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April 7, 2013
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Line in 6C
I am quite sure that cashing two rounds of cannot be right. You are far from home even when everyone follows. If the lead is honest (a big "if" perhaps) then a decent line might be to win K, cash AK, cash AK and ruff a low. If ...
Paul's comment may have a note of facetiousness, as did my response, but the action is shrewd. It is fairly clear that EW are likely to make whatever they bid, and that South's hand is too flat for a really profitable sacrifice. Bidding gives both E and W ...
I too.
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: KJT AQ8752 AQ8 7
What exactly does it avail that "partner should be aware of the possibility of 2 on this hand type"?
Penalty or responsive?
Why not just pass with penalty? Because I don't believe in allowing my opponents to go down three for a cheesy one imp pickup against our possible +110 in suit(s) unknown.
ATB - 7N a no-no
Craig, I double.
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: KJT AQ8752 AQ8 7
This idea that "...if I can get past this bid" I regard as a complete fiction. There are umpteen sequences that follow where you will never get to show more than one of: six s, 3 honors in , and fictitious s. Not to mention the "..." part of the clause ...
ATB - missed slam
6 greater than 50%? Even on a lead you could go down, so how in the name of nonsense can it be at least 50%
How do you play the second double?
Csaba, wow, and I thought I was king of the penalty double school. Double of a 1 overcall for blood: I am speechless with admiration.
ATB - 7N a no-no
Richard. As I tried to explain, even if the hand in question were ideal for 5N "pick a slam", and it is not, how are you going to use exclusion, and with what responses. Yes, the suits here are conveniently ranked: 6 by intervenor would offer at least 4 ...

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