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July 27, 2010
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Nov. 24, 2017
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Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
This looks wise. How do you show a balanced positive? Include in 2D or show a positive in four-card suit?
Bols Tips
This page looks as if it was coded during the bad old days of the 'browser wars'! The suit symbols are broken for anyone not using MS Windows.
BZ case in EBL
The BBC do this frequently: "{some politician} is to say {blah}"
Copenhagen Bridge Invitational begins Thursday
Yes: Brunei is a good example, as are all the Arab monarchies of the Near East. Seriously though, I admire the Danish Queen and Prince no end, a fine example to others.
Time for a rethink
I once played at a club in Finland using an experimental 'system' that we literally wrote down on the back of an envelope. The reaction from the locals was friendly interest – "how do you handle such-and-such"; in the UK it would have been "director!".
Freeing Up bidding Restrictions in International Tournaments
It's a cultural thing. Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe are more open to modernising bidding. On the other side of the coin we have France and USA. UK sits somewhat uneasily in the middle: the Multicoloured Two Diamonds is OK, for historical cronyism reasons; Roman Club isn ...
BBO format
I have never used the Windows client, as I have no access to a machine capable of running it. The web version (and mobile apps) are fine, apart from the desktop web version requiring the dreaded Adobe Flash. BBO is the last site that prevents me going Flash-free.
Love's Bridge Squeezes Complete for PC
My copy of the Reese and Jourdain book is entitled 'Squeeze Play Is Easy" and was not difficult to find second-hand. It is worth looking out for.
Who Will Win the Bermuda Bowl?
It appears in the preface to a long poem called Milton.
A letter to Fantunes
So sorry that you guys won't be in Madras

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