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Jim Felts: R.I.P.
My Jim Felts story goes back to the 1988 Irvin Cobb. We were feeling pretty good with a 223 Friday night. Feeling pretty good until the recap posted us second. It turns out that Jim was following us and gathered bushels of matchpoints...I quipped that we spent all night ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
It seems that CAS knows something; and attempted to communicate what that something is.
When NOT to explore a 4-4 fit?
Churchill discusses such matters in his system book. He talks more so about bidding to discover the character of the assets of the hand and then choosing the strain; distinct from a strategy based on recognizing when to ignore the search for 4-4. Given the typicality of undisciplined actions that ...
Seeing double
I have some recollection of a pair of deals (perhaps twice) that were nearly identical. The one that is somewhat vivid occurred in the third or fourth round of a shuffle and deal swiss- bid and made 12 tricks in diamonds. It had a eery resemblance to a matchpoint hand ...
Controlling the Tray to Avoid Giving Partner UI
the point about maintaining consistent tempo is a. to avoid letting on when you do, and, do not have something to think about; as well as b. to avoid difficulties that arise from improper deception situations. Now, if you are going to expend the effort to ALWAYS control the tray ...
San Diego Director Calls:
It appears that first LHO has LOOT, and second that RHO has POOT given that the LOOT has not yet been resolved. Hypothetically, presuming that the POOT is not condoned (reverting the play to dummy) and then the LOOT is not condoned (reverting the lead to RHO) now declarer can ...
Is this a correct ruling?
I could quote JoAnna Stansby, but won't.
Would you DELIBERATELY take advantage of a penalty card?
61B. To correct a revoke the offender withdraws the card he played and substitutes a legal card. 1. A card so withdrawn becomes a major penalty card (Law 50) if it was played from a defender’s unfaced hand. 10B. The Director may allow or cancel any enforcement or waiver ...
Revoke followed by claim. What does the law actually say?
Declarer drew attention to the revoke. He is entitled to a truthful response- and he got an untruthful one. As you had become aware of the revoke, until you make it known, you have improperly concealed the infraction thereby infracting L72B3. Noteworthy, in this case as the revoke is established ...
Revoke followed by claim. What does the law actually say?
I should think that if a player [any player] draws attention to a failure to follow suit that happens to be a revoke, even if the revoker does not at that time acknowledge the revoke- he is under compulsion to bring it to the attention of a TD at such ...

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