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Rodney Lighton
Rodney Lighton
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Sept. 17, 2015
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about me

From Manchester England, county level player and maintainer of the MCBA web site.

United Kingdom

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Rodney Lighton's bidding problem: A72 A A4 KQJ9542
I opened 3N at the table. Partner tabled KJx, xxxx, KQxx, xx. So not the right contract, but I still maintain 3NT is a good gamble. At least I got a Spade lead. At the other table they reached 3N more slowly and got a heart lead but hearts were ...
Reverses after 1NT response
Thank you all for your replies.
Plan the play in 3NT
Looking at deals from 1946. Does this mean a follow up history book is in the pipeline?
English selection problem - EBU response
What were your questions?
Selection Problems
Did the emergency substitute have to be female?
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
You think the next number in the sequence 1 2 3 is 7!
New Bridge Magazine now online
I think mistyping Bridge as Nridge in the subject line is likely to send the email to junk folders.
As you say work is almost certainly the culprit. You should get a proper assessment done of your desk/workstation and position at it. Ex-colleagues have had this done and various changes helped them. I doubt that holding cards causes this problem. Anyway switching to holding them in your right ...
Bridge in the Family
It seems unlikely that Nona Renshaw was Fritzi's daughter. Various Contract Bridge Journals of the late 1940s early 1950s mention the pairing of Gordon-Renshaw without mentioning that they were mother and daughter, which they surely would have done if they were related.
Bridge in the Family
My wife was reading an obituary in the British Medical Journal many years ago. "S.L. was also a keen bridge player..." Expecting this to be followed by "he had reached the rank of County Master" or some such, she was surprised to read that he had won the Gold ...
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