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April 7, 2013
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June 11
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USBC slam defence
No. If declarer holds 5-1-6-1 he is always down. If he holds 5-1-5-2 he is always down. If he holds 4-1-6-2 he can make by taking a first round finesse. We might have to decide whether to split our on declarer's first lead towards the dummy.
Does fourth suit forcing exist when playing 2/1?
And I would bid 2 (or 3 I have not made up my mind). When in doubt bid low. I am (mostly) with Cornelia. Fourth suit is a crutch.
Does fourth suit forcing exist when playing 2/1?
While we are on the subject, is the fourth suit artifical and forcing by a passed hand. I say no.
Dual Endplay
Rohit, I thought Hamman's rule was: "if 3N is a possible contract...". Perhaps you are referring to Hamman's lesser known changeling :)
Bid these hands in a 2/1 context
Nonsensical? Perhaps you are looking at another typo. Or perhaps I am
Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
Too true Alan. I wish I could play more often in the rarified air of the experts, because little my typical opponent does is amenable to rational analysis.
Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
In reading these comments, and those in the thread immediately above, I wonder if perhaps N should not simply have discouraged on his first discard? Perhaps that is risky lest declarer hold a 1=4=1=7 pattern. I don't know. Discouraging so that declarer will know ...
Solution to High-Level Defense Problem
The 8-1 number assumes RHO, holding KQ, will take with the K or Q with equal probability. That is a very reasonable assumption, almost a certainty, although if, with KQ, he will always win the Q (or always with the K) the odds are lower, though still lopsided.
Question about User Interface
Good thought Rainer. Ty.
Another What Is This Double?
Yeah! Like -Fishbein: double is takeout, next suit is for penalty

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