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Roger Pennell
Roger Pennell
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May 10, 2011
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14 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Gold Life Master
Roger Pennell Jim LaForce
2 over 1
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1M-p-2M-p- invitation?
After a raise to two, with 6 losers, the hand is a game try at MP and game at IMPs. In my partnerships the simple raise shows 9L or compensating values. Sum of our losers from 19 yields odd tricks, but yields an aggressive count, ergo the adjustment for form ...
After 1S, ?
My ex wife ran into the same road block. After multiple attempts decided I best move on.
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I believe this is or was Bridge World Std.
Bidding grand at the club
In my club bidding all but the most pedestrian slams is worth at least 70%, so I could not justify bidding a grand (on an expected MP basis) unless I knew it was cold, or virtually cold.
Critique this auction
Exactly. N knows S knows how may hearts will appear in the dummy, lets get on with the great spade support
Kickback applied to Jacoby
I have played LJS (Lowest Jump Shift) is a serious GF+ raise for over 20 years... that includes 1♠ - 3♣ Ditto this: I first saw this in a write up by Gitelman on a pre-BBO site, and have played it since. Having a natural 2N is sweet; including e.g ...
Minorwood or Redwood?
With my regular partner I play any FREE raise to 4m is minorwood, except if raised by the little hand. Then the strong hand must use the cheapest unambiguous bid as KC. The "weak hand" is the partner of a (1) 2C opener, (2) jump shift or (3) reverse. This ...
How to get to slam on these cards ?
For me it's simple. Open 2C and rebid a minor means "pard I need at most 3 cover cards for a grand," ergo responder gets to at least 6 clubs.
Open Or Not?
The problem with not opening, whether IMPs of MPs, is that I will be in a small minority, and getting small or negative rewards by betting on the position (pass is better) that is not necessarily a favorite. I can still be above average or win IMPs, even though 1S ...
North committed to game opposite my possible 3+ HCP and four dead spades, and I have this hand. Suck it up and trot out KC.

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