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Polish Pair found guilty-but no penalty
Mr Klis, hope you'll forgive me for being so naive. There are just two simple points here: are they cheaters? Yes is there any doubt? No That's what the committee said. We don't need any obfuscation. Your clients might, on the other hand.
B-Z Case Referred to EBL Disciplinary Commission
@Donald: The Prosecutor is not an underlying. He is independent and can act on anybody's input or by his own decision. Saying that the President or the Board "definitely" had a role is incorrect. But, of course, they *could* have. So your assumption has some merit.
B-Z Case Referred to EBL Disciplinary Commission
Maybe someone missed an important spot. Look at the Fantoni-Nunes case in Italy: a Prosecutor made a case, some experts expressed their standpoint, a Court took a decision. That's the way a legal system is supposed to work. Neither the President nor the Board had any role. It looks ...
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
The Court's sentence states quite clearly, and in deep detail, why they are entitled to act on the subject. Mr Aubry should be more respectful of our legal system. But maybe he just forgot to read.
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
Nick, you made the right point. It's not the Court to be blamed but the rules which are too mild. Very sensibly, the Court wanted to avoid any legal challenge and left very little room for appeals. I think they are right.
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
As a matter of fact, the Prosecutor considered two separate offenses and asked for 3+3 years. The Court didn't agree since "first offense" has to be considered "first charge".
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
The applied penalty is the longest allowed under current Italian rules. Anyone can have her/his standpoint whether it's adequate or not. Fantunes have any right to appeal but, in the while, they can't play. As far as it's worth, I'm proud of our legal system ...
Italian team
Paolo, it's a restricted group. It needs to subscribe to get access. Maybe you'd rather copy and paste.
Italian team
Geoff, I like your standpoint but maybe we should wait for someone to be actually proven guilty (as likely as it may be). Afterwards, something will surely happen. It has to, for the sake of the game.
Italian team
I spoke with Lorenzo Lauria on the matter and I'd like to clarify once more that he and Alfredo aren't at all troubled to be under scrutiny. They accept it gracefully, being confident to be clean. What outraged them is to be target of such a generic and ...
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