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Roger Lee
Roger Lee
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Aug. 25, 2010
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about me

I'm a 28 year old bridge professional who lives in the Las Vegas area. Aside from bridge I enjoy cooking, playing games of all kinds, and spending time with my dog.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning my first junior team trials
Regular Bridge Partners
Josh Donn, Bob Hamman
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Summer NABC
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Transfers over 1M (X), Flannery
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Who has what left ?
Sorry to be that guy but I think it's pretty relevant who I'm playing against on this hand. One thing I would be fairly confident of is that LHO started with 3=3=2=5 shape, second most likely shape is 2=4=2=5, and I would ...
Danger Hand First
I think doubling 3D was quite clear. Just a general observation that Axxx in a known 4-4 fit is one of the most likely holdings, if not the most likely, to produce a situation where we have a loser in the suit, but they cannot profitably develop a trick in ...
The Wonder of Bridge Down Under
I went down to Gold Coast last year sort of on a lark and returned this year to spend time with my friends and enjoy the weather. 1) The Gold Coast tournament is the best run tournament that I've ever played in, period. Rounds start on time, all the ...
Who gets to sleep on the couch?
Lebensohl is the better treatment by far, but to my knowledge is not expert standard. Natural and constructive would be my second choice but for some reason scrambling is typically the most popular. The problem with playing it's a scramble is that 1=4=4=4 is the only ...
Run or stay or ...?
I play redouble by opener is business, and I also think opener should tend to do it with reasonable hands with both majors stopped, not necessarily the nuts. My experience is that speculatively doubling 1N-3N is somewhat more in vogue now than it was a few years ago. This means ...
7H Play problem
Given how close it is, though, there is something to be said for following Bramley's Rule..
7H Play problem
Diamond A, spade A, club AK pitching a diamond, heart to the K, spade K, spade planning on ruffing with the 9. (Side note, RHO can't profitably drop the Q from Qxx when hearts are 4-1). But assuming I am neither claiming nor down yet, we now need to ...
T-Tests: World Championship Butlers
I cannot see how any good can come from something like this. Experiments like this are in a dangerous valley where it is easy to inappropriately design the model (because it is virtually impossible to track all relevant factors, on top of the huge variance on a tournament-by-tournament basis that ...
Michael Rosenberg Beats Me to The Punch
I would think X in this spot shows a penalty pass of spades which is suggesting we defend 2Hx (therefore almost always 2+H), and a followup is that 2S shows a penalty pass of spades with short hearts, forcing. An adjunct rarely occurs on an auction where we have ...
What should opener's double mean?
@Steve Chen Sometimes I don't know how to count to 8, but I know when it's 2, and I know when it's more than 2... In all seriousness though, suppose you played against a hypothetical pair that played 2 showed diamonds or any very strong major-minor ...

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