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Active ethics: A Step too Far?
When all 13 tricks of a hand are played out, the opponents have the opportunity to notice any revoke. If they fail to do so, it is their own business. The situation is very different in case of a claim. By accepting a claim/concession, the player denies the opponent ...
How do you rule?
I don't know if John is directing regularly (or where), but I recently noticed how far he is willing to go to punish players. Not too long ago he suggested that the cards exposed during a claim be treated as played cards to obtain the worst result for the ...
Questions for the directors
I am sure you can get to a grand this way. After all, a pair who forgets their multi agreements can be expected to forget their ace-asking agreements as well, so you can throw in a Blackwood misunderstanding for good measure.
Another question on a director call
Benoit's example is still wrong imo. For the purpose of ruling on the claim, the J is gone, so I have nine winners and no theoretical chance to lose a trick. Why would I care about playing spades or hearts first? Talking about "guards" in my suits makes no ...
Questions for the directors
Actually there seems to be no law in either direction. It just so happens that the score adjustment must be guided by Law 12C1b+c: "The director in awarding an assigned adjusted score should seek to recover as nearly as possible the probable outcome of the board had the infraction ...
What is the result of this claim?
This is a case which cannot be decided without being there. The director must investigate what declarer's intention was when he made his claim statement. The mere words accompanying his claim are not sufficient to make a ruling. If there is any chance that declarer miscounted the trumps, I ...
How do you rule?
Henry, when you say "bidding over passing", the term "bidding" is ambiguous. Do you really want to say that making any call other than pass is more attractive than passing? I doubt it. For example, I don't think you can convince me that jumping to 7NT is suggested over ...
How do you rule?
Anthony, the finding of UI and the determination of LAs are two completely separate issues. You can conduct a poll to find out about LAs, but the outcome of the poll will not tell you anything about the presence of UI.
How do you rule?
"bidding over passing" This is not deep enough; it is a rather lazy argument. Suppose we can show that 4 is a LA. Once it is established that 4 is demonstrably suggested not over 3NT but over 4 as well, the score should be adjusted to the ...
How do you rule?
I am not comfortable with this kind of reasoning at all. While it is possible that West did indeed pick up something from his partner (I mean, apart from his failure to alert), we cannot just assume there was UI and rule on that assumption. Otherwise we could adjust the ...

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