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Roger Bryant
Roger Bryant
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Sept. 9, 2015
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I play in England and occasionally in Europe. From time to time I get involved with BBO VuGraph, as an organiser, operator or commentator.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
chatting to Pierre Ghestem about the importance of having a full stomach when playing bridge
Bridge Accomplishments
hopefully creating an ambience within which opponents will enjoy playing bridge against me
Regular Bridge Partners
Rob Helle, David Kenward, Steve Green. Also my Menagerie team-mates
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Coventry (in central England). Also West Midlands (Solihull, England)
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
WBF Leaves International Olympic Committee
Nice. I also liked the EBU's report - in the April 1st edition of Bridge Magazine - that: the WBF have decided to introduce an UnDouble card into bidding boxes so that a player can undo partner's Double. Would be useful...
Lame Claims
I'm pleased to report that neither of the claimers was JM, who, coincidentally is my team-mate in the Gold Cup these days.
Lame Claims
I was defending the first one. (QJ doubleton was dealt; so no mistakes in discarding.) I wasn't at the table for the second one, so I'm going by what the TD and others have told me. Despite the speculation upthread, I think it was clear to everyone at ...
Which Pair's Resume is This?
And their imaginative defensive false-cards could really bamboozle declarer. Mine only seem to fool partner...
Bridge Players and the movie world
I remember playing against the violin maestro Alfredo Campoli during a London tournament in the 60s. Trying to be friendly, I said "Well played, Alfredo" at the end of a hand. "I'm just Campoli", came the brief reply. Campoli was a keen bridge player and Wikipedia tells us that ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
The World Junior Online Championship ran on BBO over several months recently. A "player's Dad" told me that each player had a Skype screen-mate, mirroring playing with screens at a real table. I expect that I will be told - again - that I am out of touch, but it's ...
Konstantinos Doxiadis's lead problem: 63 9842 JT9876 5
Depends who your partner is, I guess. Mrs Giggins, a prominent player at my local club, is a firm advocate of trying for a ruff. "Always lead your singleton", she tells her partners, "unless it's a void"...
Bridge Books
Many thanks, everyone, very helpful. I've passed everything on to the club. Hopefully they can keep the Hugh Kelsey books together as many have personal messages to Stuart. Stuart was a Scot who moved south to Solihull in England as a young man. I can only assume that he ...
Roger Bryant's bidding problem: QJ753 J64 QT7 AT
Doesn't promise support, I'm told, Thomas.
TD: You Land the Squeeze 2 Times out of 3
I felt W would be too threadbare for his X without J. After all, I had made a slam try on the way to 5. He'd played several of the earlier stanzas against us, so he knew we were solid. I had to place Q with E as ...
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