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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Can't say that I am favorably impressed with the handling of the infamous BR hand- if I believe the appeal report. The TD ignored relevant agreements, did not provide the poll exactly as given, nor gave assurances that it was given identically. We are told all we need is ...
Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?
It occurred to me that if a situation must be coped, then maybe it ought to be coped with productively. Is it wrong to believe that for perpetrators of bad conduct in the past, if there is a point in time after which there is no bad conduct, that would ...
Here I Go (Again)
Respectable work; that probably is a bit out of focus. I find your concept of NOT-bridge a bit jarring. There is something to be said for bridge being something that is achievable. So, maybe the definition is currently ill chosen. Here is something to contemplate. Think of bridge as a ...
Ethics applied to a playing director
I think that a way to resolve the ruling when no one is qualified (already finished the board) to make it is to have the players make note of the facts (the longer you wait, the more creative facts tend to become) and that after playing the hand, you will ...
Need ruling help please
There is 21A No rectification or redress is due to a player who acts on the basis of his own misunderstanding. And thus there appears a rumble with L15. Consider, a player takes cards from the wrong board and acts upon them, misunderstanding that it is not wise to do ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
It is not so clear what you say is according to the law; while still, it very well may be according to justice. As for your hypothetical. If the critical moment being as you describe, And where the hapless player in fact assiduously does not in any way avail himself ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
A better question for Justin- What was the poll?
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
having read something like 500 comments I do not know what the NS system to 7NX is.
Director call in local club
When E passed 4H he accepted (L25B1) N's change of call thereby obliterating the effects of the infractions ?except for the possibility of lead penalties. I believe that this speaks to L11 admonition of the forfeiture to the right to penalize.
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
AM> The appeal is highly relevant. It changed the outcome of the event. I'll put it this way: The appeal changed the winner of the event if the original ruling was correct.

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