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Robert Greene
Robert Greene
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Basic Information

Member Since
Sept. 20, 2016
Last Seen
an hour ago
Member Type
Bridge Director
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Putting together a knockout team specifically designed to be seeded 16th and playing on day 2.
Bridge Accomplishments
Junior master of the year for district 13. Won a regular club open game with Clare. Won a gold rush with Leslie. Won a 499er tournament game with Carole three times in one weekend.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bodacious Bridge Babes, Connie, Leslie.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks.
Favorite Tournaments
Ventura regional. Lompoc sectional.
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A Little Help
If you bid too little you can catch up later. Unless partner passes. Then it is his fault.
Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?
Anyone caught cheating shall be required to stay at the host hotel.
Ethics applied to a playing director
He assumes it is michaels but there's no partnership agreement. How long has he been playing with his wife? If they are a long time partnership I wouldn't accept that. What is marked on both cards?
Questions for theorists
In hand B) it isn't your hand so might be best to play the double as asking for a spade lead (ace king or queen). Pass would deny a high honour so partner might lead something else. If you want to help partner sacrifice, you can bid 3 ...
Greco Wins 2018 Player of the Year
Wouldn't player of the decade go from 2011 to 2020?
A variety of Morton’s Fork
It's easy to duck with the K missing. Either declarer has the K or partner has the K and will grab it. It's a lot tougher if the position is Jxx opposite KQxx or Qxx opposite KJxx. After ducking once you know partner does not have the !K ...
Grainger and Hinze Win LM Pairs
Jeff Lehman's bidding problem: AT75 T73 AK J742
The trouble with 3 is not that its an overbid but that it's an underbid. 4 makes opposite KQxxx x xxxx Axx. I chose 3 and I want it to be a game try but it isn't.
Project the Auction
I like to play 2 clubs followed by three clubs as drop dead. So I can find 4 spades on hands like this. Or two clubs followed by three diamonds.
David Liu's bidding problem: AT9 AT7 AK74 KJ8
Per Lawrence, after a preempt you can assume partner has 7 average points. But not 7 great points. Or hamman's law, bid 3NT on every auction or something like that. When I add my aces and tens, then subtract my queens and jacks, this hand is +4. So like ...

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