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The ruling and appeal that weren't
What if partner had alerted your 2 bid and then made the 4 response for which no agreement exists? Basically, you are saying that there are two possible meanings, natural or some kind of diamond raise; you would pass in the one case, cooperate in a slam investigation ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AK532 --- 53 A97432
That is why I am generally not a fan of the 2M Michaels overcall. If partner has sufficient club length and 5 is a good spot (either to make or as a cheap sacrifice), he will expect us to have spades+diamonds. Unless he holds length in both minors ...
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's bidding problem: 98 K752 AK974 Q9
That may be, but looking at my own hand I am pretty certain partner does not have a penalty double.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AK532 --- 53 A97432
When we pick up this hand and hear RHO open 1, our first thought should be how high we want to compete (in case of a likely heart raise). Only then should we decide what to bid. Either we decide to compete over 4, in which case 2 ...
Bill Kilmer's bidding problem: KQ92 A6 2 AJT952
Forcing club raise, depending on what methods are agreed. If we don't have a strong raise in our arsenal, too bad.
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hello Jeff, regarding your bidding style - specifically bidding game instead of inviting and the like - you and Eric have been called "the most aggressive partnership in the world" (on at least two occasions, probably many times). There are numerous bridge articles about hands where your partnership bid a game that ...
Kevin Jones's bidding problem: J7 865 Q Q876432
On occasion I have preempted on a bad suit without a void, especially at those colors. But then, I am not World Class.
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: AK85 --- J98732 K64
I regularly abstain if I consider our own methods as they are set in a poll unplayable. I am not at liberty to choose the methods my opponents play, so I don't consider this an appropriate reason for abstaining.
Bid after partner's break in tempo
"Let the director determine what the logical alternatives are. Your job is to make the best bridge call." That is fine if the situation is uncertain, i.e. if the player cannot be expected to work out the LAs or the implications of the UI. Otherwise, the first priority is ...
Restricted Choice: One Last Time
In one scenario, the honor East plays is unknown. In the other one it is known. See my illustrations below. After East has won the first club trick, you can see which card he has played. The information is available. You choose to ignore it, but it is available nonetheless ...

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