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Robert Greene
Robert Greene
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Basic Information

Member Since
Sept. 20, 2016
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Director
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Putting together a knockout team specifically designed to be seeded 16th and playing on day 2.
Bridge Accomplishments
Junior master of the year for district 13. Won a regular club open game with Clare. Won a gold rush with Leslie. Won a 499er tournament game with Carole three times in one weekend.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bodacious Bridge Babes, Connie, Leslie.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks.
Favorite Tournaments
Ventura regional. Lompoc sectional.
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
2nt better as a convention than a contract?
Low to the 10 and then bang down the ace of clubs. If east has doubleton honor you have three club tricks. If you lead the jack off the board it’ll get covered.
2nt better as a convention than a contract?
I think the game plan is to take two tricks in each suit. Three diamond tricks is possible.
Undo or No undo ?
While not in the no- undo camp, saying it’s because of “win at all cost” is not true. We all create irregularities whether it’s a revoke , a lead out of turn, a bit, a failure to alert. And then we live with the consequences as proscribed by law ...
Double Trouble
Can’t you look at the number of diamonds you are holding and tell?
Most popular game?
What if you took that survey today?
Undo or No undo ?
I always grant undos and never ask for one. But I don’t play meaningful bridge. Sometimes I get smart ass comments from my pick up partner.
Undo or No undo ?
Bbo wiggles your cards right after the auction to put trumps on the left. Misleading is common. No opinion on whether an undo should be allowed. Hard enough to click on the right card when they stand still.
I'd Support SYC Games... With a Tweak
Stupid yellow card? Save your club? Stupendous yacht club? Save the yaks and camels?
Points, Community, Quality
The flight from quality is often because limit bridge is friendlier. Not to avoid finishing on the bottom half of the score sheet. Personally I try to play where I am competitive with my partner de jour. neither finish first all the time or last all the time. For various ...
ATB - we pushed them to slam. Again.
One of the drawbacks to preempting or any competitive auction is that it allows the opponents to revalue their hand. Sometimes you get your comeuppance in the play when declarer knows where all the cards are. Part of bridge.

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