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ATB - Just another missed slam
I'm with Brad. 5 immediately describes the North hand very well.
Technical question: is this 3!h bid forcing
If OHO passes then next time I'll leave him in 2.
Instead of wasting time calling the director I would suggest that you focus on how to extract penalties from that kind of trick cycling. Don't bother looking for help in these pages; no matter who doubles or when they will always play it for takeout. Edit: I really should ...
Trick 2 decision and carding
The method whereby "suit preference when dummy holds a singleton in the suit led" is simplistic, and ill-founded. There are several reasons for continuing the suit of the opening lead: to promote a trump trick, either immediately or later; to remove a latent entry to dummy; to setup a late ...
ATB missed slam
I think that 1 , and 2 are about the only bids I agree with. I need a better suit than that as W to bid 3; I don't play that 4 is a cue bid; I do play that 4 shows support; I would ...
Willenken - Ginossar methods
The big win for thee methods is the ability to invite game with 55 and not too many high cards. It cannot be used on 54 invitational hands in the 8-9 hcp range because opener with a high card maximum but only 2-3 in responder's suits will be forced ...
Trick 2 decision and carding
I love that agreement: "suit preference when obvious". Is it obvious here? Perhaps the OP can answer. Anyway there can be no great rush to switch to . if P has Kx we don't need a ruff. If Qx then the 's cannot go anywhere unless declarer is ...
The demise of "whether"
When I posted this I did not expect that it would attract much attention; after all, it was not about bridge. I am stunned by so many posts. Thanks to everyone who commented.
List of possible doubles/situations?
I especially like clause#2. That will come as no surprise to anyone.
Assess the Blame: getting to 6!C
Given that slam is still pretty good even when N does not hold the K ( 21 and not worse than 42 or 30 and 33) it seems as though South should just drive to slam. That is especially true when N does not bid 4. Is 4 ...

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