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Am I rationalizing?
If you want to know whether a call is a LA, you simply conduct a bidding poll without mentioning the UI. Everything else will distort the results.
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
"It doesn't excuse the inexcusable." I really wish people would start cleaning around their own front doors. Do you guys really think your own words are pure gold, and that you are in a position to judge what is inexcusable? I went through the recent comments from those who ...
Opinion on a director's ruling.
I take it that 2 is agreed as natural (earlier comment by Mike), that this is alertable in the event where the hand was played, that West forgot and assumed Michaels, and that Michaels 2 is not alertable. The PP looks wrong to me. There may be a ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I don't know what level of "prominence" is required for a member of the bridge community to have each and every one of his words turned upside down and inside out as we are doing here. But I could name about 50 BW contributors on the spot, myself included ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I do not agree with David Bird's assessment of the bidding, let alone what came after it. So what? Commentators are not infallible. Why do we demand that they are? They entertain us for hours and hours (and I believe they do not receive enough appreciation). But if there ...
Flannery Alert and then . . .
Mark, as we all know, the first thing the director is supposed to do is gather the facts. When gathering the facts in UI cases such as this one, the director should start with the presence of UI, not with the presumed meaning of systemic or non-systemic calls. If both ...
Flannery Alert and then . . .
The problem with this solution is that imposes a different call on East, when it is West in the first place who has UI. If East has received UI as well, this may be a viable ruling. And of course West may well have reacted to the Alert. But the ...
Flannery Alert and then . . .
Ask them if they play 2 as weak two, and what a 2 response means if they do.
Say No To Cheats
"at the end of the day, we care more about being able to observe partner's hitches than we do about cleaning up the game" As long as the only argument in favor of an electronic playing environment is such a silly accusation, it is good that no major efforts ...
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: KQTxx x AK AQxxx
I don't like the 4 bid. Did 3 already promise extras? If so, I would have preferred 3NT.

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