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Roland Wald
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July 29, 2011
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May 19
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about me

I have been teaching bridge for more than 40 years. Perhaps best known as the BBO vugraph co-ordinator for 10 years (I retired in 2012), but I am still a frequent (voice) commentator. In 2011, I received the Alan Truscott Memorial Award.

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Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
It's really annoying when that happens. Get yourself a cat and you'll see. Most cats don't like to get wet, but when they do they, ironically, lick themselves to dry faster.
Two recommendations, which may be new to some people
Hanan, do you mean Anna Gulevich (stress second syllable, GuLEvich), Gromov's partner? Most people like to have their names spelled correctly, also Chris Willenken I assume :)
Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
David, I would be impressed if you played the hand like that. And I have a feeling that you could do it a wee bit faster than Michael. Michael might be right about the best line, but if he had been declarer I would guess he would not have played ...
Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
I contacted Mark Horton and he writes: "When the king is singleton offside, play the ace" is the quote from the ACBL Encyclopedia. Attributed to Milton Shattner. I wrote about it so many times in relation to Rabbi Leonard Helman stories that I suspect that his name is now better ...
Two recommendations, which may be new to some people
I'm just a Dane, I always have been and always will be. It's true that I lived in London for 6 months in 2010, but I have been living in Denmark all the time before and after. Well, that's a lie actually. I lived in Israel, Kibbutz ...
Two recommendations, which may be new to some people
Regarding Alt Invitational, one of the four matches in the first session of the day is vugraphed. BBO doesn't allow it for the second session because it takes place in peak time with most users online. Then all four matches will be set up as regular team games.
Two recommendations, which may be new to some people
In Over My Shoulder there has also been commentary in Hebrew, Dutch and Danish. By the way, Gold's first name is David.
Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
Michael, I can't rule out that you are right regarding the Rabbi's Rule, but here is what I read: "Rabbi's Rule. A satirical rule that calls for playing the Ace when the King is singleton offside."
Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
It's only in Sweden that K is singleton offside :)
The Greatest Play
Michael, I'm glad I inspired you by using "brilliant" in a headline a few days ago. Maybe I should use it more often, because I'm sure that the community would love to see more from you.

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