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Robin Barker
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May 9, 2012
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Started playing bridge at Cambridge University in the 1980s.  Started directing at national level (EBU) in the 1990s.  Some directing at zonal level (EBL) in 2000s.  Now (2010s) National TD for EBU and still playing: mainly in teams knockout competitions.

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Your call
I think this should be two polls - or one poll with multiple answers allowed.
What would you say if you were director?
The introduction says "the laws define correct procedure", and to play the game the players need to know correct procedure, so players need to know the laws that define correct procedure. Players can also read/know the laws that define the remedies when play departs from correct procedure; but the ...
What would you say if you were director?
The penalty card law applies after there has been an infraction, attention has been drawn, the director summoned, and a ruling sought. Players are expected to know how the game works in the absence of irregularities and to call the director when there is an irregularity. Players are not required ...
Corrected score?
I assumed "WT?" was a minced-oath version of "WTF".
Should score be adjusted?
SEWoG = ESE/GA in 2017 Even if it is an Extremely Serious Error, it is not unrelated to the infraction. To be a Gambling Action, the player needs to be aware of a potential irregularity.
Opening pass out of turn when pard is the first to bid
I have lost the thread. In Bryan's example, the call out of rotation was a Pass. So 2/1 in any suit (in response to 1S) will not be comparable - the only comparable calls will be weak spade raises and 1NT (if that is limited to less than opening ...
Should score be adjusted?
Should score be adjusted?
Did you ask anyone what they would have done when 2 was doubled for takeout and South passed? Did you ask anyone what they would have done if 2 was doubled and West was told they talked about it yesterday and said it was takeout and they might ...
Corrected score?
3 was not a psyche. If 3 was forcing and bid on xxx then I suspect that the agreement is artificial and forcing, not necessarily diamonds (TD to presume misexplanation rather than misbid). We need to see opening leader's hand to see what they would lead if ...
What would you say if you were director?
When I first played with bidding boxes in England, there were EBU regulations that said something to the effect of: whatever it says on the bidding box cards, our rules for bidding with bidding boxes, for use of stop and alert cards, etc. is what it says in these regulations ...

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