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Jan. 24, 2015
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Founded the Association Of Professional Bridge Players, the first organization of Professional Bridge Players accredited by the ACBL.  Represented  the U.S. in the World Championships in 1982, 1986, and 1994.  Recognized by Who's Who In California and Who's Who In Lodging.    

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Remembering My Dad
Matt,good story. My guess is that your Dad knew the late Johnny Rau, who did well in the Asbury Park tournaments in the early 1930's. Became friends with Johnny when he moved out to the West Coast in his later years. And, he introduced me to Michael Gottlieb ...
Beth Palmer (1952-2019)
Universally liked... Bridge has lost one of its top players.
RIP - Jan Janitschke
Mark, thank you for taking the time and communicating the warmth in your remarks in the memories of Jan and Craig.
RIP - Jan Janitschke
Devastating news for Bridge. Jan was the best player from Denver for nearly half a century. He had impeccable character. He was a dear friend, bridge partner, and bridge teammate. He was an accomplished musician, and avid bicycle rider. He and his late brother Craig had wickedly dry unique humors ...
Did anyone who reads BW ever play against Buster Keaton -- or know someone who did?
You might ask Billy Eisenberg, as my recollection is that he may have played bridge with the likes of Dan Adams (Get Smart) and George Burns (Burns and Allen).
The Best Bridge Players On Wall Street (as of 2011)
Surprised that Nick Nickell was not included in the list on Nick combines great ability and character.
Mene Mene Tekhel Upharsin
Plan B: Would have overtaken the Heart 8 with the Heart 9 and led a Spade to the Queen with the Client on my right, the Client would always win the King if they had the King, and return Partners Suit. Also, I think there is a small inference that ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
Against a No Trump Contract, with Partnership Agreement, the lead of the Queen asks Partner to drop the Jack. Without Partnership Agreement, the lead of the King is Standard. However, with Partnership Agreement, Rusinow Leads can be agreed upon, in which the lead of the Queen guarantees the King, and ...
Double Confusion
As the 3S bid showed the "limit of the values of the hand", meaning a good negative double that should convey actually holding 6S and 4D, despite the Diamond Suit/Heart fragment bid of 2C, the X in this Auction is simply communicating that the Opponent erred in bidding 5D ...
Can Anyone Post How To Make Card Symbols Post In MOBI Format
Barry, thank you for your suggestion. I actually composed in Word doc and actually used the Microsoft Word Card Symbols. The problem is when my programmer tried to convert the Card Symbols into MOBI format, he could not do it. Think that might be the case with Arial. However, just ...
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