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A ruling conundrum
Assuming the idea of the example is to find out whether the ruling was correct, this is exactly the wrong way to go. When will people learn? First, poll players with opener's hand after the 3 bid, but don't tell them about the UI. This way you ...
"I always ask"
In general, you should ask if there is a hand type - which comes up with some reasonable frequency - with which you might want to bid if the meaning if the alerted call is suitable, whether you have this hand type or not. For example, an alerted 2 is often ...
A ruling conundrum
The problem lies in what people read into Law 16 (2007 version). UI does not, can not and could not demonstrably suggest both action A over B and action B over A at the same time. The "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation does not exist ...
Is an adjustment warranted?
There was UI (North's alert) and there was damage. This leaves the two main question for UI cases. I believe that the UI demonstrably suggests bidding 3NT over other actions, so all that remains is to determine whether there are LAs to bidding 3NT (specifically Pass). It is wrong ...
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AQT A63 AJ32 AT3
1) After X followed by 1NT (over 1M), partner knows that you have a balanced hand in range and a diamond stopper. The range for this sequence depends on the range for an immediate 1NT call. In any case, "pd knows nothing" is completely wrong. It is true that partner ...
North has a difficult decision to make. Turning a low-level reopening double into penalty is always risky. If you happen to hold only a ten count, 2X will be close to making, so I have some sympathy for his choice of Lebensohl instead. Both actions can be successful; preempts ...
Your continuation after passive lead
I don't know what the best shift is, and I don't know what the correct play to trick one is either. For this I refer to the judgment of some players better than myself who have responded to this post. What I do know is that it is ...
Your continuation after passive lead
The proper time to ponder about what to do at trick two is before playing the K to trick one.
Dave Vidaver's bidding problem: Jxxx QTxxx Kx xx
2 looks ok, but I would probably pass with xx and Kx instead.
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: Ax Q9xxx Kx 9xxx
Impossible to answer without context. Does 1 followed by 1 show an unbalanced hand? Is 2 descriptive or asking (punt)? I think 2 should show a suit/fragment here. With barely any wasted values in hearts and honor support in both side suits we should cooperate ...

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