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Roger Lee
Roger Lee
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Aug. 25, 2010
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about me

I'm a 30 year old bridge professional who lives in the Las Vegas area. Aside from bridge I enjoy cooking, playing games of all kinds, and spending time with my dog.

United States of America

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Winning my first junior team trials
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Josh Donn, Bob Hamman, Michael Rosenberg
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Summer NABC
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Transfers over 1M (X), Flannery
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Bermuda Bowl QF6: USA1 vs BULGARIA
There's no hand with 8 hearts that would start the defense with three rounds of diamonds. Everyone's shape was known. Just an error, as the defense is helpless if south has Axx -- declarer simply ducks a club if east does, wins the forced club return, and exits a ...
RR9 - Board 8
Yesterday I see weinstein has J9xx and pops J instead of finessing the 9. Today I see he has ATx and ducks instead of finessing the T. Pretty sure he just has a bet on whether he can win the bermuda bowl without taking a single finesse.
I don't play this style of rebidding but I recommend sticking to some 4SF rules in standard bidding (harder in precision after a 1D opening, you really need to be playing something artificial). Some rules to consider: 1) Cheapest rebid by opener of his second suit if below 2N ...
Play Problem
If LHO wins the trump and plays a diamond to RHO's ace, you might even drop the K under it to complete the illusion.
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
There seems to be this assumption that this tournament is going to be a really random event won by somebody who can barely play bridge but has mastered the art of GIB manipulation. 1) It is not possible to be good at bridge but bad against the robots. It is ...
How to get to slam on these cards ?
Nothing about the original hand but my observation for awhile has been that raising 3m to 4m if it is a possible bid after this auction (2C P 2D P 3m) is generally a good decision.
Any way to a grand?
Responder just needs to be able to show 5-6. Personally I play 1N-3C-3D-5H shows a 5-6 slam force, first step by opener double keycard (though opener would hardly need that here to bid 7).
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
I would be the first to admit that there are elements of robot bridge that are distinctly different from normal bridge, but to me it is wrong to think that robot bridge is 'not bridge' due to these differences. It seems to me that most people who make these claims ...
Not sure why people are so passionate on hands like this, it just doesn't really matter that much what you do in the long run.
3NT matchpoints play
What I would play would depend a bit on what they lead from 75xx and 5432 but I think ducking the club in practice is going to get me 9 tricks against anyone when it's not AKT of spades offside and 10 tricks often.

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