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May 16, 2012
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The Whole Story
There was none. It's an analogy, given that appeals committees could be deciding the winners of national championships.
The Whole Story
The "Oh, Shit" case was decided by about 20 people, not the usual 5. I was scheduled to be one of them until I recused myself. However, I have heard from some involved that the size of the committee caused procedural difficulties.
TD calls and 'failure to play bridge / subsequent or consequent?
There is no need for a sanity check, you have correctly stated the interpretation of the Laws Commission, which agrees with that of the European Bridge League and the World Bridge Federation. This matter has been closed for some time and it is not up to individual committees or director ...
ACBL Providence BoD motions
You probably heard many things before Bergen became prominent that were later attributed to Bergen.
CHINA RED wins the Wagar Women's KO on appeal
You'll have to talk to Management about that. I was only chairman of the Appeals Committee.
CHINA RED wins the Wagar Women's KO on appeal
The Judy Wolff appeal was at Pittsburgh 2005. It was written up but not included in the final casebook because it was appealed to the National Board of Directors, therefore the committee decision was not final. There were no tin foil hats. Producing casebooks involved an enormous amount of time ...
Nickell Wins 2014 USBC
Well, by the time it got to me it was Pedro Cabral and spades but I can well believe the Crawford legend. These things take on a life of their own, including variations that grow with each retelling.
Nickell Wins 2014 USBC
Pedro Cabral was also involved in one of the great table feel hands of all time. He was playing high stakes rubber bridge at Harry Fishbein's Mayfair Club in its heyday and he reached 7S with a trump holding of Ax in dummy opposite KQ10xxx in his hand. Declarer ...
2012 USSBC Appeal #1
Because the ACBL doesn't run them. And I'm fully aware of the footnote, but WBF events are automatically run under 12C(1)c because the WBF has not elected to apply 12C1(e).
2012 USSBC Appeal #1
Law 80A1 defines Regulating Authority: the WBF for its own tournaments and events, the Zonal Authority for events conducted under its auspices, and the appropriate geographical NBO for everything else. Zone 2 is the ACBL but the USBCs are not conducted under the auspices of the ACBL so they are ...

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