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Who Will Direct the Directors?
DY> If you think that a PP should be assigned, then you are conceding the scoring adjustment was not, by itself adequate. But the remedy was LEGAL. Perfectly legal. Here is the story folks, it is not the TDs, it is the law that is an ass. (Giddy-up Glue! We ...
San Diego NABC Appeals Casebook with commentary available online
Was the system on the CC?
Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
I see such a point. But is it valid? The law makes an effort to say what constitutes a played card. 45D2 introduces the concept of card wrongly placed and distinguishes from played card- having already distinguished that dummy's card is played solely upon designation by declarer- while not ...
Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
L45D1 is explicit. We are told that play has proceeded through the 13th trick and there are consequences. The D9 stays put (not withdrawn)- whatever that means. Now, as the law was flouted because declarer did not designate a card for T12 dummy did not play to the trick. It ...
You are now the King/Queen of the ACBL, what next?
Eliminate all convention charts by simplifying bidding. Eliminate most MI by simplifying bidding. Eliminate most UI by simplifying bidding. Eliminate most slow play by simplifying bidding. Eliminate all alerts by simplifying bidding. Eliminate most questions by simplifying bidding. Simplify bidding by changing L1 to make clubs outrank NT. Simplify bidding ...
ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
Looks more like a dunce cap to me.
Does partner's break in tempo suggest an action?
timo> Would it be so much to expect pd to hold AQ and AK in his rounded suits for a RED vs WHITE call ? Actually, yes. 2N is preemptive; and there is a school where a natural jump shift after pard preempts is strong. Thus, as 2N is preemptive, it ...
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
I am beginning to see a motivation for these bracketed swiss. If you want to play up it will necessitate hiring pros that are more expensive.
Does partner's break in tempo suggest an action?
When one asserts that it is crazy to not compete to 5S with the S hand- without knowing the partnership's agreed strength and character of the strength, I am inclined to believe the diagnosis to be premature. For instance, in my method, a significant portion of the strength for ...
The Law: Declarer's Exposed Card
RY> Quoting chapter and verse will be more educational, may be more authoritative, but will also delay the game. Rather than saying '... will also delay the game.' it is more accurate to say 'may take longer.' Since otherwise erroneous rulings may well be made...thereby instigating appeals...etc. As for ...

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