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Jan. 22, 2012
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RIP George Rosenkranz
I met George in 1987 in Sault Ste Marie Sunday Swiss by sitting across the table… behind Eddie Wold. This, I managed for two rounds until I was whisked away- apparently there was a heart attack across the room…. I thought it was significant that in that short time George ...
How do you rule on this sitiuation
If the ACBL had a useful CC there could be some sympathy for their position (providing incentive to document system), but their insistence that the method fit on that small piece of paper makes their position a bit disingenuous.
How do you rule on this sitiuation
South has not been properly informed. "it might be ♦s or ♥s..." says that the agreement is that it promises D, or, H; but, in this case the agreement is that D's are promised, or the agreement is that H's are promised.
Scoring in Bridge
The point I got was that unfair scoring tables goosed players into silliness. My error.
Scoring in Bridge
The hypothetical scoring format for American football has a familiar quality. Ok, the current scheme is to reward touchdowns (which arguably are more difficult) more than field goals. While the hypothetical scheme rewards touchdowns less than field goals. I've got it. The hypothetical football scoring reminds me of current ...
Blue Over Red Boards
So, Barry- was the board scored according to law or were you scored vulnerable?
John Lowenthal would have been proud
many moons ago our table was duplicating boards and at the end I asked if board 1 had been shuffled-'Yup'. Being the careful person I asked again and got a snippy, 'Absolutely!' Well, we put board 1 away in 3 minutes when I wrapped up a careful slam. At ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
I would not term DB's proposal an idiocy; rather it is an improvement (a drastic one at that) to the current text. However, it is not a proposal that will get one's head above water.
YAC (Yet another claim)
DB>> If a claim isn't accompanied by a statement, claimer's cards are to be considered played in any legal order. Down about six. Isn't there a distinction between 'any legal order' and 'any order that's not an infraction.'
Ruling, adjustment?
The issue I'm interested in- What was west's special reason for his huddle?

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