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Robert Stevens
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April 7, 2013
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Rebid Problem with good hand
About as well as I like them after 1.
Rebid Problem with good hand
Even better reason to play 17hcp notrump showing 2254. I don't know what the point is behind such comments unless backed up with a coherent theory of why such a range solves similar problems without creating new ones.
Rebid Problem with good hand
I am in the 1N opening camp. Yes, the hand is too strong for it. But I don't like the options after it goes 1-1. If partner transfers to and then invites game in NT I will bid 4
English tournament entries
I've read with interest these comments about heat, temperature, and sweat. Good God! I have many recollections of EBU summer events in the 60s and 70s, but I don't ever remember being physically uncomfortable. Bridge players are now able to add the definitive truth about global warming: it ...
English tournament entries
I am amazed that so far, unless I missed a comment, that nobody has raised one glaring fact about Brighton: the Hotel Metropole is a dump. I don't know the venue of the current Eastbourne events, but it used to be the Grand did it not. Now that was ...
Question for the math wizards
If you are almost never missing decent games when partner passes 1, then your p must be raising on hands like xxxx Kxx xxxx xx. Fair enough, if that is your style. But if he is that weak for a raise then you must be in poor games when ...
ATB - slam w/out 2 aces
2 sucks; 4 sucks.
Last board of the Spingold
Optional penalty, but if partner has strength suggesting the penalty will be larger, he should take it out to 3N?
ATB - missed grand
I believe quite strongly that the big hand should open 1. As a famous player once said: "If I can just get by this round..". Especially when playing two card openers, partners always seem to dredge up some response. Harder, perhaps, would be if the suits were ...
ATB - missed grand
Certainly, first bidding a solid six card suit seems better than a moth eaten five carder. But, perhaps the methods did not allow that. And I am wonderering how Frances later diagnoses the magic doubleton A (not to mention the four low s opposite, not three low)

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