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Sept. 9, 2014
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Sept. 5
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Storm Damage Affects Phoenix Regional - Check Unit 354 Website for details
It looks like they've found an alternative location for Monday.
August 2018 Southern California Bridge News
You're missing my point. Barrington didn't have any night games. So instead of just an open team game Thursday nights, now there's an open team game at one club and a 299er pairs game at the other.
August 2018 Southern California Bridge News
With a weak 6-4, I wouldn't necessarily expect opener to show hearts on the second round.
August 2018 Southern California Bridge News
I'm not sure that's true, at least in my immediate area. Beverly Hills has substituted a Thursday night 299er game for its former open team game. Barrington (largely thanks to the efforts of Jim Perkins) stepped into the gap, holding a relatively regular Thursday night game.
July 2018 Southern California Bridge News
Lawrence's article on jump raises in competition
I play it as a limit raise. If I cue bid, we're in a forcing pass auction, so partner's got a clue what to do if the next bid is 4S and he's looking at a minimum with a spade card.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
You can find out the Unit Board members from the ACBL's Web site.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
No way to know. I have no inside information. I'd discourage uninformed speculation, though.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
The Board had earlier defeated, 15-10, a motion requiring search committees to present at least two candidates to the full Board. So I don't find the unanimous ratification as persuasive as I might have if the Board had been presented multiple candidates to choose from.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
When Kevin Lane successfully competed to replace Rand Pinsky as District 23's Board representative, his entire campaign was built on driving home to Unit Board members his vision of national issues. His focus at the time was on the then-recent debacle regarding the attempt to replace our scoring program ...
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