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Robert Stevens
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April 7, 2013
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Upgrades or not?
Connected low honors are great for NT. Like Qxx and Qxx ?
Advancer’s positive transfers
It has always amazed me that, given the popularity of 2N as a Herbert style negative over a weak-two, that this method has never caught on. I use it as a two way bid, either Herbert or a normal 8-11 (pick your range). If doubler wishes to invite in notrump ...
Advancer’s positive transfers
What to do with xxxx xxx xxx xxx after (1)-x-(P)-? Buddha like you ....Pass. You are going minus, it's just a question of how minus. Just give up the -280 or -380.
Delayed 2S by opener show extra or possibly weak 6??4 ?
In another recent poll the majority opinion was that responder, holding x Jxxxxx Qx Kxxx, should rebid 2 after 1-1N; 2. I hope none of those who voted for that action are now suggesting that 2 here shows extra values.
Your continuation after passive lead
Well then the problem as posed is meaningless since it gave no hint that declarer might have only two s.
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
That's right Greg..all activities are of equal worth in this brave new world.
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
We have our freedoms and anyone can play these events. Why anyone would is beyond me. If I ever get to the point of indulging in anything so lacking in aesthetic value please just apply euthanasia.
1NT, failed defense...
Seems to me that not leading a initially is an exercise in masochism. And when the top of nothing lead works, people start to look for a wire
I don't think you can test hearts, then spades, and be able to untangle the entries. But perhaps you are deciding whether hearts come in, or who guards them, based on your close questioning. Personally I have no confidence in the last.
Anatomy of a 97% game
aesthetes gonna discriminate

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