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April 26, 2016
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Bridge Players and the movie world
Bill Gates has appeared in episodes of Frasier and The Big Bang Theory, but according to IMDB does not appear to have been in a movie (yet...)
Bridge vanity license plates
A friend of mine here in the UK acquired AJ10 XXX, which he said was the only valid suit holding he could find still available. The nice bit is that this conforms to the current format for UK number plates these days, so it wasn’t even expensive!
Tricky ruling
We did begin to consider weighting different numbers of tricks in 3D, but having the same suspicions as Richard, a quick look at the traveler showed absolutely every other table with EW playing in game or slam, so we did not waste any more time on something that did not ...
Tricky ruling
It would be difficult to have scores not adding to 100% before adjustment... The table result was 48% NS, 52% EW. The split score given as per option 3 of this poll changed EW to 8%. This had the effect of changing the VPs for the match from 18-2 to ...
Tricky ruling
Hi Paul, I think you might be looking at this in the wrong order. We only consider whether south's action is an extremely serious error in law 12c1e. We don't get there until AFTER we have decided to award an adjusted score as a result of the MI ...
Tricky ruling
The TDs did take a while to deliberate and consulted other players. Bit this was only to decide whether south's action was an extremely serious error or not, which as Frances has pointed out is the only aspect of the ruling that is tricky.
I forget whether you have anything round your wrists at the table, Emily? I had some problems for a while wearing a watch (admittedly, a heavy metal one) when playing, so I started taking it off when playing bridge and now rarely wear it away from the table. Probably won ...
EBU National Teams: youngest ever winners?
I suspect the 2007 winners may have been younger... but I'm sure MGB will be delighted to be on the two youngest teams to win!
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Gavin, how do you change the password on the page you link to without an old password? I've tried leaving it blank, using the new password and using my google password... Thanks
How better is a hand than another one? Damned Statistics!
I think the confusion is that in your first scenario you seem to be keeping two hands constant, and at this point I would take the hand 'in front of you' to be the hand held by right hand opponent. But for the more difficult question at the end, you ...
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