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April 7, 2013
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Is 3x - (pass) - 3y forcing or non-forcing
I presume that when responder has or his hand has to be strong enough to underwrite, respectively, 4 or 5. It seems to me that to bid to the 4 level with only 55 in the majors is quite risky unless responder holds a whale. I ...
Play 6!d here
" why didn't E return a ?" Possibly because because he wasn't psychic and foolishly thought that S might be AKx xx KQxxxxx x
How do you interpret this double?
Peg is added to my list: "Champions of English". Now to the (what I presume to be) the intended meaning. If ever, assuming you have agreed that this double is for penalty, you remove it then you are guaranteed membership into the "intolerable wanker" category of bridge partner. It is ...
Is the defence clear?
South's error is being onlead. Well, perhaps not. Declarer might have QJx AQJ10xxx xx x. Just take your K, lead to partner's A and expect the trump promotion. Winning the K and leading a is insane.
Straight out of the twilight zone -- 3 of the 4 compass points.
Flawed Multi
I would submit that on this hand it was especially easy to nail them since they essayed the three level. What is South doing bidding 3N? What a ridiculous call. Why is it that nobody ever seems to want to double for a penalty : they see people open this kind ...
There are a number of comments to the effect that North''s 5 bid demands slam opposite a control. That is overstated. There is no way that North can have such a hand given South's strong bidding. It may very well be that North has no ...
Laugh on.
Really? So you'd be happy to be in four opposite Axxx - xxx AKQxxx?
4 would indeed have a play opposite five small s and out (probably about a 5% play, but let's throw in a king or so to validate the comment). But that is no reason to bid it. Unless you have an agreement that 4 is based solely ...

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