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Robin Barker
Robin Barker
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May 9, 2012
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about me

Started playing bridge at Cambridge University in the 1980s.  Started directing at national level (EBU) in the 1990s.  Some directing at zonal level (EBL) in 2000s.  Now (2010s) National TD for EBU and still playing: mainly in teams knockout competitions.

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is an Expert in EBUland?
The default on the website is not to display evolving grades but they can be shown. There is a member option to not have your grade made public (whether "mature" or "evolving") and no option on the website to see those hidden grades.
What is an Expert in EBUland?
At the moment show ~40 A, ~120 A or above, and ~300 A or above. If you include those who have not played enough boards for their grade to be mature, the numbers are approx 60/160/400. But those numbers are just the ...
You be the director
If the UI misleads partner then the action suggested by the UI is unlikely to be successful.
Reese’s Pieces
This "gadget" was known in 1980s - we perhaps thought we had discovered it.
How would you rule?
4 hearts, 2 diamond ruffs, 5 trumps. (What Kieran said)
Comparable Call?
> I don't understand the distinction between "meanings" and "hands" either. In pseudo-mathematical (naive set theory) terms, "meanings" are properties of hands, something that a hand can meet or fail to meet (e.g. this hand has 5+ hearts, that hand is not 15-17 and balanced). In naive set theory ...
How do you act and alert after partner's missbid?
> Is it legal to respond to a question by asking a question of one's own? You can try something like "The meaning of 2 depends on the meaning of 2" (pause) "If 2 shows the majors then 2 shows ..., if 2 shows another specified ...
How do you act and alert after partner's missbid?
I would not ask what 2 meant but give the explanation of methods you gave in OP. Then the opponents can form an opinion as to whether partner knew the opponents' agreement and what partner meant by 2. I have UI that partner did not ask, so I ...
Comparable Call?
> ... whether the Double is truly a "comparable call" & if not, what is? This suggest's the OP thinks there must be a comparable call; but the laws do not expect that there will always be a comparable call.
Brink-Drijver become Swiss

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