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The Best Bridge Writer
Yes, Alan, you are right. Darvas was Hungarian if I am not mistaken, and Hart may have translated.
The Best Bridge Writer
Not an answer to the question, but I had to put in a plug for a little known, very entertaining book "Right Through the Pack" by Darvas (first name Robert?). And I was most distraught at the untimely death of Frank Vine years ago, whose articles in the Bridge World ...
The Best Bridge Writer
Heartily agree with both your choices... see my comment later. :)
2NT artificial and forcing over opener's same suit rebid
Seems like an excellent treatment.
Cashout Situation?
Actually this problem is trickier than my first off-the-cuff comment. If declarer holds xx AKJ98x xx KQx the third round of might allow him a trump coupe. But partner holding Qxxx ought to be alive to that.
Cashout Situation?
The J must surely be right to give South a problem on the third round. Edit: Just properly read previous (edited?) comment. But regardless of imps/matchpoints you are not getting more than three tricks in the side suits, so the false card must be the play.
2NT artificial and forcing over opener's same suit rebid
The theory, a sound one IMO, is that one never plays 2N. If opener has a min and/or a ragged suit it will likely be as good, or better, to play in three of the minor. So playing 2N as forcing seems quite sound. But things get tricky thereafter ...
Is that how one should tackle this?
ATB - Wrong Spot
The hand you bid on is balanced. it remains balanced regardless of partner's hand. And if 5 is making then 3 x is certainly going for a pair or three And if he has 4 and a singleton then possibly, just possibly, he would bid again ...
ATB - Wrong Spot
No, you are not alone. And certain commentators, having had their bid validated by partner raising, now think North should have driven to five. I can only shake my head.

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