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Robert Beckwith
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Sept. 20, 2015
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ATB - Missed slam with double red fit
Assigning the blame produced five relatively even possibilities, suggesting a difficult decision even after seeing both hands. At the table, most players below "upper level advanced" don't stand a chance of finding this 22 HCP slam.
Why is this day different from all others?
"obnoxious and egotistical rant" indeed, and only mildly enjoyable.
Three Player Bridge
We played a similar game years ago on a Chicago commuter train when one of the regular 4 didn't make the train. Deal four hands and turn over 5 cards in the dummy. The other 3 bid until the auction is over. Then the rest of dummy is exposed ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
"Tell me what cards you held so that you will be sure to understand how beautifully I managed that hand." No thanks!!
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: Q9753 A8 A6 AQ74
Then partner's opening hand must be something like: xxx, KQJxx, KQJx, x. Not a bad hand for 4 spades unless West has AKJT of spades.
Michaels variants
Spades and another. Isn't it called "extended Michaels?"
New BBO landing page
And the players are dressed the way bridge players used to dress. No torn T-shirts or cut off blue jeans.
Help Me Understand "Source of Tricks" Responses to Jacoby 2NT
If I don't have AKxxx or better, I bid the singleton (or void).
Should partner have made 3N?
Seeing all four hands throws me off but I'm inclined to think I would have done much the same as David.
1NT overcall with a small singleton? Legal or Not in ACBL??
I recently asked "rulings" at ACBL and was told that only an opening 1NT was bound by the relatively new singleton rule. 1NT overcalls and 2NT openings have no shape restrictions. Also, see "Ruling the Game" in the October 2019 ACBL Bulletin.

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