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Robin Hillyard
Robin Hillyard
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Jan. 4, 2013
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Jan. 18
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about me

British ex-pat living in Boston (MA) area. Learned bridge here originally (1980) so don't ask me about Acol. Took almost 20 years off. I am more of a theoretician/teacher than an expert proponent. For some reason (probably because I don't think fast enough), I don't always make such good decisions at the table as I can in the post-mortem. Many of my observations and thoughts end up in my blog (see website in my profile). In real life, I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, I teach at Northeastern University and am a partner in a big data consulting company..

I'm also a musician (bassoonist) and yes, people, music always outranks bridge. Sorry.

I have a bridge-playing wife (Kim), a 13-yr-old son (CJ) who also plays bridge (if he's got nothing better to do) and two grown-up non-bridge-playing kids. I can (rarely) be found directing bridge games.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Honolulu 2004. We had been in HI for ten days so had a big advantage over the East-coasters who had just arrived. Entered LM pairs for the first time ever. Terrible first session (42%). Decided to have wine with dinner (how could it hurt?). Got (double) section top in second session and qualified for second day (but didn't distinguish ourselves then).
Bridge Accomplishments
(2-session) Regional Open Pairs win (with Kim Gilman), Sturbridge, MA 2012; various sectional wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
Kim Gilman, Len Aberbach, Alexander Frieden, Peter Matthews, Jan Popiel
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Bridge Spot, Newton (MA)
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Fit-showing jumps, XYZ, splinters (including splimits), DSIP doubles
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1!c or 1!d?
I hadn't seen this article before*, but I've long held the belief that balanced 4-4 minor hands should start with 1. If we can take as given the various points that Andrew makes about there being more/safer sequences available after 1 than after 1 ...
Steve Willner's bidding problem: AK742 KQ5 AK4 75
My thinking was this: if partner was making a trap pass of clubs, obviously he'd be passing here. Unless he thought that chances of game were as good or better than chances of +300. So, if he has a stopper, it's probably not very robust. More likely, or ...
I think I also need to know what 2C would show before I can answer
Alan Frank's bidding problem: x AKxx AJxx AKxx
Is there a story, Alan?
Best carding to receive our club ruff
Which heart did you play on the first round? 9 would suggest, albeit not conclusively, that you want to ruff something. In any case, I would have led T when in with the A. As others have pointed out, a club is right regardless.
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: AKxxx x xx Qxxxx
I think the spots would matter. This hand is on the edge -- for me -- of bidding 2S, doubling or passing. If I have good spade spots I'm inclined to double. If I have good club spots but bad spades, I'll probably bid 2S (call me crazy). With all ...
ATB: 3N-3
I'm inclined to agree, but then South would have to be the declarer, wouldn't he?
Is this penalty or takeout
Well, Richard, I agree that you might get +200 on this hand, provided that opener doesn't have a void. But it's a hand that won't come up very often and in any case even this hand might be making 620 in a major suit opposite not very ...
Is this penalty or takeout
Another classic "penalty or takeout" question. Is it possible for North (aka South) to have a hand that can make a penalty double all by himself and yet have 15-18 balanced? No, it is not. Therefore the double must be takeout. Probably has something like ATx KQxx Kx AQxx or ...
takeout or penalty
Did this actually happen in real life? [Apologies if this comment appears twice]

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