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April 7, 2013
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Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
Too true Alan. I wish I could play more often in the rarified air of the experts, because little my typical opponent does is amenable to rational analysis.
Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
In reading these comments, and those in the thread immediately above, I wonder if perhaps N should not simply have discouraged on his first discard? Perhaps that is risky lest declarer hold a 1=4=1=7 pattern. I don't know. Discouraging so that declarer will know ...
Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
The 8-1 number assumes RHO, holding KQ, will take with the K or Q with equal probability. That is a very reasonable assumption, almost a certainty, although if, with KQ, he will always win the Q (or always with the K) the odds are lower, though still lopsided.
Question about User Interface
Good thought Rainer. Ty.
Another What Is This Double?
Yeah! Like -Fishbein: double is takeout, next suit is for penalty
Restricted Choice: One Last Time
I am sure that David is well aware that inexperienced players, holding the canonical QJ doubleton, universally play the Q. I believe that strong players have a bias to playing the J from this holding. I cannot prove the latter assertion; I wonder if anyone else believes it?
Does position change whether to open 1Maj or 1NT?
Opening 1N enables your side to find the 5-3 heart fit easily. Not so easy after forcing NT. Of course, finding the 5-3 spade fit is now a real problem, and a more likely one since the more unlikely half of the equation is already satisfied. Since I don't ...
What should your aim here be?
Good point Rohit. Matchpoints. I think you miscounted their tricks, Steve.
What should your aim here be?
Aloke has said it all, no? Knockout the entry of the dangerous hand, then hope A is in the other.
Which card do you play and why?
Ian summed up my thoughts exactly

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