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Roger Pewick
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Jan. 22, 2012
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Mindless revoke
MR>"I don't know what illegal play cancelled means?". It means we go back to that point and start playing legally. If it's deemed 'too late' to do that, we evaluate what 'would have happened' - with the benefit of any doubt accruing to the non-offenders. I thought the ...
Mindless revoke
My thinking is that satisfying the rules makes things more dependable. For instance if I am revoker I depend on it being a two tricker and have no qualms about paying it according to the rules. I have memory of such similar occurrence. I was down to two aces where ...
2 parter
Is N really forcing slam (aka 4H)? He should have cue 3S if he had it- so he doesn't have it? 4H should convey that 5D is safe with only Dxxxx. Therefore with the club filler 5C conveys that diamonds are really preferred unless there is excellent club length ...
Opponents remind you of your own failure to alert -- AI or UI?
RF> I am strongly of the belief that it ought not to be authorised. I can go one better than Richard; namely, that during a hand there is no place in bridge for alerts. Not that I will elaborate about it. However, my view is that the best vehicle of ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
I've taken special note of your maxim. Initially, my impression was it is a cute way of putting it. But, then I recollected when I did optimization- and it DID matter to me how long it took to find out my plan did not work.
RIP - Jan Janitschke
Jan was one of my first opponents during my inaugural session at Al LaTuchie's Bridge Club in Denver. We were lucky to have him.
A nice lesson hand
Speaking of the base instinct of juniors. Many years ago Pavlov taught me to salivate. Which is relevant because there was an occasion that pard had opened 12 of the last eleven deals when I picked up third hand unfavorable a collection to not be remembered but was perhaps stronger ...
Tanking to get a read
By accepting as true a premise that is false, Every conclusion can be reached by the rules of logic- including conclusions that are true. -the Explosion Principle
Tanking to get a read
I think that the fulcrum is...did one or more players exceed their allotted time? If so, there is remedy however insufficient it might be. And it is for players to seek remedies....from TD....not from opponents.
To claim, or not To claim
My last defensive claim was 3 decades ago. It was T3, declarer had 15 tricks, I was tired, pard had just won a I tabled the AK of trump and scored it up. The next day found out pard had revoked at T2. Decided I wasn't going ...

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