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Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
I am inclined to believe that words matter when it comes to rules and such. For instance merely observe L70A which says: In ruling on a contested claim or concession, the Director adjudicates the result of the board as equitably as possible to both sides, but any doubtful point as ...
ACBL and Live for Clubs
A note about debit cards- usually there are hefty overdraft charges.
when is card considered played by declarer?
A card need not be motionless to be held near the table/ held touching the table: once a faced card is held and it touches the table, or, held and it nearly touches the table the specification 45C2a has been satisfied. Any other formulation leads to unnecessary ethics issues and ...
Comparable call?
When the idea surfaced in 2007 it was a bad idea and time has proven that it can't get better. But making it policy was a really bad idea back then and no amount of LSD will make seem better.
An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
The problem is incorporating bad ideas as policy and then after the fact huddling up and nixing the effect on a case by case basis. This is otherwise discerned as 'could have known'.
Now I Can Die in Peace*
I think I understand the sleepless nightssss. I was watching Janitschke in Colorado Springs declare 3N making 5. The thing that bugged me was I thought that it makes 6D on a moysian with KQx sitting behind the ace. Couldn't let it go. Eventually, I played every permutation til ...
Is this too big a position?
A particular occasion comes to mind from my early days. RHO 1H, 1S by me on a 4 bagger 8 hcp. opponents drive to 4H then 5H while pard with his 8hcp four bagger sacs 5SX. I'm off trump AK for 850. Which begs the question. Which side do ...
We blocked them at MPs
I think that if declarer can be enticed to table the S3 that could be something to ponder. For instance, if the S3 is missing there is some presumption that partner has it suggesting it is doubleton with the prospect of a ruff following an expected first round heart hook ...
Is the double a comparable call?
Can we all agree that the 3 bullet points in L23 are equivalent. That way we know that everyone is in trouble. The point is that the normal meaning of comparable is 'equivalent' and now the law is redefining comparable in the Orwellian sense: three things which are different are ...
Is this a guess?
It is possible that your 'guess' is different from what you imagine. I might guess to look at the backs of the cards to reconcile declarer and dummy holding the D8 from the same deck of cards.

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