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Robert Lass
Robert Lass
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July 31, 2011
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Dec. 12
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Bridge Player
about me

Can you identify my Avatar?  I'm the best bridge player in Chicago for about three hands a month.  The rest of the time, I just swim along with the other fish.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
As a punk kid after hours at the Wild Whist BC (in LA), going for $200 in a $5 an IMP money game in which the only non-World Champion was me!
Bridge Accomplishments
see above... I should have gone for $500.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Chicago Bridge Center
Favorite Tournaments
Lake Geneva Regional, Omaha Regional, any National that I can drive to without ending up in a ditch.
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, negative free bids
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Would you DELIBERATELY take advantage of a penalty card?
I'm with you Steve. I hardly ever enforce this rule at a club game because it is, well, a club game. I remember playing against Lorenzo Lauria during a final day Swiss at a National. I did the same thing as above, but my stuck card was an Ace ...
Lebensohl versus two places to play
In our system, 2NT is never an offer to play. 2S is our default, so partner may not have a six bagger. Since partner didn't open 1NT, he should have another suit (and is limited to 13HCP.) If I held a weak one-suiter, I would bid it now. So ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KQ98xx Ax Axx Tx
I will pass and win the match on another board. All other bids are unilateral and are frought with danger. If partner has a trick, which we need to avoid a possible -800, we might set this contract. Nothing says an opponent holds a stiff spade.
Which card do you play at trick 1?
We always give count when qxx(x) is in dummy. Simplistic, but works most of the time.
Playing Negative Free Bids, what is proper alerting procedure after partner's negative double?
I have played negative free bids on and off for many years. I always alerted the free bid and sometimes the negX. I was told by a tournament director that I should NOT alert the X. We now play semi-negative free bids!! 1x-1y-1any suit is forcing for at least 1 ...
Opening 1NT with 4-5 touching suits and an unstopped doubleton
Playing (mostly) 14-16 NT and 19-21 2NT, we always open NT unless the hand can be upgraded or downgraded. QJ,AQJx,KQxxx,xx would be downgraded
1430 or 3041?
We play 1430 over majors, and 3014 over minors/redwood. For the reasons Kit mentioned above.
Which club?
We play Yuen's suggestion of "shifting to count" when partner has led the A and the dummy has Qxx(x). So you could play the 8, which would be ambiguous (between odd or even), until you followed with the 9. Or you could play the 2, which would be ...
What should this bid mean?
That made my eyes bleed:)
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Louis. Then you would have a "bar" Mitzvah.

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