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Robert Mason
Robert Mason
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Feb. 15, 2012
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June 27
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Bridge Player
about me
Writer. Mizzou grad '75. It took me eight years, but in my defense, the sixties were weird.
United States of America

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Kansas City Bridge Club
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I still like Flannery.
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Jack Spear's bidding problem: --- KQJ876 AT876 J8
At matchpoints, I'd pass. At IMP's, too, but I'd be worried. My partners wouldn't castigate me at the table if I bid 5's and it was wrong, but I'd hear about it in the bar.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
Jack and I did a work-around here. 3 by the NT opener shows 5 and is not game forcing. Responder's subsequent bid of 3 shows fewer than 3 and 3 would show three card support. Opener's pass or bid after that ends the ...
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: KQ97654 K --- AKJT6
2NT - showing and a major. I'll probably drive to 4, but I might as well get in the picture.
Robert Mason's bidding problem: AQJ42 T95 KQ3 K3
I meant for this to be included. Two clubs shows a one-suited hand. Two diamonds is a relay, (Capp.)asking partner to bid his suit.
Return Partner's Suit?
Long ago, I saw two fine players in this situation. RHO lead a low card. Declarer, knowing RHO would lead the J in this case, played him for underleading the AK, and rose with the Q, losing to the Kxx. No change in the result. It was the old Grosvener ...
Tom Allan's bidding problem: Q6 85432 J8 AKQJ
I would have bid 3 or 3 over the double. Perhaps, I could have a better heart suit, but I hate defending 2 at matchpoints. Bidding immediately would put pressure on the opponents. 3's would not be forward going, 3 would be.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: AJ654 42 T4 JT86
1. I know it's pushy, but this game revolves around spades.
Paolo Treossi's bidding problem: T AQJ7542 76 843
Double. You're probably screwed, but you're not risking much. If they make 4, you're not getting many matchpoints. However, plus 200 could be a good score. As Shutts used to say, "If they don't wrap one around you once in a while, you're not ...
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: AJ6 A643 --- AKJT75
"Massively" seems a bit much. Given the auction and the vulnerability, West will have a strong suit. However, if partner bids 3NT, that would be slam discouraging. 3 elicits more information about his hand. You're right in that bidding Exclusion will only tell you if you're off ...
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: AJ6 A643 --- AKJT75
3. I'm keeping it low, hoping to find out if partner is 6-4 or 5-5. I can bid 5, exclusion, later.

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