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What does double mean here?
This question, as many will have realised, was based on an earlier poll about the meaning of the double of 2. I would say that Drew's contention is debatable based on the result of that, admittedly non-expert, poll. I was wondering how many would also consider this double ...
Hugh Ross 1937-2017
I am really distraught. Even after his stroke robbed him of so much he retained a dignity and urbanity rarely seen today. When I first arrived in the US he and Min were kind enough often to invite me to socialize at their house. I last saw them, I believe ...
What's He Doing This Time?
Hyperbolic Randy (edited previous remark to remove pejorative which will offend the censor). Nor does it address the significant point that among you "anything but penalties" crew there is no consensus whatever about what the double does show, except an overwhelming desire for it to be what you happen to ...
What's He Doing This Time?
Well, Ronald implies that the penalty school are dinosaurs. But I tell you this. In the past there was a much better case for it being some kind of action double, takeout, whatever you wish to call it, because 30 years ago the standards for opening the bidding were more ...
What's He Doing This Time?
Who said anything about not expecting to beat it? Yes, I expect to beat it, and I dare say you expect to eek out some living in your dismal 3 of a minor seven card fit. What I said is that I don't wait for a lock.
What's He Doing This Time?
Where is it written that partner must have six ironclad tricks on defense to double 2 for penalties? When you make a takeout double do you guarantee that, regardless of the potential for a misfit at the three level, you will be safe in 3 minor?
With a Plan
East's hand is the classic fit showing jump (indeed, the Segal-Robson book would, I think, classify it as a double jump FSJ). The problem with FSJs is that one is almost never dealt classic hands, and this induces players to essay them unsuitably (three card support, side suit headed ...
What's He Doing This Time?
If you read these comments you will observe that the non-penalty double school are scarcely in agreement about the precise lengths of the minors and majors that the double shows, not to mention how much strength. Some think it shows a stiff spade, three suited; some 54 in the minors ...
What's He Doing This Time?
They aren't penalty for you; and that rule is your rule. My rule is different.
Do you care?
I'm for the trappist approach. No sorry's, no ty's, no wdp's. I loath all that. After the session, or between hands away from the table OK. But not at the table.

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