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Robert Schachter
Robert Schachter
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Feb. 26, 2014
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Bidding grand at the club
Shouldn't it be higher since your skill level is greater than the average declarer and a well played overtrick will be worth something.
Best percentage play
At Stu I did not correctly read your comment. I guess that was my point, west would not lead a singleton if he held K9 or KJ or K95 of hearts because of the lower odds of his partner having the ace and the high odds of his having a ...
Best percentage play
That would be risky. Also west would not know that north had that option when deciding whether to lead a singleton.
Best percentage play
At Kit Assume west has a stiff and the K9 of trumps. If west leads his stiff he is hoping for his partner to have the ace. This would mean that north had bid RKC holding only one ace and might get to slam after a 5S response off two ...
Best percentage play
Good point about K9 of hearts in the west this assumes a possible/likely cover by east with J95 and J5. I guess you lose to stiff king in the west if you don't think east would cover with J95. Do I understand that right?
Best percentage play
Even for four tricks? Cashing the ace only additionally loses to KJ95 in east while running the ten loses to KJ or K95 in west right?
Best percentage play
Would west lead a stiff with KJ or K95 of hearts? Aren't those the swing cases? Edited to delete errant spade symbol
Best percentage play
I think after a diamond is led if the five shows up play the ace otherwise play the queen. I do not believe east will play 9 from J95
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AQJ9752 Q8 KJ3 2
I was south and east the dealer. Does that help? South held the hand with spades. I just did not rotate who was dealer.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AQJ9752 Q8 KJ3 2
I chose to pass. Hoping for a pass and pull sequence. What do you think of that?

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