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Robert Stevens
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April 7, 2013
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ATB - Teams knockout match (24 boards)
Your routines must differ from mine
Defence problem
Smith. Ah yes, the convention that Bob Hamman once described as a prescription for UI (my paraphrasing). So on this hand, playing Smith, South first has to decide whether to peter in . Would failure to do so show header by the king, not the ace? Would high low ...
Takeout or penalty?
I like old-fashioned.
Unfortunate Result
I am with Craig, but certainly it is important to discuss whether pass is forcing.
Unfortunate Result
Well, I think 4 might be down, but I have certainly no desire to test that proposition by forcing them to bid it.
Unfortunate Result
Craig, I agree with what you write. A few years ago, Ed Manfield in one of a series of articles in BW, talked about "one under" concept. 4 may very well best be used to invite 5, but at red this seems questionable, and especially with West's ...
Unfortunate Result
It may be that "double was bad". But "pass was worse" is certainly not true. 5 is certainly going down -- North has nothing but a pile of losers. From North's perspective, 5 could easily have been -500 with 5 having no play.
Unfortunate Result
The other bids are reasonable. 5 isn't.
Second trick decision 3
This is just too erudite for me.
How penalty-oriented is this double?
Ok. If it is a Thursday I will pass. Where do I put that on the CC :)

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