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Roland Voigt
Roland Voigt
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April 11, 2015
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Break In Tempo
Break In Tempo
It seems you are trying to twist my words as hard as you can. Answering your question would be a pure waste of time.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: Q KT53 K873 Q942
And what would you do with 13 cards?
Break In Tempo
John, I believe the logical chain "hesitation -> values -> action" is wrong. And I believe the logical chain "hesitation -> values -> no action" is also wrong. As I wrote somewhere above, I don't see any clear correlation, because the values in partner's hand can be useful either in defense or ...
Richard Unger's bidding problem: KQT843 AK54 J 82
Partner took the weakest action. If we weren't interested, why did we ask in the first place?
Break In Tempo
"the fact that partner has some values means that it is likely that (some) further action will be profitable" X is some further action. 3 is some further action. 5 is some further action. (When I gave the last example, it was 5, not 5 - David ...
Break In Tempo
Ray, I did not ask for David's credentials; I already knew them. I asked if he could substantiate his statistical claim that the partner can usually read the UI (with something other than a rank or title). If it matters to you, I am a simple DBV director. I ...
Break In Tempo
"Since it would have been worthless whatever my answer had been, why did you ask the question?" I wanted an honest answer from you if you have documented the negative findings as well. Since you referred to your official position, I concluded that you were dealing with the positives only ...
Break In Tempo
"In thirty or so years on my country's laws commission? A few thousand, I'd say." Funny that you're waving this in my face like this. I have seen a lot of hands, even in regular partnerships, where the partner could not read the hesitation. If I were ...
Break In Tempo
"Since the UI suggests that the partnership take some form of action..." Still false logic. The presence of values does not automatically imply that action will be more successful than inaction. "in this case both action and inaction are suggested" Wrong terminology. Neither is suggested, that's the point.

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