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May 9, 2012
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about me

Started playing bridge at Cambridge University in the 1980s.  Started directing at national level (EBU) in the 1990s.  Some directing at zonal level (EBL) in 2000s.  Now (2010s) National TD for EBU and still playing: mainly in teams knockout competitions.

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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
> Why do the rules not allow for a split score? Do you mean a non-balancing score: NS get 7NT-2, EW get 7NT= ? Or do you mean a weighted score: both sides get 50% of the score for 7NT-2 and 50% of the score for 7NT=. Regardless, Andy Bowles's objection ...
Need ruling help please
On both boards, "no result can be obtained", so the TD awards an artificial adjusted score, Law 12C2 (a).
Need ruling help please
Law 15A applies: on the first hand, Law 15A2 (a) awards an adjusted score. On the future hand: Law 15A3 applies to the bidding by the offender; and Law 16D applies to the hand being seen by the other players. In practice, the TD will simply have to award an ...
The BR Ruling: Questions that Perplex Me
> Did you find this law? I couldn't find a law which said information from opponent's remarks is authorised. In this case, the opponent's remark was apparently a deduction based on the break in tempo - I wondered if the that made the remark as unauthorised as the break ...
Director call in local club
The relevant law is Law 11A "The right to rectification of an irregularity may be forfeited if either member of the non-offending side takes any action before summoning the Director. If a side has gained through subsequent action taken by an opponent in ignorance of the relevant provisions of the ...
Director call in Honolulu
In Law, reserving rights only applies when the opponents have made unauthorised information available (Law 16B). As this is a misinformation situation, there is no option to reserve rights, whether or not permitted by Regulating Authority.
Can I (and Should I) alert my opponent on the other side of the screen that there has been missinformation?
You can close the screen and then call the TD to your side and ask for a ruling or guidance on procedure. The TD is expected to prevent information from the TD call being communicated to the other side of the screen.
Lead out of turn accepted and then what
> Does anyone want to explain why the law should be like this? The impression we get is 1. The law commission want the laws to deliver a "bridge result" 2. The law commission did not want to introduce unauthorised information into insufficient bid (and calls out of rotation) rulings. So ...
Reduce UI
When the OP posted, it was still 11:50pm on 29 October in American Samoa.
Doubling opponent's Landy
Is it possible we want to declare a major suit contract?

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