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Robin Barker
Robin Barker
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May 9, 2012
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about me

Started playing bridge at Cambridge University in the 1980s.  Started directing at national level (EBU) in the 1990s.  Some directing at zonal level (EBL) in 2000s.  Now (2010s) National TD for EBU and still playing: mainly in teams knockout competitions.

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Director Problem
In the EBU, the size of the penalty is up to the TD but these are minimums. > If I need to give 25% instead of 10% to address the inequity, Penalties are not intended to address inequity, they are intended to penalize errors in procedure or behaviour. Adjusted scores are ...
Director Problem
The "standard amount" in this context is now "standard penalty". This is the basic procedural penalty: 25% top, 6IMP, 1VP. The minimum/basic disciplinary penalty is twice the standard penalty: 50% top, 12IMP, 2VP.
Dominic Cooke's bidding problem: 9 AKQ43 84 T9864
So both players had UI and both used it? Pass is a logical alternative to 2, 2 is a logical alternative to 4.
Written defences
Even if you are able to prove it, CAS will rule there is insufficient evidence.
Written defences
"... opponents decided to use their own defences and none of the occasions where we opened one of these bids was against such opponents." Because you did not have suitable hands, or because the bids do not work so well against properly prepared opponents?? Just kidding! :)
Written defences
Do the regulations for written defence say that the written defence is part of the opponents convention card?
Fouled board penalty
I was misled by "fouled by the opponents". It was fouled in the dealing/duplicating and the opponents failed to count their cards. In the EBU we might use Law 6D3 to have the board redealt.
Fouled board penalty
In a three-way the boards only get played twice (yes?) So if it fouled at one table, the first time it is played, why can't the other table play the board in its fouled state?
Colin Baker's bidding problem: T2 AJ763 KJ73 A3
No matchpoints?
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AK9 K86542 JT6 8
> and no embarrassing rebid problem ... except this one?

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