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Robert Thorstad
Robert Thorstad
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March 12, 2013
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Nov. 14
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Bridge Player
about me

Outside of bridge, I am a graduate student working on "big data" and psychology, and am broadly interested in what data can tell us about bridge. 

Believe in simple, natural bridge; I HATE reading system notes. 

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
1st, North American Pairs Flight C, Spring 2016 NABC. Runner-up, Collegiate Championship, Summer 2014 NABC. 3rd/4th, GNT C, Summer 2016 NABC
Regular Bridge Partners
Ben Kompa
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Do you accept the concession?
Agree. Not enough information to know what's going on in declarer's head. 95% of the time I am going to give him this trick (he's probably about to say 'I play my K, then, you have to make a trick with the Q' -- then of course I ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKQT875 --- AKJ985 ---
My plan is to leave the table and buy a powerball ticket immediately. I expect to win the millions.
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: AKJ AJx AKTxxx x
If you open 1D partner bids 1S.
Georgia Tech Wins Collegiate Championship
Congratulations GA Tech -- well deserved after lots of hard work this year! Congratulations also to Giorgio Casinovi the faculty sponsor of the club, and thanks to Patty Tucker who does a lot of work with the club as well.
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Looks great! Nice job. If not too difficult, would be cool to implement "log in thru facebook" on the app.
Morton's Fork on opening lead
Great hand!
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
Yes! This too. I also find it hard to find other strong juniors locally to play with
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
Much of this has already been said but a couple of reasons, in my experience, that juniors may not play bridge. 1. Bad experiences with rudeness at the club. 2. Player age, feeling that they are the youngest person at the club. 3. Lack of availability of games. I think ...
Ben Kompa's bidding problem: x T9x KJx AJT98x
pass but I open 3C
Run or Fight - Bridge Philosophy
Yes I agree I think there is a non-zero chance the opponents have misjudged

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