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Robert Schachter
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Keith Connolly's bidding problem: J AKQ96 K73 QJ74
What should he bid with one more spade and one less club?
Did you know Anders?
This is not quite on topic but, I would like to see a book composed of his articles.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: A8 Q63 JT53 QT73
Some of the hands where 4 makes and 3NT goes down might get pulled to 4 How often did one make and the other go down. Does the simulation tell you that? Thanks for doing the simulation.
ATB - Missed Slam
Thanks , if you bid 4 and partner bid 4 would you raise?
ATB - Missed Slam
What would you bid instead?
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: A8 Q63 JT53 QT73
Oops I missed a pass
Plan your discards
I thought West would lead the jack from that holding but the comment below indicates that assumption is wrong
Plan your discards
How often would partner lead Q from Qx? Isn’t stiff Q more likely despite there being two doubleton queens and only one stiff queen?
Did anybody do anything wrong?
I was North on the board. At the end of the hand I was wondering how often declarer’s club play would work and if his failure to not lead the club nine from the table was significant. I didn’t really feel that either defender had done anything too ...
Did anybody do anything wrong?
Makes three according to deep finesse.

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