transfers of all kinds
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Grand Life Master
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2 over 1
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Gordon - Gordon
2/1 Style
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Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: A8643 QT986 QJ 8
2 - assuming Michaels. Logical alternatives are 1S and double. Pass is not a LA. Double is the only LA that might have been suggested by the UA and I wouldn't double with this hand even without the UA.
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
Definitely a different tourney. This was ALWAYS Labor Day weekend.
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
It was in Springfield, at the Marriott, for many years. It doesn't seem to be there anymore and it may well travel now. I think it's been at least 20 years since I attended (I remember attending one year when Princess Di was in her fatal accident and ...
ATB, but I get the couch
Rich, I don't think you've played modern Precision. Relative to prior bidding, South has a very good hand.
A "Thank You" Would Be Nice !
@Mark Raphaelson - your issue is very valid and one of the "knocks" on our Recorder system. Players have the OPTION of confidentiality (not anonymity - they have to tell ME who they are) and in that case we will respect it, or ask permission if we think it is important to ...
A "Thank You" Would Be Nice !
Thanks Randy. Now excuse me while I go cut my wrists since what I do is worthless.
A "Thank You" Would Be Nice !
Ellis, this has been debated extensively. Larger Units and "busier" Units will be able to apply for and receive "Assistant District Recorder" status, which will effectively be the same thing. On the disciplinary side, the District Disciplinary Chair will have a wide variety of panelists and panel chairs to choose ...
A "Thank You" Would Be Nice !
A "thank you" will surely come, along with an admonition to not relax too quickly, as some will become "assistant District Recorders" and have essentially the same duties.
Banished to the Couch
I think the couch should belong to the genius that decided 1C (1D) p (1N) x should be takeout of diamonds. Yes that's what it would be if THEY opened 1D. Here you have 2D available for takeout.
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
Yes. It was in Springfield MA and Maury Braunstein was DIC. Maury had the best collection of bow ties I’ve ever seen.

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