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April 7, 2013
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FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
Jenish If anyone gives an answer privately to your question about removing names please post it. I too ran into the same thing: one naturally wishes to preserve people's anonymity.
David Burn's bidding problem: A9 AKQJ2 AK97 T8
Because, Marshall, the original post implies that it did agree . To wit. Suppose responder had bid 3N, and opener now bids 4N. Would anyone take that as RKC for ? No. Now responder, unable to bid 3N, bids 4 and opener 4N. That logically has to be natural ...
I need help with probabilities
The question as posed does not have a precise answer although one could ballpark it.
David Burn's bidding problem: A9 AKQJ2 AK97 T8
I don't get this contention by David. Why would partner, with x xx QJ10x AKxxxx bid 4 after 3. Would that not show a control if, as is contended, that 3 showed a fit? And, even if it would not, what about Qxxx? Searching for ...
My experience otherwise.
Penalty, takeout or cards?
Speaking of the former auction, my favorite phrase again: "shows cards". On what possible hand is opener going to remove? So why not just call it penalty?
Penalty, takeout or cards?
:) Yes. Who wants to psyche them out of of all strains?
Can We Ever Play in Clubs
Here is the golden road to contracts: 1.Play four card minors. With 4-4 + open 1 2.If you can't stand that, don't play forcing notrump 3. With 55 in the black suits open 1
fast arrival
Glad I don’t play with either
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
I believe that not opening near Yarboro might be beneficial.

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