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On computer versus hand shuffling
PL>> The aim of L 7C is that if cards are not shuffled a player might envision the play of each 13 tricks at previous table. This is not far fetched. About ten years ago I was bored when I removed my cards from a board. I glanced at them ...
Why is this day different from all others?
Well. I find small fields depressing and de-energizing. Which is only slightly better than weak fields regardless of size. But if you are going to force bumping in small fields it doesn't mean you can't be smarter about it. For instance. When selling entries each team can designate ...
Why is this day different from all others?
DC>> After much thought, I turned to West and said, "I am going to play you for having made a good play" as I banged down the HK. By my reckoning W did a good play, he did not discard a trump.
Director in distress
My implication was that if the TD does not achieve EW convincing testimony (including lack of interview) there is no basis to consider altering an agreed score- let alone actually altering it.
Director in distress
It is clear that NS being the only party there is no debate. According to the facts, only NS have sought to dispute the number of tricks. This leaves their allegations uncorroborated.
Director in distress
My understanding of the facts is that 10 tricks EW were agreed and reported. And the following day NS alleged that 9 tricks EW were taken but 10 were reported because the NS revoked where NS erroneously ruled a 1 trick transfer even though NS took no tricks after the ...
Illegal 1NT
MM>>Equal playing field, that is what I ask. I am recalling some notable commercial where the victim extracts a wish from a genie. The genie satisfies his wish for a million bucks. I don't remember if they had white tails. Among the things I would prefer when playing ...
Illegal 1NT
If the rule makers are going to solve the hand then there is no need for bridge players.
Campanologists' conundrum
Not sure that this counts, but in my last Epson there was a hand where the top score in the booklet was something like 630. Every table in the club bid and made 12 tricks in NT.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
RF>> And I would add that Law 25 should be scrapped in its entirety: once a call has been made, it should stand. Once a call is made it should stand.?? Not particularly well thought out. If a player calls and calls again there are two calls and they must ...

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