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A bad start
It was about the third board of my first KO that had the distinction of picking up 70imps. It seems that at the time I bid a grand on a trump finesse for the K (not knowing better). When the dust settled, the opponents had spent over 60 more imps ...
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
Well, there's a club in Houston that routinely scores a single session four winner game as one winner. That's right- two sections of straight Mitchell, shuffle, and non duplicated deal.
Negotiated Settlement
It appears that David sees a worthy point.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
My thinking includes when a wrong doing is of a nature there is financial damage to the field, that the remedy as a condition of ending suspension should/can include restitution to every contestant in the event for all their costs incurred for attendance (travel, lodging, meals, card fees, lost ...
Negotiated Settlement
My understanding is that SWE have contributed a card to T12, and the TD is summoned, and nothing has settled the disposition of dummy's play to T12. At this point W suggests that play be curtailed "Hey, we're all friends here, and we're both partly at fault ...
Staking a Claim on Reality
Well, I did some tossing and turning over what was antecedent to what and decided I was irritated by what Truscott reported- 1. the TD asked for a line of play- rather than the line of play that was made at the time of the claim. 2. That the AC ...
Should I have been harsher?
65D. Agreement on Results of Play A player should not disturb the order of his played cards until agreement has been reached on the number of tricks won. A player who fails to comply with the provisions of this Law jeopardizes his right to claim ownership of doubtful tricks or ...
Upon the Stanislaus
M.R. What I care about is the Law being strict when it comes to bad claims - to counterbalance all those times when the bad (or, here, impossible) claim was wrongly accepted. I believe this a bad view to implement. Remedies ought to drive toward an equitable resolution without regard ...
Staking a Claim on Reality
I have fond memories of a fairly big game. The contract was 3N with the key suit of DAK7652 in dummy opposite T98 and QJ tight onside (no side entry). I was the only declarer that managed to lose a diamond trick.
Can he or can't he?
By lawfully asking to see the card, the player has warned/ 'instructed' his partner to not act. If the partner acts before the card is shown he has terminated the right (made the request void).

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