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Robert Stevens
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April 7, 2013
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March 20
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Question about User Interface
Good thought Rainer. Ty.
Another What Is This Double?
Yeah! Like -Fishbein: double is takeout, next suit is for penalty
Restricted Choice: One Last Time
I am sure that David is well aware that inexperienced players, holding the canonical QJ doubleton, universally play the Q. I believe that strong players have a bias to playing the J from this holding. I cannot prove the latter assertion; I wonder if anyone else believes it?
Does position change whether to open 1Maj or 1NT?
Opening 1N enables your side to find the 5-3 heart fit easily. Not so easy after forcing NT. Of course, finding the 5-3 spade fit is now a real problem, and a more likely one since the more unlikely half of the equation is already satisfied. Since I don't ...
What should your aim here be?
Good point Rohit. Matchpoints. I think you miscounted their tricks, Steve.
What should your aim here be?
Aloke has said it all, no? Knockout the entry of the dangerous hand, then hope A is in the other.
Which card do you play and why?
Ian summed up my thoughts exactly
School Bridge promotion - a cross cultural trip to India
I'll stand by it
School Bridge promotion - a cross cultural trip to India
If there is hope for the survival of bridge it may well lie in the non-Western world. At the last Santa Clara CA regional there was a chess tournament also in progress. I think that four kids of every five were Indian. On BBO some of the most enthusiastic, and ...
Overcall in long suit or double? (2)
Well, that is an interesting stat. I would not have thought the fraction was that low.

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