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Robert Krochmalik
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June 28, 2010
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Bd 8 12th November
2 is just majors 4+/5+ either way
Bd 8 12th November
I didn't double but bid 2 for the majors and we played in 2 +110
Board 6 - 12 November
Lavings passed the quacky North hand and I played in 1NT
Bd 8 12th November
I'm not sure I like the double. What does south do if north bids 2C after the double
How should the director rule
The irony of the ruling is that the EW team were not the team most punished by the ruling of 2300 to the Dalley team. How so? Our team, the Burgess team, played the Dalley team in the semi final and beat them by about 6 imps. However, because of ...
Good luck getting the Jews to play tonight on the eve of Day of Atonement :)
Board 8 - 17th September
east has an easy dbl of 2
Board 10, September 17th
Perhaps better to open the east hand 1 even though a 3 loser hand as with only 16 HCP unlikely to be passed in and then you can decide what to do depending on how the auction goes. If you open 2C partner will never expect you to be ...
Brd 22 Sep 3 BB 2007 USA1 V Norway 6/8 final
Yes I think so. My error was playing the Queen at trick 1 when the correct play is to duck the ten then declarer must win the trick.
Board 16; 27 August USA v Norway
On reflection I can't see how I can make a game try by doubling on my 10 count. How could i know partner had AKQxxxx

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